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someone has to know. I can't find anything anywhere.
I process chickens, I do it kind trashy with a fold out table. I am making a processing station in my garage.
essentially I need a large cutting board, or recommendations of surfaces for a table top that will have water running across it and have chickens eviscerated on it.
I have access to slab of granite I can cut down and have considered just frame around it.
I have a old wood computer desk I have considered using.(both of these I would be hooking water up to, running a streaming across the top and have a hose attached)
none of these feel like decent ideas and it almost feels like I should just get a 100$ game table off Amazon or something.

nothing elaborate or weird, I'm just trying to make eating easier than setting up and resting down w entire processing station. I just want a permenant one in my barn.

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it's early. I guess my question is, anyone know a place I can buy a custom large size cutting board, of have a better idea?

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6ft tabletop for 112$ free shipping. All you'll have to do is cut it to size, stain/seal it (use food grade stuff), and put some legs on it.

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Why not just get a stainless steel prep table? Sounds way easier and more hygienic than what you're hacking together

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Wooden cutting board is the best choice, plastic works well also. Do not chop on metal if you like your knives.

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Seconding this, stainless steel tables are used in butchers and industrial meat processing for a reason. Easy to hose down with sanitizer and hot water once you're all finished. I wouldn't use wood or plastic surfaces repeatedly without scrubbing the fuck out of them afterwards, stainless steel is much easier to clean.

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this, having constantly running water over laminated wood is going to destroy it too

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You sort of posted it, why not get a better quality fish gutting table? Picrel is another folding one but I’m sure there’s more permanent stainless ones with a real drain hole.

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Getting closer

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The second hand restaurant equipment market is big, like I’m sure you have local restaurant supply shops and resellers if you check the yellow pages. You could call around for picrel at a discount, restaurants are constantly failing and they sell off everything.

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I eat chicken out of my backyard.
I can't afford stainless steel. Im hacking stuff together cause I'm poor y'all. I worked as a butcher for a long time and ideally I want a cutting table.
this aluminium frame with 2 larger thick cutting boards. it's what I know. but those are expensive. I work well with wood. I wouldn't be cutting on stone or metal, my knife shouldn't be making any contact with the surface, it's mainly for ease of cleaning and for washing away unwashed small bits of feather, guts, blood, etc as I work the bird.

just for some clarification. I really appreciate what everyone has said this far though, it is giving me a lot to think about. I got access to a slab of granite (free) and was thinking of using a small cutting board on top of it and having it on a wood frame I build.

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Second this. Most cities will have a few shop that specialize in this. When my dad was getting serious into doing home brew he got an amazing commercial sink setup (all stainless, 8' wide with two huge sink basins large enough for 5 gallon buckets to sit in) for like $600.

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You can't afford a $99 table? Consider working a single shift at McDonalds, jesus.

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Granite is good you don't need a cutting board. There is a reason it's a sought after counter top material and im many kitchens. The only other thing id even consider us a butcher's block which they sell, again for a reason.

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I'm not 25 living with my parents.
I live in a budget and yes, 100$ in disposable cash is hard to come by.
bro I collect rain water and kill animals for food.
what McDonald's? where is the McDonald's around here I can work at?
the one 40 miles away? I'll just hop in my truck I got from my dead grandfather and spend 40$ to drive to McDonald's and make 30.
if I wanted to go back to slavery, I'd just go back to butchery or carpentry.
not all of us live in a economically thriving area or were given decent growth opportunities in childhood. your life exists cause someone like me worked 80 hour weeks for 30 years till there was nothing left.

I don't need to buy one, I have the stuff here to make one. I just wasn't sure what be the best idea given access to resources.

I guess I could of just bought my pond too instead of hand digging it for a week and moving stone.
look, we're all placing bets on the world and nothing is guaranteed. the economic conditions and trajectory of my nation has made me retract into the woods and try to remove myself out of the system as much as possible.
I think being poor with access to food and water is more important heading into the future than computer skills, a college degree, or doing shifts at McDonald's.

if you lived closer I'd sell you eggs or meat, if you couldn't afford it I'd feed your gay ass anyway cause you can't.

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thank you, this basically answers it. I wasn't sure if I would have to worry about chipping or small fragments breaking away into the birds with me slapping them around.
or it hold bacteria like wood etc.

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I worked in the industry butchering for years, a stainless steel stable or cutting table is absolutely ideal, but I don't live in a ideal world. the closest tables to me (aside from a small one Amazon will deliver) are nearing 300-600$. I've kept my eye out for a out of business restaurant, but they always resell their equipment to the next rube to fail with at almost retail prices.
I'm thinking the granite slab and framing around it is the way to go. I'm a self admitted retard so I wanted to brainstorm with more heads and everyone seems to agree, even me, but stainless steel just isn't viable here otherwise it be my absolute first choice.

