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Hi everyone,

I want to make a floor desk but I am diy-challenged. And buying is not possible because it is very expensive and the build quality is bad.

I would like to make, order a normal wooden desk like on the pick but without inclined legs and with casters.

I have no clue. What should I do?

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Saw legs of existing desk or get two milk crates and a plank.

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Do you even own a drill?

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I have amotorized screw driver and I could buy some drill bits... Would that work?

I am afraid to screw up when... screwing but maybe I can practice. I just have no clue.

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Would shit like that work?

But is it possible to cut the legs without an electric saw? I have nudle arms...

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No, it is impossible to cut wood without a power tool.

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If it's on casters you may want some thin wood or metal tying the legs together near the bottom.
any small snag like a carpet or bump could put a lot of sideways strain on the legs

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I mean, is it possible to do it without fucking up. Like I have no experience doing this and legs are expensive.

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>I have nudle arms...

what the fuck is a nudle?

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This. Facebook marketplace or Craigslist for a free/cheap desk. Delete half the legs, boom, sitting desk.

I went floor desk during covid because I was freelance and apparently my ex’s real job was more important so I needed to give up my desk to her. Then she wanted the floor desk because it was significantly more kino.

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And for casters, get literally whatever casters from some Ikea rolling something, or order them online. They’ll either be threaded at the top or just a post to press-fit into something. Drill holes in the center of each leg the size od the post on top of the casters, and stick em in.

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bros...does anyone own any of those IKEA Alex drawers by any chance?
do u know if they're strong enough to hold a table + pc when laying on their side? (they're fucking strong on a regular standing position)

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>I am diy-challenged. And buying is not possible because it is very expensive and the build quality is bad.
well you're going to get crap then no matter what you do.

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Not OP but what chair would you pair with a floor desk? I was thinking that little IKEA poang

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could you just cut off the legs of your favorite backed chair and use that?

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It's extremely possible. Just cut it, man. Hold it steady and you can cut it with a handsaw. Maybe get some sandpaper to smooth out the edges afterward if it rubbing on the floor or carpet could be a problem.

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I got one of these. some chinesium amazon slop, probably 1,000,000 identical listings still exist. It’s durable so long as you’re not a gigantic fat fuckf

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and if you can't afford sandpaper, you can get a similar result by just rubbing it on some rough hard surface, like concrete or a rock

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If you're getting it from Home Depot or something, just have them cut it down to size while you're there and sand it. You're probably going to spen more in materials than if you just bought one. I recommend thrifting for this.

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He could get a beaver.

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There are the Japanese chairs that are made for low sitting tables. It's just a seat without the legs, more or less.

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the elites don't want you to know this but beavers are free. you can just go out there and feed wood to them.

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was eyeing a Loungie but now they yolocaust too much :(

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this shit looks unstable even if regular weight. one day the joint gives out when you lean back. rekt.

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cheap poorfag option:
ikea has nice plastic bins, get two of those big ones, put heavy shit inside, then find a long shelf or whatever that is good for a table top and use that. works if you only have a small laptop or thin monitor. if you have a PC tower just put it on the floor next to table. walah, cost will be about $12-15 and you get storage inside the boxes. just don't fill with shit you need to access often.

wood is a fuckin pain in the ass to work with since you need a saw if you were to just saw legs off like someone suggests. same goes for sawing metal legs. just use two boxes until you can eat enough nutritious food, feed your brain and figure out a better way. this is short term. long-term of course you want a BALLER ASS PANTY DROPPER floor desk that gets japanese women wet upon first glance.

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actually don't even need to go to ikea, fuck that place. go anywhere and they have non-transparant bins. the clear bins i have from ikea actually look messy now since i can see all the misc. shit inside. i fuckin hate clear bins now. i wish i had just the standard black or grey ones. after christmas the red/green ones go on sale, just use those. fuck IKEA i should not have even brought that up. so many bad experiences with that swedish fuckhole

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And when you accidentally kick one of these bins holding up your wood plank of a desk sending everything on it crashing down, then what?

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Can't you just get one of those faggot backwards chair and realize you can have a Comfy battlestation instead of this apple jap normie gf shit?

30$ and you'll stop stressing about a fucking coffee table

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not OP but what exactly is this faggot backwards chair? is it comfy?

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ITT: people advising OP how to fuck up his wrists for cheap.

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The floor is lava