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Hey diy I have a unique proposal I've recently started making my own videogames in unreal engine. The problem is not blueprints, c++, or anything else. I just get stumped on levels and realistic expectations. So what I thought might be interesting to try is this. Take suggestions from you all on the details, so here's the choices (3D games)

Be the monster
Ghost, Possession
hybrid mechanics (movement shooter, first person real time strat ,etc.)
etc. Write-in
>1st (You know what this one is)
>2nd (View of yourself from the first person perspective of someone else)
>3rd (you know what this one is)
>4th (Inconsistent view point)
>starting location
>room details
>halls (how it relates to and connects with other parts of the level)
>relation to gameplay or gimmicks
Gameplay mechanics and story
>To be decided and executed by me, but feed back is welcome.
>things like movement how the character should move and act etc.
primitive example
Character should move like a normal person and be able to jump or sprint

I didn't go to Qsts because this is more of a long form thing and I'm not a professional yet. It's definetly not my first rodeo but I switched from unity to unreal because of their grifting. So it's my introduction and a switch from c# to C++.

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I'm not a real game dev but I've spent the last 30 years studying the subject. My advice is that the best games are not designed, they're grown organically by screwing around with code and graphics until you accidentally hit on something fun. Then you iteratively improve one feature at a time, always rolling things back if you lose that fun factor. In other words, you'd be much better served by just dicking around in your dev environment than taking suggestions for anons' dream game. Just my 2 cents

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I've tried that I just wonder around in neurotic circles. But thank you for the advice regardless.

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You need to go back to >>>/g/

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??? how does that relate at all to this?

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never mind I guess DIY is actually just about complaining and shit posting. Even POL has something to say for actually doing something themselves. Mod should just prune this thread peace

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I got banned for participating in /diy/ smells thread and my post got deleted. I don’t understand /diy/ sometimes. I thought we had the cool jannies and mods.

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>Why are my off topics post being deleted? Bwaaaaaaaaaah!
Cry some more, faggot

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Dude look at the kind of threads on this board. Do you think any of them refer to videogame production? The whole point of /diy/ is DOING IT YOURSELF, so fuck off and don't come back until that shit is finished.

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Pretty sure that /diy/ like /out/ doesn't actually have dedicated jannies. Jannies from other boards just do part time work on the smaller boards sometimes, so they don't really get it at all.

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It was on topic you fucking idiot. The thread was what is your fav /diy/ smell, a million other anons answered and so did I. My post got deleted and got me banned while the rest of the thread stayed up.
I know jannies and mods post as anons, so just in case, fuck you. I thought /diy/ had chill mods

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/g/ is the board for computer shit, moron.

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