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How much of a point do you make of only buying tools made in the usa or at least a western country?

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None, bring on the chinkshit.

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I have some Japanese-made tools of very high quality.

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I got off of the tool train because wood working isn't actually one of my hobbies, it just took me 20 years to figure it out.

Maybe electronics a little more but no one onnthe us makes anything worth owning unless I want to pay like $3000 for a pace setup

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Like what? Even lee valley makes some of their stuff in china.
Dewalt’s u.s. factories just have minimum wagies to put in the last screw of a chinese product and call it “assembled in” u.s.a. Lol.

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That way I know what I'm getting.
Instead of all that phony crap where 1% of it isn't made in China.

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I like going to estate sales and buying old tools that were made in USA because those factories were staffed by white men and white men make the best tools. For new tools I have to choose between made by niggers or made by chinks so I just buy whatever has the best specs.

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depending on the tool, thats not entirely their fault.

Whos the worlds leading supplier of steel now, after 8 year of obama?

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Yeah I don't really care at this point. I watched Project Farm's vidya on bench vices before I bought my new one and went with a center forge. It's good for the price.

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Fuck our leadership but one thing didn't help.

Our factories are old compared to China, and they don't need safety. The 20th century iron works all through Alabama and the rust belt have a hard time competing with 21st century factories in China on a good day. Clinton giving China most favored trade partner status in the 90s andneveryone continuing it until Trump meant it was cheaper to ship Steel from China to New York than from Alabama.

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Depends on how long and frequently I intend to use the item.

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made in USA is nice but depending on the product I don't care if it's made in most of western european countries. Germany and the Netherlands are delivering serious quality too and we basically share one economy.

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>Depends on how long and frequently I intend to use the item.
This. Most hand tools (and all battery powered tools) are consumables when you get down to it.
As far as hand tools, things like wrenches just need to be made from quality materials and the manufacturing process is largely irrelevant, unless it fucks up the quality of the materials. Same with screwdrivers. I have screwdrivers that were handed down from my grandfather, to my father, to me, and they're still fine.
Sockets come and go, and even the best of them can be broken or stripped, so their quality is again largely irrelevant. But a ratchet, on the other hand, needs to have a good design, be made from quality materials, and have a good manufacturing process, or it's going to be destroyed the first time you try to use it.
You just have to know what it's important to spend money on and what's not. Brandfags are literally just unwitting (and unpaid) corporate shills, on par with those goofy assholes that wore sweatshirts that said ABERCROMBIE or TOMMY HILLFIGER in huge letters across the front in the 00s. Looking at the namefags here, who post pictures of their huge and largely unused name-brand tool collections, should tell you all that you need to know.

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> tommy hilfiger
Zombie chinese brand for years

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I live in China.
Why should I buy shit made in America?

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Because it is less likely to break or kill you

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I'm Chinese. Why would I care if I die?

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>How much of a point do you make of only buying tools made in the usa or at least a western country?
zero effort. even though I have the money, chink tools are so good now there's no reason to pay more for US tools. plus I don't use my tools enough to warrant it.

I have tools that I bought in 1991 that I still use and have had no problems with.

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USA specifically isn't as important to me as it not being made in China. I'll happily buy things made in Taiwan, Europe, etc. I try to avoid India though less about the slave labor and more that most tools I have from India are garbage.

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I buy what I need, when I need it, and at the price point I am willing to spend. Some stuff I get the good quality name brand things, other stuff cheap chinese crap is just fine...

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>at least a western country

But what does the US currently make that is top of its class and isn’t prohibitively expensive? I’ll buy Klein if I’m at Home Depot and don’t want to order shit from Germany or Japan because the other options for wire strippers are going to be shitty ass Commercial Electric chinesium or maybe Milwaukee made overseas for the same money and similar quality.

If you gave me a choice like when Lowe’s had Southwire pliers from overseas and the US and it’s $17 for the Asian made pliers and $21 for the US made one, I’ll consider the extra $4.

>But a ratchet
The mechanic’s tools are the perfect example of why this situation is gay. There are so many really good Taiwan made ratchets for ~$25, and if I want a good American one, it’s $100.