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Post more yardbirds anon

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I got to be careful with all you psychos and geoguessing. I got some distinct buildings and water spots.
some of the files are too big too post and again, I am retarded. but I'd be more than happy to throw a few more.
I'll see if there are any my wife took that don't dox me.
I went into the woods for a reason.

I keep silkies as mother hens. all my birds are complete free range aside from at night. silkies raise the babies and I eat problem boys, let the girls produce eggs for a year or two, then eat them.
currently have 4 roosters with 4 different "flocks" all living comfortably.

guinea fowl showed up one day and kinda adopted me. I eat them too.

just got into ducks since I dug that pond.

attached is my most beautiful silkie I ever had.
she was taken by a fox, me and my dog tracked the fox down. I shot and skinned it. tanned it and then hung it in a window facing the wood line where she was grabbed.

I have never seen a more beautiful bird.

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Vevor.com all of their shit is free delivery and they dont even charge sales tax in most stages. Straight off the chink mother ship.

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Napoleon. his crow is pathetic, but his game is fierce. him and my black roo (sgt pepper) have saved countless women from hawks. my polish and silkies can't see. the guineas sound a alarm, Napoleon confirms then shuffles women under the house or into the coop and stands at the door.

it's stupid, but I won't eat birds like him. I bury them. it feels like eating your dog and he has produced countless birds for me, saved countless, and is pretty sweet to his girls.

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not fucking around.
how reliable is the website? how reliable are the products?
I pay this much for 3 blades here. thank you, not for kitchen stuff but for cheap blades hopefully.

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pond I dug.
I have since upgraded the pump and reworked the top water thing.
the top portion is basically a filter you can't see, clean water runs up to the top and then overspills back into the pond.
got ducks cause I love duck breast on occasions. 1 male 3 female to start. lost 1 female.

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I got one of the folding stainless steel tables 4 feet by two feet with the bottom shelf for $148, it was on sale at the time looks like its a few dollars more now. Showed up in three days no sales tax and ive been very happy with it. They are basically a state manufacturing arm from China near as I can tell. They have everything you can think of. And faster delivery than Amazon these days, fuck Amazon.

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I don't usually use Amazon. but sometimes it's the only option anymore.
appreciate you sharing your experience. I might try it out on something else. but the free granite is too nice to pass up. I use AliExpress sometimes for throw away or one time use stuff. it's also sometimes the only place I can find parts for tools to repair them.

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>They are basically a state manufacturing arm from China
Certainly not. They are simply a seller, they buy or order products from factories with their branding on it, same as a lot of budget brands. Design and quality varies wildly from item to item because they're not the ones designing or making them. You can find 99% of their stuff from other sellers with different branding. They do have somewhat better QC and customer support because they have their image to maintain.

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it wouldn't matter to me either way. not to get political, but I don't really hold a strong bond for any nation or race or much of anything. I've never seen anything beyond this space I built around myself worth dying for and a nation demands it either in war or work. no thank you. I'll die for my home, maybe my neighbors. but I was brainwashed too long to give everything and expect nothing. when I do it myself I always overproduce and give away excess. but when I do it for bezos, he not only consumes all my work, my profits and time, he squanders the excess and wastes it.

the only work that matters is work for yourself and those around you. that dipshit who would sell his soul to McDonald's for a plastic Table can't fathom good works or the positive benefits of building a wheel chair ramp for the guys who war'd and were abandoned.

I'd fix 100 sinks for free before I took a shift at McDonald's because it's not always about profit.
I'm not a capitalist.

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they are somehow a namebrand in coffee shops in spain, i seen their automatic orange juice machines and toasters and other crap.
I have bought them an ultrasonic machine bc it was the only chink brand i actually know and i am happy
desu these seems kinda too cheap, but is just stamped steel on the other hand so they maybe they are legit but wont last long

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I was at a Publix and they had a few big stainless tables because they were redoing the deli. I happened to be driving a truck with a liftgate and pallet jack and was so fucking close to grabbing one of them, could’ve rolled it right into my garage, but couldn’t think of a good spot for it. The hoarder in me was disappointed.

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This company sells tons of stuff on Amazon.

That being said, be weary of buying chinkshit blades and bits, they are always awful. Buy Milwaukee or DeWalt when they’re on sale and they will work twice as fast and last 5x longer minimum.

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Unrelated to your post but if you can, get yourself a Pyrenees breed dog. I had one, raised him from a pup with the birds and trained him not to chase the chickens. He learned to hang out with the birds and for 10 years I didn't lose a single bird to predation despise all my neighbors having issues. He scared off hawks and would chase down foxes like they were prime rib and he was hungry. Big furry mofo probably kept out thieves too.

