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What is the quietest way to cut or break one link on a metal chain? I need to work at night and I don't want to wake anyone up

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>help me break in /diy/

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Personally, I just put the chain in the crook of my elbow and flex my massive biceps which rips even the most sturdy chain into pieces. However, always remember to wear safety glasses since the subsequent explosion is of a such high power that you could get molten metal in your eyes

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Bolt cutters. The loudest part of that will be when the broken chain falls.

How loud is thermite?

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Thermite can be very loud depending on noise pollution/amount of thermite. A small amount shouldn't make any more than 40db.

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Leave their property alone, Jamal.

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It's called reparations cumskin.

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unrelated but whats the quietest way to break a pane of glass

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Put the chain in a vacuum. The lack of particles in the vacuum doesn't allow for vibration or sound to be heard.

You can also try freezing it to the point it just shatters. Put into some cryo chamber and remove when frozen. Break. ???? Profit.

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Okay I got in. What's the quietest way to rape my neighbor's daughter?

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Depending on the glass, it’s really not loud when you shatter glass with some pointy thing like a rescue tool or whatever. It’s just a small tap, but then you would have to grab the larger pieces out before they all come crashing down.


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flood the house with carbon dioxide and fuck away when everyone is dead.
in Minecraft

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Also what's the quietest way to disassemble a body?

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shape charge, should cut through that baby in a fraction of a milisecond.

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Take her to space. You can yell as loud as you want, but no one can hear you because there no particles for the vibrations to bounce off. Also, space is pretty vast and usually empty. Just watch out for the Hubble. Those are some nosy motherfuckers.

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Put the chain in an anechoic chamber. Use a microphone to record the sound, then use speakers to give the opposite wavelengths to cancel out the noise.

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wtf is wrong with you.?

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bepis confirmed for man of the darker variety

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I simply whip out my dick and smash the chain with it. The size of my cock muffles the sound and the chain is nothing but powdered metal afterwards so makes no noise when falling to the ground. You'd best wear a face mask if you choose to do this though as breathing metal dust is not recomended.

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My mother was a whore and neglected me. I take out my anger while also Imagining I'm the men she fucked so I can feel close to her.

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Isn’t he the poster who usually puts a pack of Newports in his pics?

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You got the wrong guy. My momma just died last week. I aint like that. I can’t breathe!

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Wood chipper

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that's his wife's bull

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throw spark plug at them.

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Use a roll of contact paper to the glass before you break it. No muss, no fuss.

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Battery powered 4 inch grinder.

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A small cordless abrasive cutoff tool (bring extra discs) would work a treat.
Ryobi are surprisingly decent (my bro prefers his to his Milwaukee).

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>middle of the night
yeah no

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https://youtu.be/XGPv66ZqlEQ?feature=shared [Open]

Women what are your thoughts on pro choice, pro life and abortion abolishinism?

https://youtu.be/LQRAfJyEsko?feature=shared [Open]

Women what are your thoughts on veganism, factory farming and small local family farms? Like vid related https://youtu.be/8gGSmNv-8YQ?feature=shared hhddd

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>this video is age restricted

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They are not silent but many are not loud and tend quieter than large angle grinders. Want really quiet but you will never buy it? A portable oxy-acetylene cutting torch.

I bring mine to shorten heavy steel items to fit my trailer so your chain will be no problem. Practice turning the acetylene on low so it lights quietly then add oxygen.
You will never buy it.

Bolt cutters can be awkward but don't make much noise. Quiet alternative is buy matching lock, good pics etc and learn to pick it but you will never do it.

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No, he’s going to steal them. What kind of consumer do you think asks about how to quietly break chains and glass?
>the same one building 129dB soundproof rooms

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A diamond hand file.

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Black Americans owe white Americans a fortune when you analyze welfare payouts
Let us know what you're giving your kind white neighbor that you need to leave it in his shed

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Can niggers not into lock picking?

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You said no noise not fast

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Thermite tends to weld hence its use on railroad rail for that purpose.

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Thieves cannot always steal the tools they want, for example stealing acetylene is unlikely unless you hit a shop and that's yet another burglary.

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2000 degree celsius tungsten rod will be basically silent minus a bit of a phwoosh of the steamyness

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Needs power though. Hobart briefly made a battery-powered MIG which could be used with a carbon arc torch but either method is bright as fuck.

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inductive heating until it melts

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Entropy. Might take a while

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Karate chop

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Glass cutter and some suction cups.

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>Put the chain in a vacuum
Just remove the gravity around it

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Just get a cordless grinder and sneeze really loudly when you cut the chain, duh

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Apply tape on the glass, after make tape handle, hit with sharp object, pull glass out with the tape handle... your welcome

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For fucking years. I see this faggot every time I return unfortunately.

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Leave it alone Tyrone

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>For fucking years. I see this faggot every time I return unfortunately.

you do realize he has that faggot tendency to love it when people point out how much he sucks? (like this post; he genuinely loves this)

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his responses are some of the most beta pathetic shit I've seen
>ha ha you got me good! I sure am a cuck XD!!

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>haters gonna hate
Love u 2 bby

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I hope you beat your kids so they leave you to die in a nursing home

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>step kids

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expected response

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What am I supposed to do? Take my ball and go home because 2 random people on the internet are complaining about tripcodes?

Nah, I’d rather stay and let other anons fondle my balls of wisdom.

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>Ryobi are surprisingly decent (my bro prefers his to his Milwaukee).

I do a lot of my 5 finger discount purchases with a Milwaukee cordless and a cut off wheel. Protip: Use a spray bottle of water to prevent a shower of sparks, the noise is bad enough, when wet, they cut just as quick and less sparks equal less attention.

Happy shopping!

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