Also the companies fuck themselves as well I think. If Snap On or pre-China SK would’ve made some real moves to quit the tool truck and industrial catalog pricing scheme and could come within 150%-200% of good Taiwan tools like Gearwrench, I would seriously consider them. And then there’s fuckin Craftsman, brought US tools back for a year and killed it. And they released the V-Series which is a bunch of Facom and Mac type designs and I would really consider, but they’re not sold in any stores and they’re made in Asia and super expensive for what it is. If they made the V-Series stuff in the US, I would definitely have grabbed a ratchet and some of those RBRT style hex bit sockets.

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I strive to buy ussr tools

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Good on you comrade!

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why woudl i want something worse quality than chinese shit?
now we are talking.

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I never said anybody had to buy a $100 dollar ratchet. What I did say was that the quality of a ratchet is far more important than the quality of the sockets, which then implies that one should buy cheap chinkshit (or medium non chinkshit) sockets, and spend more on a standalone ratchet.
I'm all for buying American whenever possible, but a lot of the American hand tool (and car, and motorcycle, and everything else) companies price themselves right out of the game.
They're my new favorite lately. I remember 10-15 yrs ago they were just an off-brand name with mediocre shit, but I have no complaints about any of their stuff I own that I've gotten in the last 2-5yrs.

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Stuff that is american made usually lasts longest and has the most soul so yeah most of the hand tools/leather goods that i use every day are made in the usa or in the case of my levels, germany. i do masonry/concrete

Thorogood boots
Occidental tool belt
Klein tool bag and pliers
estwing hammers
stabila levels
marshalltown trowels
carhartt work pants

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I buy all my tools from Makita, if possible, because I'm not buying a new set of battery packs

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Anything that has a conponent thats computerized or programmable I buy chink/pajeet because American companies love to shove their shit full of DRM so if a 15 cent part goes wrong they want you to buy a new $2300 part. Fuck em. See, farm equipment

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>the quality of a ratchet is far more important than the quality of the sockets
This is true but make sure that the indentation on the internal square drive in the socket actually works properly with your ratchet.
I have some super chinesium sockets that don't have this indentation and it is annoying as fuck because they just randomly fall off all the time. I got rid of those a while ago fortunately

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> Sockets come and go, and even the best of them can be broken or stripped, so their quality is again largely irrelevant.
The reason to get quality tools at work is if you break a socket on the job that can easily cost $50+ in lost time to replace it. A cheap tool that’s inconvenient or hard to use costs more than a good one when you factor that in. Not to mention if a socket breaks and the employee injures its hand, that’s easily a $500 accident if not more. In short, paying much more for a tool with a slightly reduced chance of breaking is often worth it in many professional settings

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No disagreement. A pro setting is much different than a weekend warrior fucking around in his garage, too.
I'm not saying that professionals shouldn't buy quality tools. I am saying that Joe Jagoff changing his lawnmower blades or replacing an intake gasket on a Saturday doesn't necessarily need the same level of quality tools as Greg's Garage or Mike the Mobile Welder or Fred the Field Service Repairman.
I'm a weekend warrior, mostly, as far as mechanical work goes. I split the difference and went Husky for my hand tools. A few years back, a little over a grand got me a pretty well stocked small roll-around stack. It's all I need.
Professionally though, I have things most wouldn't consider. I have an $7K oscilloscope, for example. In my hands, it's paid for itself many times over, while you might have a hard time justifying that same purchase.
I'm not saying there's one rule for all people everywhere at all times, unless it's this:
Spend the money where it counts.

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Pretty much zero, but if a product that is made in a Western country or Japan exists that is in a similar price range as the Chinese version I'll get it instead generally.

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I buy Made in America shit when possible and doesn't require me to refinance my home. I actively avoid "Assembled in USA" and West Taiwanese shit.

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like what?

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>price themselves right out of the game.

This is my gripe. Like if Snap On sold their shit not on the truck for retarded markups, I would really consider it. There are some deals on Williams, but that’s not the same if you have to order online.

Meanwhile Gearwrench will sell you shit that is overkill for a weekender for like 1/4 or less the price of Snap On.