Your granite slab and stand idea sounds good. I'm fairly sure granite needs to be sealed so check to see if what you have is sealed, but other than that so long as you aren't trying to cut your chickens with an angle grinder you are golden.

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Bruh, everything in China is state manufacturing. You can't have a factory without paying out, and getting paid by a party member and the local defense agency.

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way ahead of you anon.

coon hound pyranese mix. he is a abomination and like 130 lbs.
I'd die for him and he spends all his summer days on the deck over watching the woods. he is a fat piece of shit.
I love him.

also got a mix of something? idk I found her in a box and then I got a hound of some kind.
same thing. someone threw her out.

orange dog hunts foxes, if I see one I just let her loose and she either comes back winded and sad or with a fox and throwing it around like a rag doll. I didn't want to get into how the duck was lost. before orange dog was trained, I didn't know she could open doors. she opened the door for herself one morning, went out and chewed up a duck. she's is fully in the pack now, off of her trainer and can intermingle just fine without any supervision.
she hates foxes and possums. trying to break her of the possum stuff. possums are friends.

small black dog digs up moles.

big black dog barks and looks scary and is a big bitch. he's my favorite. he is fat beyond reason but I'm pretty sure he is literally retarded.

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chances they are shit, dull and will wear out the tool, before they do anything.
but drywall? how could it fuck up cutting drywall?
i bought a 30$ laser level off a china direct website and it's been great, ive compared it to a 300$ Bosch laser and the there was no noticeable difference. even the laser line quality on the wall was the same.

so I'm always hopeful but usually disappointed.
Milwaukee or Diablo is my go to for blades.
I use DeWalt as my "battery ecosystem"? (I think that's what they call it) but often will just use whatever the best tool is. if I rarely use it I'll just buy a Ryobi and throw a DeWalt battery adapter on it.

my everyday is DeWalt. I do professional work, but not at a level to justify Milwaukee or bosch.

pic related, I did the tile.

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Plastic cutting boards can hold bacteria if they get scratched up too much.

Wooden cutting boards kill bacteria as they dry, the wood sucks the moisture out and ruptures them.

Both are good choices to work with.

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just going with what I was taught. it's gonna be bleached anyway in-between processing and before I use it, it's gonna be sitting outside in a barn essentially.
when I cut meat I had a wood handle knife and health department wouldn't let me use it. said it holds bacteria and I had to use NSF approved stuff, I use victorinox now. best feel in your hands after 10 hours and doesn't slip, holds a edge well enough.

running out of pics without dox material in it.

have one where I was grabbing a possum.

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op here, btw appreciate you guys. one of the more civil discussions I had on this shihole.

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The US had a phase where they were banning wooden cutting boards for pro kitchens, they later back pedaled.

I enjoyed seeing your critters.

(pic mostly unrelated)

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I love him

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what country anon?

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I wish I could make gifs.
had 4 ducks, have 3.
2 are Cayuga and 2 were pekin. I lost 1 pekin.
but they were raised with chickens. my remaining pekin, who my wife graciously decides was a pet and not food, does a dance (I think mating) for a rooster. she follows him running as fast as she can bowing her head and honking. he straight up ignores her and it's one of the saddest things I ever seen.

it's a weird relationship, I know I eat them, but it's kinda done a number on my mental health. I have a reverence for animals above people. people want to work me and these little guys, often times, die stoicly.
they even know. you can feel it as you walk them there, their tenseness and heart rate, some of them chatter or murmer. there have been times I cried like a baby cause a rooster just accepts it with more grace and dignity than I ever seen a person. it's admirable in a way I never seen people be, except rare occasions.

I cope by trying to let them all have decent lives before I eat them. they get food other chickens can only imagine and I have to explain to people sometimes I don't know how far in the food chain the dorito has to be for me to still call the chickens organic.

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caught this cat, twice, fucking with my chickens.
I never worried about it cause Napoleon beat her ass twice.
then felt too bad for her cause she was a obviously dumped housecat.
she couldn't hunt for shit. her tail been gone a while (no balancing issues she hasn't coped with) and she was constantly being cornered and beaten by my rooster.
I felt bad and took her in.

fartbox has become a useless piece of shit, a noticable housecat with 0 redeemable skills.
she continues to squat inside my house and comes and goes.

I also am not sure I want to glamorize my life the way I am. it's not sunshine like in the pics all the time.
the duck my dog chewed on. I spent 4 days picking maggots out of wounds and trying to treat her only for her to decline and have to euthanize.
that kinda shit really fucks me up sometimes and has really devalued life to me, including my own.

there are no vets and if there are, you can't afford them.
ever shoot your best friend cause he couldn't walk?(dog)
i hope when it's my day and time, whatever gets me is as merciful as I try to be in ending it as quickly as possible.

it's more work, but I take the heads off with 1 swing rather than slit the throat. I try to think about what I want to happen to me if I had no choice and I try to reduce suffering as much as possible.

sorry for the Ted talks, I don't get to talk to folks to often and usually it's just shitposting.

