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anyone here familiar with the original microproto controller of the Taig CNC mini mill? trying to hook up a probe to the I/O port and I'm having issues finding the right settings for ports and pins in Mach3. the probe gets powered up, it triggers but the controller just won't take the input.

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i see this board is as fucking useless as any other board on this god forsaken piece of shit

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You knew you should have visited hobby machinist fora instead to find multiple Taig owners but here you are.

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this thread really has it all

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>Probing On Taig CNC mill
My taig is connected to a computer running linuxcnc so it's probably different, but I have to use a probing program when I want to do more than just touch off a reference point. Are you trying to probe a surface or just touch off?

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possible sinking/sourcing input mix up? swap the power/input wires maybe