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many such cases

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sums up past 2 weeks for me
just ran into issue after issue on this latest job
not even all of them were my fault either

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Jim Davis would be proud.

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Why haven’t you accepted my friend request stephen?

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happened to me not that long ago, started off just replacing the chain on my motorcycle and turned into a full rear axle rebuild with tons of new parts.

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>t. bought a haynes manual 30 minutes ago and have none of the tools or equipment required for the task I am performing
I mean I've wrestled a bell housing back onto my engine block before with nothing but a rolly-polly floor jack but always with the knowledge that it's nobody's fault but mine

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same, fuck paper gaskets and how they fossilize onto a block

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People don't think it be like that but it do

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>need to replace power steering line
>removing line and gaskets takes exactly 20 minutes
>go to install new line
>takes 6 hours

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I know that feel
>bad power steering line in rotting 1997 f350
>sweating taking the old one out because if I need to pull the gear I may finally throw the towel in on the whole truck
>comes out perfectly, like factory new
>new one has imperfect threads
>spend an inordinate amount of time with a triangle file fixing/ completing the bad section
>only throw one tool

many such cases

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My Sebring has been on ramps for a month because I'm too busy or it's too cold and I can't figure out how to fully drain the coolant loop without removing a hose in an incredibly inconvenient location that will guarantee it spills fucking everywhere.

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Nature of wrenching sometimes, totally including the professional world.

Pretty common, and beats a highway surprise when a failed bearing tries to steer your bike like a pallet jack. Most of us wrenching bikes do that because shops pissed us off and saving piles of money while getting yer bike back on time is Very Nice. Good for you as the more you wrench the better you get. The journey to near total DIY is very cool.

Everyone pretty much does that at least once. (I often cut the heads off bolts to make guide dowels longer than the stock bolts to ease installs, especially with auto trans because weight.)

Can you blow out the loop with compressed air? A fat tapered rubber stopper or plug you can drill then cram an air nozzle through makes it easier. It's similar to blowing out HVAC condensate drains, lines etv so I keep my modded blowgun with my HVAC tools.

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probably should have blurred out the license plate

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>buy brake pads a year ago
>finally time to put them in
>spend half hour shouting at the caliper because I forgot the rear is different from the front
>you have to take the slider bolts out to change the pads
>gets pads out
>realize new pads and clips aren't even the same
>double check on rockauto
>new pads are listed for my truck
>don't even fit my model anyway

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We need you to only use this updated meme from now. Please delete all old png. copies as shown in the original post of this thread.
Thanks for your help and Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you and your loved ones!

-SJ jr.

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>can you blow out the loop with compressed air?
Possibly, though I'm out of state and don't have my tools on hand, I'm lucky enough to have had the money to buy the ramps, no compressor on site though. Could rent it if I get desperate enough, home Depot is ten minutes from here.
I refuse to believe there's no better way, Sebrings were designed to be a mechanic's frequent flyer but not THAT bad. The stopcock for the radiator didn't fully drain it, so I'm currently looking around to see if maybe draining from the engine block will do it.