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I loved this pic, the roo on the bush turned out to be a huge dick.
he couldn't coexist even with enough girls and was bullying and being too aggressive, ripping tail feathers out and throwing the girls around.
he was processed and a asshole the entire way(after he got older).

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and here he is.

silkie paint x leghorn BYM green egger.

I got 4 roosters all content and living peacefully with their own "flocks".

him and another one formed a rape gang and we're, no joke, raising the flocks for a fuck. it made my boys tired having to constantly ward them off.
tired roosters are less effective.

problems get forgotten, stock gets eaten, heros get buried.

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hands down best picture ever.
wife's big fat titty and baby ducks.

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I feel guilty alot for only 1 pekin being around.
I had no idea the dog could open doors. it's a wild thing to even think. like round handle doors. she can just let herself in and out.

but daisy (the duck) just waddles around usually by herself now. she doesn't really have any flock and tags along with the black roo, sgt pepper.

herz the guinea fowl, sgt pepper and like 5 hens are their only little flock I guess. sgt pepper does herd her to safety. but it isn't as tight knit as you see the others.

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My brother

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yea seems ideal, till she is a stupid bitch and annoying as fuck.
still love her even though she's a stupid bitch sometimes.
we have dogs, cats, chickens, guineas, ducks and she decided she wanted pet rats.

I literally have drop traps on my coop for those fucking shitheads and she goes to a pet store and buys three.
I can get them outside, like right now.
she won't let me steal a possum baby though cause she's a stupid bitch.
(this is only half joking).

stuck the rat in my pocket. after about an half hour I named it cookie and it chills with me in my office.

I didn't want a rat. every single animal I have eats these things. this seems like a bad idea.

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it eats with me now. I feel like there are too many animals roaming around and sometimes I feel like a white trash Pocahontas.

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Ye. Hard to stop them from buying animals. Try to distract her with picking some new shit for a garden bed next time she gets it up her ass to buy another animal. Or out a baby in her.

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I've lost good hens to possums. I remember coming home from work one night to find a possum ontop of a dead hen. Possum ate her head and basically left the rest unused. Even since then I target every possum I see with extreme prejudice. Even if it's in another town, I will intentionally run it over or do something to make its life unpleasant at the very least if I can't kill it.

Also same with mice and rats. I've easily racked up 10 kills with my pellet gun over the past 2 months. Tired of the fuckers getting into their feed. Pretty sure they're responsible for a few of my younger ones disappearing last year also.

I hate them in the pit of my stomach for killing my chickens. How the fuck do you keep these things around as pets.

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You can find scrap stainless steel. Small sizes are not worth bringing to the scrap so just look around. You can put a brake on one side by banging on it with a hammer and a brick on the other side. Then make a cut out for a sink.

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This is very poetic.

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it's a symbiotic relationship.
I feed them and therefore they are not so hungry to every want to exert the energy to attack a hen. they are wild animals, but I form what I consider relationships.

if I ever stopped feeding them(throwing waste from processing, like guts and sometimes I'll just snip the wing off cause defeathering it sucks), or stopped forming relationships, it would be like your situation where I'd have to kill them to prevent hen losses.

it also helps that all the possums are fucking fat pieces of shit and my hens all have predator anxiety.

there is a very defined line where if the hens cross it, they left the safe area and to lose one there is the cost of freedom I suppose. it so rarely happens. there is probably 30 feet of open flat grass to where my chickens hang out. I often hang scares or set radios up. I wear distinctive hats for a month, then will place the hat on a scarecrow.

every second guess from any predator is a failed attack. first step is to prevent the predator from ever considering the attack. second step is on the hen to avoid getting got. third step is nuclear, kill, hunt, trap, or relocate.

I got a 5 gallon bucket with a drop ramp into water. fuckers were eating all my feed and when I got guineas to help eat the mice, the mice come out night and the guineas slept. so I had to actually trap em.

some of the smaller boys who I have to cull, who arnt big enough of worth it the time ( problems get forgotten) I will use as bait to form those relationships or to pay off the "woods" to spare my birds.

it's all hocus pocus voodoo hermit Pocahontas Hillman balance with nature shit. but it's working for me ya know? sometimes I think they're too stupid to realize I set the trap, but smart enough to realize I am freeing them from a shit situation.