And that goes back to my gripe about Craftsman V Series stuff, start selling the shit in stores! It’s a bunch of Facom and Mac designs and if they sold it at Lowe’s for a reasonable price, they could pull some tool customers back from Harbor Freight who bought into Icon.

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Yeah, but they're huffing their own farts, too. They won't sell direct to you, instead forcing you to go through homedepot or acme. $200 for a 3/8" drive and a handful of sockets. $6k for a 6' toolbox in god awful orange. Some of the combos/kits seem sort of reasonably priced, I guess.
A lot of that has to do with inflation, too, though. Now I understand the old men when I was a kid
>why a gallon of milk, loaf of bread, and a pound of butter used to be less than a nickel

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I know it will pretty much always be more expensive but if pricing is within reasonable parameters I will always buy US made over any other country on principle. That said because I'm not a fucking rube I'm not going to pay $300 for a US-made 20in breaker bar from Strap-On when the $10 Taiwan-made Duralast down at vatozone will do more than I'll ever need it for because it's a fucking bar of steel not a custom artisanal masterpiece.

>sockets come and go so cheap out on the sockets
The price on sockets and wrenches comes more from the sizing tolerances than the metal itself. You have to go full retard to break or damage even the cheapest chinkshit sockets/wrenches but the real damage comes from sloppy tolerances damaging FASTENERS on your work, costing you time and materials to remedy and generally complicating the whole process.

This. "Assembled" in burgerstan "from global materials" means it was made entirely in Chingchongland from recycled reject chinknesium and then they had a grade school dropout partially turn the last screw locally before stuffing it in a box so they could triple the price and call it "american made." Not having it.

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That’s actually not horrible for what it is, and Gearwrench’s extractor sockets are supposed to be pretty good. A lot of chinesium ones still aren’t that cheap and they’re fucking horrible because you will never bite onto hardened nuts and bolts with Chinesium extractors. Rocketsockets are $180 for a 30pc set of 1/4” and 3/8” drive extractors. Chinesium no-name brands are still around $50 for a ~15pc set, and I’m guessing the Gearwrench and Rocketsocket sets will actually hold up for more than 2 uses.

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Just read that post again, you do realize that’s not a 30pc set of 3/8” drive sockets, right?

Look at Irwin’s extractor prices too. None of them are cheap unless they’re unknown metals from China.

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>extractor sockets
>not a 30pc set of 3/8” drive sockets
I did miss that. I stand corrected.
However, the 85pc 3/8" drive socket set is still coming in at $300. But it definitely looks like a better bang/buck ratio, with shallow/deep, extensions, u-joints, and six/twelve point.
Still. $300 for a single drive size.
For very close to that same amount, you can get the 347 piece Husky 1/4, 3/8, 1/2" set that has shallow/deep, sae/metric, hex/torx/safety torx/phillips/flat. But there's no extensions, no u-joints, and not even a fucking ratchet
lol what assholes.

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That’s an oddball overpriced set. But even then, you’re getting the swivel socket sets and mid-depth, more specialized stuff that isn’t cheap. That lower volume stuff will cost a little bit more especially when the only similar option is off the tool trucks for 3x the price. A lot of that stuff isn’t really sold by Home Depot, but their website is like an Amazon where it tacks on third party sellers. This full 3/8” impact socket set was like $85.

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Yeah, I generally go out of my way to buy electrical components made in Japan. They're 5x the price of Chinese, but the failure rates are extremely low.

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>tfw most of these Jappo made pliers are cheaper than mid range US pliers like Channellock
Is there a shitty exchange rate or something?

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I don't. The label doesn't mean much when
>Made in the USA
Is used as a cover for
>Parts for this product are made in Taiwan/India/China, Assembled in the USA

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Yeah, the yen is doing pretty bad right now.

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seems like a lot of you guys are talking about automotive tools which i can understand why you wouldn't give a shit about made in usa because snap-on and those other brands are ridiculously expensive. but for guys doing actual construction work i don't know why you wouldn't buy made in usa at least for all your hand tools, the tool quality is leagues better than whatever dewalt/milwaukee/husky/harbor freight chink shit you buy. i unironically think less of people who rock up on jobs with a belt full of soulless chink shit

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Thorogoods are so much better it's like night and day.

