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hi /diy/
im assembling a carport

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the roof was a bitch to lift alone

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oh shit i dont think i can lift the other side while pushing the legs in. welp thread over

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Your a bitch

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i know, feels like a 150lb OHP but i cant hold it up with one hand while getting the leg in

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oh shit, almost got it
pinched some skin but im getting there

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et voila. pretty tough build as a 5'10 manlet
todo tomorrow:
>figure out why the legs arent straight
>put cover on
>anchor legs

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>assembling a carport
but why at night in the dark?

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>too poor for a garage
Euros really live like this

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I work till 7 pm and its pitch black at 8pm lol
Im american. Just had a lot of expenses so i gotta save up for a garage. Current plan is to get a 20ft x 60ft one. Concrete pad will be ~$6500, garage itself ~$12000. So for now a $700 2-car canopy will do!

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No one asked, no one cares.
I worked in the event rental industry in the past, after ten years still last year stood a 16x20 canvas tent frame by myself. You are just a bitch.

For next time, prop a 2x little longer than your legs, and a leg on aladder or something right next to where you are lifting. Get the canopy up, grab the 2x and prop it under one of the connectors. Now you can struggle with the leg without destroying your shoulder.
And wait to put the vinyl on till the frame is up. Thatll help too you bitch.
Now delete your thread

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>pre-made tent
you seem to have mistook this place for for your single mother support group

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yeah well this one is 18x20, get mogged
>destroying your shoulder
>now delete your thread

Any advice for straightening out the legs? The ground isnt exactly level. Should I weigh the legs down or will 8x 3' anchors be good enough? How do I make sure this doesnt collapse and destroy my car?
Yeah except for the part I assembled it (by myself). I bet you buy precut 2x4s and premade drywall and follow an architectural plan and think you're hot shit.

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I have learned a valuable lesson.

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fucking kek that's what you get for erecting a sail in a field

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I think it'll work if i actually assemble, cover and anchor in one go. I think.
Although theres gonna be 20mph winda for the rest of the week so i have no idea when I'll be able to do it

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These can be difficult to tame, just like a wild horse. Speak calmly and ask the car port where it would be happy, it will show you where to turn it into a semipermanent structure.

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I-is it too late to return it? I dont know if I can trust it with my car now

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You wouldn't build a house by building the roof first.

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Get mogged. You're an idiot.

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Ok so I'm returning it. Any tips for something quick I can do to protect an SUV from hail?

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some old heavy blankets

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Steelmaster shell with open ends.

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hmm. I guess I'll go with that and some bungee cords or rope. Thanks fren
I meant something I can do by the weekend

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I'm getting some big "californian who just moved to texas" vibes from this whole thread.
Go back. We don't want you here.

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I would rather kms than live in california. I doubt californians could live 15 minutes away from the nearest gas station lul

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and yet you don't deny you're californian. curious.

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why not just assemble it upside down and then flip it over and anchor it with a few friends?

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yet you participate in society, curious
captcha KKTHHD

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Im not californian, never have been, and never will be. I have visited the state a few times in the past.

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most ludicrous thing ITT

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If you permit it first you can build a garage in usable stages because I did. I used a Steelmaster shell bolted to steeI I-beam (the beam was a little narrower than the Steelmaster base channel so I notched that instead of drilling and used wide washers).

When I moved I unbolted the shell (I anti-seized all the fasteners and only had to cut three) then when I set that up I welded two steel pipe verticals to the bottom of the side beams (20-footers but length doesn't matter since beams can be sectioned). Then I placed the verticals in holes dug with a posthole digger and potted them in concrete. That supported the shell which was immediately usable.

When time came to pour the slab I closed the ends of the beam base with other beams forming a box then poured the slab. No need to buy wooden forms and I can and did weld and bolt what I like to the outside of my steel-encased slab.

You can order steel building kits and panels as your wallet allows, for example doing half your final size, putting that to work, then when you have money get the second half, then get material for however you want the ends.

Steelmaster (and clones, they're all descendants of Wonder Arch) also have container roof kits so your walls can be shipping containers (buy only one-trip grade, no condemned junkers) for gasketed storage and instantly usable space. My 40' High Cubes are separate from the shell which better suited my use case but if I add more I'll do a roof kit too.

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>I meant something I can do by the weekend

You can erect the smaller ones very quickly with some prep. Used scaffolding is cheap.