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I love her. she can do whatever she wants. I was just joking.
the rat is cute. she raised them when she was a kid. I also am doing poultry for food cause I don't have a green thumb and she hates planting. I rather not kill animals honestly. but that's my food.

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this is stupid.
I have a metal break. I store it for a guy I know and use it whenever I want.
I used it recently to bend some metal for my fireplace.

that isn't a bad idea if I can come across some stainless.

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I meant I am stupid for not thinking of the metal break and scrap stainless.
I have access to free sinks. I am hired to remodel a hotel room by room and I can take whatever I want. 100 sinks, 100 slabs of granite, 100 tvs and so forth.
i try to connect who I can with what I can get.

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I may not post for a long time, may never see some of you guys again.
so I want to share the dumbest and my personal favorite story.

I've read chickens can be racist and I thought it was ridiculous.
I swear on my life they can and I've seen it. I had a white silkie paint who hatched 3 generations, and all e generations at birth, the darker feathered chicks and any that weren't white like her, she straight up just kicked to the ground to die.

these silkies are sluts to be moms so I never have to worry cause there is always a mom who wants to take them. but it was absolutely wild to see this happen on real life. I thought it was a myth.

there was nothing else about it. just brown and black feathers were rejected.

pic attached. she rejected in total (estimate) 7 brown chicks. all of them survived cause of the other silkies.

if it wasn't like chicken racism, I got no idea a explanation and is be interested to know if someone can enslighten me.

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I did a bong rip before posting this.
forgive my misspellings and inebriated writtings.

I miss my buff silkie so much. I was furious over losing her.
the moms raise the next generation and are just as, if not more important than the rooster who protects the flock.
I won't eat a mother hen. they work tremendously for me and the least I can do is bury them. roosters who serve too.

it was a cold icy night and they spent all day running around in the cold rain.
silkies sent waterphobic like other chickens. I brought them inside to dry and warm up. (context for pic).

I heat with wood.

>> No.2716135

I figured if you could not buy a table you would not have a brake just lying around.

Note that a brake for aluminium siding eont
I try to imagine what they were thinking when looking around in the room.
– Very strange coop.
– Very strange coop indeed!

>> No.2716136

If you're ever in the big city, stop by a restaurant kitchen designer. They rip up old kitchens all the time and I'm sure they can't be bothered reusing stuff like SS backsplashes.

>> No.2716138

I was going to mention stuff about aluminium siding brakes not being tough enough for SS but then I saw your follow-up comment. Ignore the first half of this comment please.

>> No.2716286

if you want to be cheap just get a stainless sheet to put on top of your shit table

>> No.2716305
File: 1.44 MB, 4000x3000, 20230722_153913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have things.
rich people will give you anything but money. the break, like I said, is stored or someone else. I can use it..it isn't mine, he might as for it back someday. probably not.
some old guy I worked with for years. he is on his way out and chances are just told me to store it for me to keep it.
I'm retarded and strong. I Been taken advantage(by family too)of a lot. I assume he saw that, no children, took pity and asked me to hold onto it for him knowing he will die before it's ever used by him again.
I do w9 work. but like I said..every second I can steal back, I'll stay poor and free. I work maybe 2 days a week to for taxes mostly. I provide mostly for myself, my family, and give away excess, aside from stuff not easily produced.
I am not lying about the poverty, but I have stuff I collected over the years from my relationships.
people are animals too and I rather help the ones that need help.
they never have money. one woman gave me her husband old gun cause I fixed some windows for her. I could go collect a pile of things to buy 8 tables. but then your dealing with people, often the bad ones, I have to convert it into money, then take the money to a bank to put on a card to buy from wherever.
it's just a thing. I shit on the McDonald's idea cause of how fucking stupid it is with no context, I could do shifts as a contractor or butcher rather than McDonald. my poverty came from buying this land, and hanging a.mentwl.breakdowmnsfter doing 13 years at 60-80 hours, doctors robbed me blind and never helped.
leaving "society" helped and sometimes it feels like everyone is trying to pull me back in..like I'm suppose to be there, or misery loves company or something. living is easier than slaving.
thank you. I'm rarely in the city, but if I'm ever there I'll be looking.
I am leaning towards this just to save weight. I'm trying older and now sure how much longer I can just throw around chunks of granite.