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The made in USA Redwings are damn good in my experience. You pay more, but you also get a lot more.

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Automotive is the biggest gap in prices, there’s 90% quality Taiwanese stuff and 100% quality US stuff and the US stuff is 400% more for 10% more quality.

When you talk about specialty electrical tools and stuff, there’s straight Chinesium which tradies wouldn’t want, good US stuff, and then the better overseas stuff like maybe Milwaukee’s hand tools aren’t that far off the US made Klein or Greenlee.

But even then, if you’re talking about good screwdrivers and pliers, I might go German instead because a lot of it seems nicer than the US stuff for the same money or even a little bit less. 7pc Wiha 1000V drivers with the slimmer tip was like $60, and I dislike Klein’s grip and old school plastic.

Hmm but even then, I bought some Jappo pliers, like that Tsunoda brand or however it’s spelled, those are a couple years old and they seem super nice so far and like half the price of Klein.

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I go pretty far out of my way to buy things made in western countries. If I just need something cheap that I’m not going to use a lot I might grab it from harbor freight, but for the most part I’d say it’s hypocritical how much people cry about the lack of western manufacturing and then undercut safe, quality tool shops to save a few dollars.

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I've been rocking Carolina logger boots for a while now. You think it'd be worth it to upgrade someday? I go through a couple pairs a year. Just plain wear em out, soles get worn down, the seam between sole and boot gets cracked and they get leaking so bad they're no longer water resistant at all...

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I use Redwings on the railroad and I can damn near get a year out of them walking on ballast all day. You can get them resoled for $110-120

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>maybe Milwaukee’s hand tools aren’t that far off the US made Klein
i've personally found that the blades on milwaukee dykes and other similar tools usually go dull pretty quick and the grips will come off

klein is the gold standard for cutting pliers imo. and when they're only $10 more and will last double the amount of time it seems stupid to not get them. i can understand not spending $60 on knipex or whatever but klein prices are fairly reasonable

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>$60 on Knipex
But most Knipex shit isn’t that expensive, it’s all pretty close to Klein. I paid more for my 10” Klein water pump pliers than my 10” Knipex Alligators, although those Kleins were made in Germany by NWS.

Knipex has a super good reputation for strength of the cutting edges and teeth as well, maybe better than Klein but too many fanbois on both sides to really know. Klein isn’t really the sole gold standard for pliers and cutters anymore.

We need a Project Farm test on 8” diagonal cutters right about now

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>We need a Project Farm test on 8” diagonal cutters right about now
He says all of his comparison test ideas are based on viewer suggestions...
Have you contacted him to suggest this?

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Anyone buy any shit off of temu? I've been browsing their stuff for the past day and have a cart full of unnecessary tools, hardware, and lingerie for the wife that looked interesting... Will have to sit down tonight and pare it down a bit as i know i have some duplicates and shit I really don't need in there. Still have a few more categories to browse too so i may add more stuff. Haven't gotten to the lathe insert tooling yet if they even have it. Got a bunch of that off banggood.com in the past and have had good luck with it...

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I thought I remember one from a year or two ago. He actually shilled the Knipex in the end but of course he paid the high for the comfort grips which made them look a lot higher than others, but the Kleins or Southwires with comfort grip are expensive as well.

IIRC, it wasn’t the best test either because he did “high leverage” from some brands and maybe different lengths, and it becomes an apples and oranges test if you’re not testing standard 8” or high leverage 8” between all the brands cutting through a nail. High leverage will cut with less force at first and then break at the joint in the harder tests.

>he downloaded the spyware
I refuse to download it to even browse, you can find the same shit on Aliexpress and stuff, or ebay for slightly more with less tracking and faster shipping.

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I basically don't want anything made in America anymore because "American made" means "I'M GOING TO BLEED YOU DRY, I'M PURSUING THE MODERN AMERICAN! THAT MEANS I NEED TO EARN OVER 100K A YEAR!"

I basically resent anyone who makes more than I do and demands hours of my labor for one hour of yours. I'm not minimum wage either and I do things myself because American things and American labor ask way too fucking much. People need to learn to live more modestly.

