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help me /diy/ i am going insane
I've been trying to drill this screw out for an entire week. Hours of drilling but it seems to just get stuck here. Running the drill just produces some metal dust.
I thought the bit might be blunt so I got some new cobalt bits today but the situation hasn't improved.

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Use a socket wrench, it’s got a hex head on the outside. Possibly a deep throat socket.

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Nah first thing I tried, didn't work.
This thing is somehow screwed into a screw post below. At a 45 degrees angle. It's stuck really tight since it's almost all the way in.
Although I tried with with pliers and screwdrivers not a wrench set, mine doesn't have a bit that small.

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You probably work hardened the screw. Get a fresh sharp drill bit, put the drill on low speed, put a drop of oil or two in the hole already there to keep the tip of the drill bit cool, and lean into it with some pressure.

Drilling metal wants lower speed but high pressure. As soon as the bit starts spinning without cutting, you’re just creating heat which will work harden the screw and make that metal too hard for the drill bit to cut.

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This but also try using a smaller bit and progressively work up in size as you drill the holes

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>an entire week. Hours of drilling
You can't be serious...

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That sounds retarded, but you would be surprised how long it takes a retard with dull 118deg cheap drill bits to get through steel when they’re going at full speed and getting it all super hot.

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dremel + cutoff wheel + patience

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i would try to dremel cut a slot for a flat screwdriver

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This is one of the worst suggestions. Flatheads are the worst for torque and OP already said the screw is all sideways and seized to the point where he can’t even use the proper 6pt socket. When the original tool didn’t work, there’s very little chance cutting a slot into the thing will have any effect.

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>OP already said the screw is all sideways and seized to the point where he can’t even use the proper 6pt socket.

Do you think he honestly tried that with some kind of effort? I'm calling bullshit.

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But if you cut it deep enough and across the entire bolt head though it would be unlikely to strip and you jam a file in there and rotate it

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right handed drill bit

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Yeah OP obviously isn’t very inclined in these sorts of things.

And then you split the screw head straight apart and go back to the pliers I guess.

Aka a normal drill bit? OP tried that and failed.

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>This thing is somehow screwed into a screw post below.
its a screw
>Although I tried with with pliers and screwdrivers not a wrench set
why people even reply to this dogshit
for anyone else, you can get something called a nut driver for these which is just a screwdriver with hex socket on the end. nice for small jobs.

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How much pressure do I need exactly?
I was already going slow but it wasn't really cutting in.
>screwdriver with hex socket
That's what I used, it's part of my screwdriver set.

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use a socket you idiot

alternatively, use the lowest rpm you can run the drill with fresh sharp bits and a bit of oil, while applying as much pressure as you can.

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I have broken 10.9 suspension bolts. To get that shit drilled out completely I used a dremel with tungsten bit because normal drill bits got dull while drilling it.
It is an atomic option, takes a bit, but fucking works.

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>how much pressure?
Like put a little weight into it. Put the drill in low gear. Depends on the size of the bit too, less pressure for smaller bits. Keep it straight too so you don’t snap the bit, especially cobalt bits. But you want to see a steady stream of chips coming off. If you don’t see shavings, you need more weight or a sharper bit and/or more oil, don’t continue drilling with no chips or you’re overheating it. When you get little coils like picrel coming, you got it perfect.

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nah fuck that, put your entire body weight into it and spray half a can of wd40 on it

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Update: I got the screws out
It turns out the drill set comes with a few hex sockets, one of them just happens to fit the screws. Some slippage later and I got them out.
Once I got the screws out I also found out that the drill bit I was using was 0.2mm too small. I had actually drilled past the head apparently.

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So when anon suggested that here >>2714438 the first fucking response, you didn’t do that?


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Weld a larger nut onto it.

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>I tried with with pliers and screwdrivers not a wrench set, mine doesn't have a bit that small.
There's your problem.
Go get a six-point socket that fits the screw head.
It will either come out or break the head off.

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how about you stop welding your nuts and read the fucking thread.

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>Nah first thing I tried, didn't work.
>Although I tried with with pliers and screwdrivers not a wrench set

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Didn't know I had the right tools all along.

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use a 1/4 screwdriver

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very funny guys
who put the "all retards welcome" sign on the front door?

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Bright kids know that with a dremel and a cut off wheel, every screw takes a flat bladed screw driver. Even brighter kids will use a nut that fits the hexagonal collar this screw has for this very purpose.

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Even brighter kids will read the fucking thread first

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If you are worried about setting stuff on fire then just pack wet rags around the object you are welding.

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This thread is not yours to regulate anymore. It has grown beyond your power...

Yeah i swear most people run at way too high speed and don't put enough pressure on the bit and burn their shit up...

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those screws are 1/4 inch. metric sockets won't fit them. get a standard socket set or use a screwdriver with interchangeable bits and leave the tip empty. that hole at the end of those screwdrivers is also 1/4 inch.

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I think everybody's too focused on the question to notice the dried semen splattered on the board.

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I mean that’s the risk of being on the workbench. Not uncommon for /diy/

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Did you try unplugging it and plugging it back into your ass?

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There is no way you are this fucking retarted

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just weld on a normal screw in the original screw easy

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Use a nut splitter.

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blast it with piss

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>genz is better than millennials

> I’ve been drilling a grade 5.5 bolt shaft for weeks with a 118 degree drill and it just creates chips

>update I used a socket set and extracted the cross threaded bolt


Everything mechanical is going to be real fucking fun when millennials retire

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>Everything mechanical is going to be real fucking fun when millennials retire
As if we're ever going to get to retire.

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take a socket and grind the bevel on the entrance away so it looks like pic rel .

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or use a PZ driver for a PZ screw and not a PH driver

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>when millennials retire
Oh (You). Even if you have a pension, there won't be anyone to pay it.

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>tfw have to work atleast till 2067

thanks for remembering me

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Taking bets on that motherboard being fucked

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Same thought crossed my mind last night. Wheres OP? I think he is still drilling

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I have a small (like 1/3 size) Vice Grips that I got from an impulse-buy bin at Lowes. That screw CAN'T be rusted enough to stay in if you could just get a hold of it, and with a Vice Grips, you could.

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OP here been using it without issues for 3 weeks now