>> No.2716311
File: 3.19 MB, 4000x3000, 20230825_121643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I didn't see this in time before I talked about my situation lol.

my bad friend.

either way, for anyone who needs to hear it. no one ever said I wish I did more overtime, I wish I did more hours, I wish I was home less on their death beds.

take a day off, spend it with your family or children.
even with everyone working the economy and capitalism is failing. take there day off and use it for someone you know..help them move, help them install that TV mount. ride them to the store..talk to them for fuck sakes.

division is slavery, strength through unity. ape together strong.
my leaders failed so it's time for strong men to do strong things and if nothing ever changes, at least I died in my house, on my land, near my friends and animals, and not at box corp logistics inc.

job listings before obituaries.

feed your neighbors you faggots.

pic related..the break, I built the "shed". I know the guy who works for local electric. he set up my box and wired the open electric for some weed.

perfect example of not paying the state 2k for a man who wants to do it for a favor/weed. I would otherwise never be able to have electric in there.
I installed a 4th dishwasher in some guys second house 2 months ago because cause he was sick of walking so far for the others.
it radicalized me beyond belief seeing people working 60 hours and can't eat and these rich welfare queens never working and just "living". not just living, but lavishly.
local pizza joint, owner wanted more property so he just fired staffed for a year, overworked his other staff and then tried to stiff me when I graded it.

I told him once dirt is moved you can't put septic. UNDISTURBED GROUND.

if I went into my politics, room flip on me real fast.
I never met anyone with 150k+ income who wasn't a useless incompetent parasite.

feed your fucking neighbors God damn it.

ok I'm done schiz0 posting.

>> No.2716325
File: 1.96 MB, 4000x3000, 20221214_170311.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2716368

Thank you anon. I felt that with my heart.

>> No.2717102

Cutting boards are dumb easy to make yourself if you require a custom size.

>> No.2717154

Look for a butcher block. I'm sure some kitchens would rather toss/sell and buy new than plane, sand, condition and refinish their old one. Sounds like something right up your alley, easy work

>> No.2717156

Do you have any advice on raising poultry indoors? I am thinking of quails because they are quiet and small.

>> No.2717336

Do you enjoy your life? That sounds like shit. I'd rather live in luxury in a city and die quickly and painlessly by a nuke. Probably won't even know it's coming.

>> No.2717462
File: 1.62 MB, 4000x3000, 20220911_083354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

literally first advice is don't do it. seems cruel to never let them see the sun or touch grass.
I never raised quail, they were too small and fragile to be putting with some of the other birds. too stupid and would run off.

I guess if your going to do it anyway. get a big filtration system. like a air scrubber the way you would grow weed. carbon filter and inline fan with a exhaust. if their anything like chickens their gonna stink, you need some real airflow or need to clean up their space once a week. I use the deep litter technique and have good ventilation.

unless you mean keeping it like a pet. in which case is just get a silkie chicken. it's smaller, their broody 90% alot and when their not broody you get small eggs.
get use to death if your going to be around any quantities of bird.
your compressing 80 yrs (human time period) into like 5 years tops. try to remember a 24 hour period probably feels like 16 or somdays from our perspective.
good food comes from good care and you can taste it.

take care of them regardless. have some reverence and they will return the favor.
albeit in a Stockholm-esque kind of way. you are technically imprisoning them. even if they barely or don't realize it.

reverence is the key I guess.
with reverence, work, and knowledge (put the effort in to know quail)everything falls into place.

I spent like 18months reading and listening to poultrymen before I ever got chickens. I remodeled the coop probably 4 times for space and minor issues. it's a learning experience too. but I'll die swearing on the idea of good food comes from good, physically and emotionally, animals.

if your gonna get attached find a vet so you don't have the guilt of not feeling like you did everything you could.
if it's food get ok with death or grow plants.
if I was ever hurt or injured outside working and it wasn't minor, if the chickens could, I wish they would give me a quick clean death. just part of life and part of mine someday.

>> No.2717466
File: 2.60 MB, 4000x3000, 20230305_105700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you want a real answer?
I don't know.
I never been rich and when I have excess I have a type of asceticism guilt and often will get rid of excess to people I consider in worse situations.

all this furniture at the hotel I'm remodeling, most of it has gone for free at my expense of time and effort to people I think would otherwise never have this type stuff. I guess as a immediate reaction, yes. but I don't know if it's cause I got use to it, having lived this way, or because having experienced how easy it is to just live and not work for someone else.

the world around me doesn't seem to jive with how I think. idk if it's me or them. you all seem fucking insane most of the time.
so I tried to not be part of it.
the world in it's current form needs me more than I need it. it's a wild perspective change being told you were retarded and a loser your entire life.

bro I make necessities..water, food, warmth. I do it all with my hands.

there are pros and cons to both sides. if something happens I doubt my quality of life change.
I don't notice capitlists boom and busts, prices don't change in my back yard.

just thinking about it.
I guess in today's world, the way it operates, I rather be rich cause it would give me a better ability to distribute things the way I want.
but I can't be and this type of life isn't half bad.
imagine dying on a hospital bed racking up a bill having to comfort people who are gonna fight over your meager possession before your buried.

people arnt ok today, I wish they were, but I can't fix the world, just doing my part the best way I can.
I wish I could change things, but I can't. it's like wanting to stop a volcano or wanting to stop a storm.
I'm buckled down and to ask for more is to be greedy.

pic related.
bagel bites are 45 minutes away. I'm glad they were..mines better.