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modern american dream*

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>>he downloaded the spyware
What? I didn't download anything. I know they do have an app, but they also have a webpage like any other webpage too. I don't do apps. Hell I don't even do smartphones.

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Not all gear wrenches have decent prices. I was recently window shopping for a spare/junkyard set. The best bang for your buck would probably be this 1/4 3/8th combo. It doesn't have 1/2, but the 1/2 drive also swaps out the hex bits for the random small bits to inflate the count. Hex bits are also good for working on motorcycles or newer cars. Add a 1/2 inch impact set and you're golden. I find that if I'm busting out the 1/2 inch drive, I may as well be using an impact. Ex, wheel lugs, head bolts, exhaust bolts, etc.

This was going for like $270 a month ago. Might just bite if it goes down for Black Friday.

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Hand tools from Germany, power tools from Japan. Why the fuck would I buy some garbage made of chink components and assembled by a beaner in Texas?

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I try to buy made in the US. I got lucky buying a made in us craftsman tool sets in like 2010~. I recently wanted a spare safety wire pliers and us made where $100 and looked identical to the $10 harbor freight ones.

>Channel locks, made in us version
>Just bit the bullet on knipex (German), amazing

>Craftsman (us), but using Gear wrench more often due to ease of access

>Got some Japanese Industrial Standard for the week in me (motorcycle)

>I went from craftsman, to gear wrench 120xp, and have been buying myself snap on ratchets now for my birthday. Looking into a nepro stubby (Japanese).

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Well I dropped $525 on stuff from Temu... $245 of that was tools and hardware. We'll see if it is any good. Lots of aluminum layout tools and some other odds and ends. Did get a couple different 12" Knipex knock-off pliers for around $12 a piece so I'm interested in how those are.

Also those sweet sweet welding glasses... Don't be jelly. Might come in handy once in a blue moon when I'm in a super tight spot and no room for a helmet.

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Those 120xp ratchets are overkill. The fat head isn’t worth the extra teeth over the 84T/90T.

Also if you have never used any of the longer handle flex head ratchets, you should get on em. They’re so great for mechanical work.

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The only tool I have that is American-made is my Leatherman and it's the tits.

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Better remember glasses don't keep your face from getting arc burned but they're fine for torch work.

>> No.2698559

You only get a choice in certain things.
Gun stuff, archery stuff, some types of tools. Sure, ill buy made in the USA.
Id buy a Honda made in Alabama over a Chevy made in Mexico.
But you dont really get a choice outside of things like that.

>> No.2698562

The only things I buy off Wish/Temu were chinkshit in the first place. That and stuff like counterfeit knives (Bepis would know about that)

>> No.2698636

>Better remember glasses don't keep your face from getting arc burned but they're fine for torch work.

Pfffttt... that's what my beard is for. I'm rockin' the welding glasses from here on out and you can't stop me.

>> No.2698662

My preferences go German > Taiwan > China > US > Chinkshit
Latest taiwan sockets showed up with two 13/16ths and no 7/8th. Thanks Chang.

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Hell yea! $7 Esee knockoffs! Unfortunately my wife doesn’t know about Chinese counterfeits like that so she overpaid for the real thing.

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File: 453 KB, 960x1280, CC2400CF-1ECB-489F-8682-BC2A65CE0089.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh man, and when my brother paid $200 for this Benchmeme, he could’ve saved so much with a fake D2 knockoff instead of real 20CV

>> No.2698779

>made in USA
>is just assembly line of all parts made in china
keep paying that premium you suckers

>> No.2698780

Depends what you buy. At least maybe you can hope for better QC because if SB&D or Milwaukee is operating a USA factory, they’re going to have newer tech and higher standards and a lot more visits from VPs of whatever so that shit needs to be in order.

Whether or not that’s worth the premium price, that’s up to you.

>> No.2699447

>the company I work for just got bought by a Chinese company that specializes in shipping and going forward the bulk of the work for our products will be done in China while we do the simple shit
>the higher skilled workers have already been let go and 3 new hires from halfway houses have just been brought on
The 21st century will belong to the Chinese and I don't see things in the US getting better

>> No.2699454

China is shitting the bed as we are speaking.
They no longer get as many orders from overseas, Japanese companies are pulling out, real estate collapse is taking 1/3rd of China's GDP with it.
Everything is moving to India. Who would have guessed the Chink labour got too expensive.

