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Black Friday DIY

Any good gift ideas for a /diy/er? (under $50)

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A gift certificate for $49.99

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Some of the jumper bricks have been super cheap on Amazon. The Gooloo bricks like the 1500+ are beasts, I almost bought another one because they were so cheap.

There is always Gearwrench on sale on Amazon too. Anybody who wrenches can always use a nice flex head ratchet.

I got this gay advent calendar for the father in law

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Also Knipex Cobras or Alligators. 10” or 7.25” for sure. If they don’t own them yet, it will become one of their most used tool.

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>using tools
Nice try

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My Amazon Denali brand glass + tile bits just came in. They have this stuff super cheap on flash sales sometimes. It’s better than the AmazonBasics, I know the power tools are basically Nu-Skil (I think they might even share batteries), so I’m assuming these aren’t the worst Chinesium bits. It was like $6.50 for the set, the 4 smaller sizes from Bosch or Milwaukee are like $20.

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> medarchitect
I went to a retail medical place (mostly old people stuff) and they refused to sell me suture needles, grilled me, and I think they called the cops so I got outta dodge.

I was actually trying to repair my shoe.

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You can get needles/sutures from tractor supply easy. Never had a problem with em

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Order them online. I bought some to pop some cysts. They can't refuse selling you needles for your vice.

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That's consoomer/Redditor tier. Should have got him the baby knipex for his EDC.

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Good quality work gloves. The picture is a random one.

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I got a 12v drill to keep in my kitchen drawer and use around the house instead of going downstairs to grab the 18v. Just hyper tough brand from walmart, it was on sale for $20.
Didn't really need it but it'll probably get some decent use and save a little wear on my good drill.

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Those are also sort of useless unless you deal with a lot of coax cables or something. My man hands are too big to use them functionally, and that’s the 5”, not the XS.

And the advent calendar is for the father in-law’s birthday early next month, so he’ll have some fun opening his limited edition Reddit hex keys. Those things sell out every year before Xmas so I thought it would be cool to grab one, it’s too bad it’s not Wiha or Felo instead.

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why each has two numbers? one is for size of pilot hole?

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>5/8 inch
>1/2 inch
>1/8 inch

There is no pilot hole, those make the hole. It’s just the size in Freedom Fractions.

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Europeans see that pic and immediately think
>Stupid Americans and fractions. Duh.

Trolls see that pic and immediately post
>why each has two numbers?

Americans see that pic and immediately think
>Why is 3/4 before 5/8? Wtf?

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>3/4 before 5/8
Didn’t even open it long enough to notice that. Why Jeff Bezos? If it were for space or clearance between bits, it would make sense doing a small one in the middle. And the 3/4” fits just fine in the 5/8” slot.

That was a lot of carbide for like $6.50.

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total rip off prices even with prime

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Amazon literally carries Ethicon suture bro. Covidien suture is shit don't buy it if it's important work.

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Some of these medical places are overly guarded about their supplies if you're not in their industry, especially staffed by old fucks, they act as if somehow they're protecting the public from their oh so dangerous trade tools. These kinda places will also balk at selling needles.

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I'm a vine reviewer, there's nothing on normal amazon or vine that I need or want right now.

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Send me some free shit.

I’ll write a bunch of longposts about it and you can give em that!

All those new Chinesium SK tools had a ton of vine reviews, I would’ve taken those and written all 2 star reviews because they’re trying to mislead people with all the USA flags

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don't get excited, I'm vine silver and can only get stuff less than $100, and no I can't send it to you. per Amazon TOS I have to keep it forever, even though I own it. yeah does not make sense.

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i get a 3 pair pack of these from the depot when they go on sale every once in a while for $10 and i like em. really good value


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> won’t sell suture needles
I remember thinking afterward that maybe they thought I was a mafia doctor or something, and the didn’t want to be complicit in selling me something that might help an evil doer.

Now I think, nah, that couldn’t be it after we sent out $14 billion to the third world to do whatever with.

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A lot of things are illegal in life, anon.

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Is it hard to become a paid reviewer? I always see the Home Depot reviews saying, "This was part of a promotional review." So you're telling me they are sending these people the things I want to buy for free just for a review?

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The first time I had steri-strips put on, I thought they were a very cool idea, and asked the nurse where I could buy some. She froze up, and then stammered "Oh you can't buy these. You know you have to really disinfect the wound first..." blah blah blah.
Turns out you CAN buy them online, and it's like $2000 cheaper than what I paid the first time!

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The Amazon one seems to be invite-only. Start writing reviews anon.

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steri strips with super glue on top are my favorite wound closure devices for both professional and /diy/ use.

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>Is it hard to become a paid reviewer?
I didn't even know it existed and got an email saying I was invited to be a vine reviewer, after confirming it wasn't a scam, I signed up.
no one is exactly sure how you get invited but writing good reviews that contain actual useful information is a good way to start.

I write reviews that contain information not listed in the description because retarded chinese sellers can't give useful information to save their lives.

I am silver, which means I can order 3 items per day that cost less than $100. however depending on where you live, you may have to pay taxes on the items you order if you order more than $600 in items per year.

if you order and review 100 items in 6 months you can become a gold reviewer and receive items at no limit in price.

but don't count on super expensive things. when they show up they go fast.

I only order things I need and don't go nuts ordering random junk.

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$34.98 in store at Walmart. Your upper traps will love this. These work just as the $400 Theragun and will loosen all your tight muscles.
t. PT

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>Your upper traps will love this
I reread this for several mins before I realized you weren't referring to sexy crossdressing femboys I pick up and fuck. I was like 'what's an UPPER trap, like upper class?" cuz i have used something similar in the gooch area on one of my bf's and his orgasm was so cute

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related to black Friday I got this for $149 today because it was actually locked up on an endcap for the basic non XR drill/driver combo spot. argued with the manager like a fag and he reduced it down.

Dumb happy from it.

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Knipex and Wera are actually good tools.
They're not some store brand Masterforce/Hercules/Rigid tier shit you keep posting. They're actually good.

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Wera is gay reddit #ToolRebel shit. And the Knipex XS stuff is too small to do anything more than include in your EDC pics for Reddit.