>> No.2717470
File: 2.23 MB, 4000x3000, 20231006_152929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

would of really sucked without people to do it with.
wife and kid. neighbors are far, but like you can see the lights and you know if something is wrong.

when I setup a heat lamp inside my house for chicks one winter, my neighbor was in my front yard with his truck and water tank within 20 minutes thinking my house was on fire from the red glow.

you can't get away from the social animal aspect. so I don't know why everyone chooses to be so nefarious and shitty all the time.

in today's world id take my life 100 times over being rich. it was never about like roughing it or survival. it wasn't about off grid shit and I'm not a doomsday larper.

I worked my ass off under the societal promise till I realized society wasn't going to uphold its end, so I left. the only hard feelings I have is not being allowed to leave fully.
someone always wants something, it's always money and the only way to get money is to work for someone else.
you just can't leave.

also you lavish lifestyle wouldn't exist without other people's lives being forced into a lower quality. that's how the rich get money, it's theft with paperwork, I work for them and I see the "work" they do. I'm in their houses for weeks of not months on end sometimes. (pic related, it's a laundry room in a mcmansion)

not gonna lie, if you could and would rather live a life of parasitic theft..I don't know if should be around..what good are you? your "extra" boy in my eyes.

>> No.2717479

>schizoposting and waxing philosophical life or death about the fact that he won't just buy a $99 stainless steel commercial table because otherwise he'll never see his kids or parents or wife again
You're going way overboard. Buy the fucking table and shut the fuck up already. Like I cannot fathom putting this much retard effort into avoiding a simple piece of readily available and incredibly cheap furniture that you have a need for. It's baffling.

>> No.2717485

Fuck the guy above me, I really liked reading your posts. It's a perspective you don't hear much. Good luck with your chickens.

>> No.2717487
File: 164 KB, 900x555, Pressed+steadfast+leisure_57911b_11020672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

table stuff is solved. just talking now.
don't like it, you don't have to be here. go back to pol or stormfront.

if you read what I said and thought it was exclusively over a table, you are more retarded than I am. the 99 $ table is a piece of shit. I want something that isn't going to be a piece of shit that falls apart in 2 months cause I used it instead of putting it behind glass like you retards do with shoes. capitlism doesn't make anything worth a shit anymore, I do, faggot.

>> No.2717488
File: 1.79 MB, 4000x3000, 20230524_121502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I appreciate it.
I do appreciate all the info people gave me on the tables and such. I kinda figured out what I'm going for.
whatever comes first, a sheet of stainless I'll bend over a wooden desk, or a piece of granite I'll frame.

I was apprehensive about the cutting surface and wanted some other people's insights.

he's right diy isn't the place for philosophy, but blah blah fleeting moment, enjoy it while it's here. I enjoyed y'all.

>> No.2717508

Be warned, ducks are messy cunts, if you get too many into too small an area, they will rip up all your grass and won't give it a chance to grow back.

I kept like 2 dozen chickens on a decently sized fenced off plot for years with no issues, then put in a pond and got 5 ducks and the fuckers ruined the grass within a year

>> No.2717521
File: 411 KB, 1789x2416, 1000010929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes they do. my max ducks are 5, I try to keep 1 boy 2 girls and eat the rest. if sometbing happens, I drop 5 duck eggs under silkies till I get my 1-2 ratio back. I have 2 acres for them to roam and I live with them, not against them.
my dog was already digging up moles. so I had random holes to watch out for. it rains and the ducks do their little glug glug thing in the mud ditch.

I do appreciate the warning. I did make a mistake of raising them together in the same brooder as chickens when I first got them. cleaning it twice a day before they were let out to assimilate was infuriating.

honestly the most annoying birds have been the guinea fowl. they scream if a leaf falls. they attack my car when I start it and they never shut the fuck up.
I might eat through them and only keep like 4 as a alarm. I got like 10 or 12 right now?

pic related. the ducks will come and knock on the door and request resolution to issues.
no fuck arounds. they will come get me if food is getting low or the pond needs to be topped off.

I could see how ducks would get destructive extremely fast in quantity. their deceptively large and their shits are rank as fuck.

>> No.2717527
File: 1.42 MB, 4000x3000, 20230418_063248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this was a fucking nightmare and I'm glad I got the infrastructure down to not worry about it anymore.
egg goes under bird
wow new bird!
instead of bedding and food and cleaning a brooder and heating and "enrichment" and teaching them to forage and whatnot.
I don't have to worry about anymore.
not gonna lie, the chickens made me believe in generational trauma and generational knowledge.
(trailing off more)
I can see habits of my first every birds, years later in birds who never knew them by generations. I don't feel like I can brood them better than the chickens, probably best for them to be raised by their own and not have to learn danger, but rather living with it.