>> No.2699455

love me gearwrench, I want to know who and why are people buying icon

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A lot of the Icon is overpriced for what it really is. Like their 25” breaker bar, I do not understand what makes it double the price of the Pitt Pro one, it’s the same shit except the colors on the handle are inverted.

Their wrenches with the teeth are exactly the same as Milwaukee and Carlyle, I think the Milwaukee ones are a couple bucks less on most days. Not sure about their ratcheting wrenches, need more research. A few of the items look super close to some Husky stuff.

Their ratchets for like $40 aren’t any better than other Taiwan ratchets for 2/3 the price. There’s that one EP Auto socket set on Amazon (picrel) and the ratchets included are exactly the same as the Icon ratchets. The whole socket set is like the price of a single ratchet from Icon.

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Another couple things on Icon…

They have new USA made pry bars and punches and chisels. They’re definitely rebranded Mayhew, which are really good, but the name brand Mayhew one are cheaper on Amazon. Was looking at the punch and chisel set, I think it’s $99 for a 10pc Icon set, but you can go on Amazon and get a 14pc Mayhew for $70 that includes everything from the Icon set plus 4pcs more for 30% less.

I own 2 Icon things I think, the knockoff Raptor pliers because I was curious about the concept and had a coupon and didn’t want to pay for Knipex on something that doesn’t require the great German heat treatment on teeth. And tbqhwy, I haven’t really found the situation where the faux-Raptor is the #1 tool I grab.

And I got the Icon impact swivel joints recently because the Pittsburgh is an explosion waiting to happen on the high torque gun. But those swivel joints were like $20 or $25 for a 3/8” and 1/2” drive, which is about the same money as any other Taiwan brands. They look very very similar to the Husky joint, seems like 2 Taiwan OEs make these for all the brands like Tekton and Sunex and shit so probably the same.

>> No.2699585
File: 847 KB, 1936x1936, 4B9B60BD-A534-4A5C-9257-EE0CBD7C11FF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here’s $100 Icon on top and $70 Mayhew Pro on the bottom.

Pry bars are same thing except made with grey plastic instead of red for USA Mayhew. I guess if you really need to buy it local, go with the Icon, but Amazon will give me next day on a lot of Mayhew shit so I don’t know what the big deal is.

>> No.2699880

i try to buy stuff thats made in countries with labor laws but with tool prices i just get whatever uncle bumblefuck reviews as acceptable when its on sale.

>> No.2701181

Based chink forcing Americans to become more competitive and less peace loving.

>> No.2701863

> bumblefuck
Isn’t he the guy that spent 6 figures on a CNC from a company that was selling to russians so they can continue to make artillery?
> what does he do with it
Makes rectangular hammer heads and slabs of steel for grilling things—over the grill he already bought… both of which he could have just used a hacksaw.

>> No.2701886

Haas has been making cheap cncs for fucking ever.


Bumblefuck was best when he was sifting dirt for gold

>> No.2701901

Western products are made to a higher standard in most situations. this can include a number of things like better alloys, better safety features, and many other things.

you can buy chink-shit and there are good situations to do so when you are using it either as a starter equipment or a disposable.

>> No.2701909

I want to support israel but the only thing they seem to make is scam “security companies” to try and sell to US conglomerates.
…not completely true, when on vacation in the third world I saw some soap made there.
… also I know about sodastream but it’s cheaper to buy the pre-made soda here, so that turned out to be a scam too.

>> No.2702226

i do my very best to avoid buying american shit.

>> No.2702236

I buy stuff based on price-performance ratio, I couldn't give less shit on what kind of MADE IN X stickers it has or how much child labor went into it.

>> No.2703659
File: 116 KB, 1000x1000, 2815FE9C7BCC5DBC1BF50CBDF7CC4DC79C2D089682C177DDF30592286BDC4C69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last week I bought a Rubber & Nylon Head Hammer that was made in Japan for only a few dollars more than the made in China equivalent.