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You didn't drive the forklift.

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This is what I like to see. Real honest to goodness shit posting.

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if you're not splaying your hand over all 3 while recklessly feathering the clutch are you really driving?

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In Soviet Russia forklift drives you

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It's been a while since I've operated, but is the implication that side shifter is ez mode?

Pssssh I didn't use that shit to center pallets, I used it to leapfrog inch 16' pallets into a 3' wide, 16 foot deep space.

Used it to romance hacks of plywood so I could slide in-between the cards and pick the amount I needed without jumping off.

Also used it to knock a beer off of my coworkers hat brim during the 3pm start of the Christmas party at the lumber yard I worked at.

If you couldn't think of a way to use it that wasn't just adjusting for shitty aim then YOU didn't drive a forklift

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>It's been a while since I've operated, but is the implication that side shifter is ez mode?
I think what he is getting at is if you didn't drive the forklift last then you can be almost guaranteed that the forks aren't centered by the last guy and you will have to center them. At least that's my take on it.

On my old Caterpillar V80D the inner lever is the mast raise/lower, middle is side shift and outer lever is mast tilt.

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Old timer at my job used to walk around muttering "certified, certified, CERTIFIABLE"
Side shift being left off center isn't too annoying. The real bitch with when someone leaves the forks super wide or super narrow for an unusual payload size pize up and the goddamn tracks aren't greased.

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how about when you hop on only to find the previous guy left an empty tank for you

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>a hoist for propane tanks
what kinda panzy ass shit is that?

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Only ever used diesel. Was a pain in the ass because I had to hand crank it in. Also set the seat back to how it was Jimmy, I'm sick of it always being all the way back because you're are Goodman 6/5 human

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I cannot help but hate this. I kinda get it, but I still irrationally hate it.

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wtf is that? the only exercise a forklift driver gets is when he changes the propane tank, why take that away from him?

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Probably 95% of workplace accident claims for a forklift driver is their fat asses swapping out a propane tank and claiming a back injury. So someone invented the propane lift...

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Nah, it's always an ALMOST empty tank so I lose gas while in the boxing area.

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gay. run the tank down to empty then haul it to the tank storage, then haul the full back to the lift.

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>why yes i use a lift for my 60 lb propane tank
>how could you tell
>i also wear a hard hat in a fork lift

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Imagine not having all 4 functions.

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I'm an oldfag and this thread just made me realize I've never run a forklift they have all been loaders with forks or bobcats never seen that third lever, thanks guys

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Haul the full tank to the lift. Use lift. Reinstall near-empty tank for the fuckstick who did ya dirty.

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I wish I had power fork width adjust... that would be nice. Especially when sliding the forks over with my 8' fork extensions on. They can be a bear. I should probably grease them up, but I run in a really dusty environment, so that might actually be worse in the long run.

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Place I worked at was nothing but crushed stone dust that have literal dust tornados from time to time, and they used grease on their lift fork tracks. They ran those things fucking hard, but I don't recall he grease ever directly causing issues except maybe some rust on the rail, but it's a forklift, not a bugati.

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I actually squirted some chain and cable lube on the fork slides today. Huge difference. Even with my fork extensions on i could slide them quite easily.

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I only use it when walking 16' bundles into a 12' door, saves a few Austin Powers moments

I will perpetually be jelly of the lumber yard guys who drive the heavy 3 wheel forklifts
can basically crab walk or spin in place

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>he doesn't know how to use the three seashells

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Thank you for finally making feel vindicated after years of me lurking this board, and leaving the industry earlier this year. I'm glad it worked out anon. Protect your digits with gloves and your neck/back with smart movements always. Godbless and I hope you and your forks have a merry Xmas.

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used to drive an electric Toyota with side-shift and an auto leveller button, would recommend

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>He only thinks he is driving the forklift.
The forklift software relays signals to his brain, then his brain executes those actions, making him think he is in control. In reality he is just a passenger

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Thank you anon! And my ol' V80D and I hope you have a merry Christmas as well!

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That's okay as long as you wipe the old shit off occasionally.
I deal with ones where they grease the fuck out of the carriage and forks, then never clean the old stuff off. Eventually it turns into something that has the look and solidity of pavement, the forks won't slide, and I have to charge them to scrape it clean.

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Your 80d is in a lot better shape than the old v60c that I get pro bono with my shop space. It does everything a forklift is supposed to do, so I can't complain. The parking brake is long missing, and it would be quite handy to have back since it's an automatic, but I get by with a block of wood.

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It's worse when people don't centre the side shift.