>> No.2717532
File: 3.12 MB, 4000x3000, 20230425_054017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sure wish I would of bought some plastic shithole tub for 100$ rather than use all of this scrap material to build a free brooder.
what a shame, it's only lasted me 8 years and continues to this day to be used as quarantine inside the barn.

man I wish instead of doing it myself I'd just have bought the tote or whatever capitlists sell as brooders.

>> No.2717536
File: 3.69 MB, 4000x3000, 20230913_090703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's not like sturdy or anything.
it's not still in use years later.
that be silly.
a fridge working for more than 10 years? no thank you sir..not in my country!
I want the cheapest Chinese piece of shit I can get!

>> No.2717572

How about if OP just took some random shitty surface and epoxy coated it?

>> No.2718036
File: 410 KB, 1502x1542, 1000010932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I worked little with epoxy and it would probably cost more than just a piece of stainless.

where not exactly NSF but Im not trying to die from some weird plastic disease.
I know they make fishtank epoxies but I'm not sure epoxy is safe or durable enough.
but I honestly got no idea.

>> No.2718069

Its just typical boomerposting in a slightly more schizoid tone. Complaining about everyone's values and the lowest bidder of goods while having directly contributed to the outsourcing and mass immigration and degradation of white western society in the first place

>> No.2718081
File: 2.39 MB, 4000x3000, 20230119_145451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

entitled to your opinion, but I wanted to leave but you can't.
I'm down to exclusively paying property tax. I generate a lot of my own electricity (not entirely yet, I have a small electric bill around 30$ a month), I have a cistern and septic, I produce my own food.
my Internet is a vice I really enjoy, I grew up on 4chan, but I don't give one shit if it's gone tomorrow.

like I want out, im willing to work and be out of the societal loop. how do I stop the request for property taxes? if I sell enough eggs to pay property taxes, I now have to be part of the tax loop. more paperwork, more societal tentacles grasping at me.
if I grow my own weed outside..helicopters and bars.

tell me how to not just schizoid post, but give me the answer to the last step where I have my space to live, without someone's hand at the end of my property demanding a handout at threat of violence or some pearl clutching real life schizo wanting me dead over a little weed or labeling me whatever freak thing theyre scared of today.
I paid the property off. it's suppose to be mine right? why do I have to have the tokens to put into the tax slot just for being alive if I ask nothing, you should ask nothing? if I'm just schizoid posting, how do I move forward to cut society off me?

I am genuinely asking. I am open to ideas and interested in your take.
no man's a island, but my tax dollars are killing children in foreign lands as ours starve and drift towards my education level but with no skills.

I'm not lashing out or demanding anything. I'm not a unibomber or psycho prepper.
bro I just want to live without someone demanding I do some work they want done.
I can do my own work.
do your own work.
how do I get out?

>> No.2718084
File: 2.46 MB, 4000x3000, 20220918_145714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if that wasn't directed at me.
my bad.
I make no secret about being retarded. also if you know how to get out I'm still listening.

pic unrelated, that chicken had the fattest ass.

>> No.2718153

Do chickens find a lot of food on their own when they have space to roam?

>> No.2718158

If you are not beyond meticulous with your maintenance and cleaning, a wood table is just going to become a breeding ground for nasty bacteria.
Use stainless steel.

>> No.2718176

Follow your dreams and all will come to you through Jesus.
Salvation is DIY with the Lords help.
He will answer all your questions, not a Rwandan glans branding board.

>> No.2718706
File: 2.63 MB, 4000x3000, 1000010772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have supplemental food. but foraging is a skill they pass on and teach. some breeds are just more drawn to foraging than others. but for the most part yea. during winter I'll get a big pot and put everything stale, old, etc. add oats. cook it down into slop and then pour it into a bin for the birds. I think if they exclusively foraged their space during winter, we'd have bullying and cannibalism issues.

I'm running out of pictures so here is a real life, unironic, no dick vein Snickers I got.

probably made by a DEMONcrat in a libtard gay trans factory. (sarcastic mockery)

>> No.2718708
File: 3.44 MB, 4000x3000, 20230604_101700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wood would only be the framing, not cutting would happen on it, the top would be granite or stainless that will overhang the frame.
no wood will make contact with food after the initial retirement.
I'm not a believer. I appreciate the kind words and wish you the best.
pic attached is my earliest setup before evisceration. retirement and feather removal. I eventually got a drill attachment and the cone is just to let them bleed out. I retire them on the stump.