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Just realized I exposed myself to asbestos.
>tearing down old shed in yard (1950s)
>weird second layer of siding
>brittle almost fibrous
>look it up later
>100% asbestos siding
>only wore a mask some of the time

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Just clean up and scrub down...asbestos you can

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Rip. Tell your wife to post when the funeral is.

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asbestos isn't instant cancer
you need either a large amount of contact (roll around in a big pile of it for a day), or continuous contact over a long amount of time

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what will happen if i grind it up and snort lines of asbestos

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What did it look like, anon?

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It looks like all the images that come up when you Google 'asbestos siding'

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How are you not dead yet?

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i had a gp5 mask as a youth and i breathed through that fucker all the time. asbestos filter and lead paint. i just avoid thinking about it.

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I searched Asbestos Siding and only porn came up.

But I searched on xhamster.

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should you not sue the guy?

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>>tearing down old shed in yard (1950s)
You're like 90 years old now anyway who cares

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It's my fault, the shed is on my property, my great grandpa built it.
I'm 18

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Eh, not really. Absbestos is like getting a tiny piece of metal embedded in your eye while using a grinder. It might come off right away if your lucky, but if you're not, it might stay embedded and keep getting infected for months. The problem with lungs is that you can't operate on them to remove the embeddings.

Asbestos has a shape kind of like velcro that gets itself stuck deeply inside your lungs. It's also fairly hard, so it keeps ripping tiny holes in the alveolae that continuously form scars. Usually such scars are benign - although they can physically affect your breathing - but sometimes the scars can turn into tumors that will eventually become cancerous.

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I'm surprised it still goes into production today.

Automotive Materials

Brakes, including brake linings, brake pads, and brake shoes
Clutch linings and clutch facings
Transmission plates
Drum brakes
Disc brakes

Fireproofing & Insulation

Heat-resistant gloves
Building insulation
Asbestos blankets
Asbestos curtains
Asbestos boards
Asbestos cloth
Pipe coatings

Home Appliances

Gas range wicking
Clothes dryers
Coffee pots

Consumer Goods

Ironing board covers
Children’s makeup
Cigarette filters
Talcum powder
Bowling balls
Potting soil
Fake snow
Oven mitts

Industrial & Commercial Products
Electrical components
Duct connectors
Cement sheets
Lab equipment
Vinyl products

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Just out of curiosity what did you do with said asbestos when you finished tearing it down?
Did you take it to a dedicated asbestos site?
How did you transport it through the community?
How did you clean the vehicle afterwards?
Please don't tell me you buried it on your land

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Not really. You just need to breathe in at the wrong moment.
>And teacher Elizabeth Belt died from the disease in 2015, aged 68, after spending decades pinning pupils’ art to asbestos notice boards in Lincolnshire schools

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ive heard conflicting shit about how damaging it actually is
theoretically one piece is all you need to have lung problems, but ive also heard its fine as long as you dont make a habit of it (working in navy yards for years)

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It's different asbestos. No blue (that was the killer) it's put together differently so it isn't just getting smacked about. Usually it's impregnated and formed using epoxy or other products so it doesn't fracture into powder form. Still wouldn't mess with it personally

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Blue asbestos (the older stuff) is absolutely lethal. Don't know what makes the blue version so bad but that's where most of the problems seem to come from

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The dump.

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isn't the asbestos somewhere in the middle or near the "dirty" side of the filter? Probably only small amount of the particles actually go through if that's the case.
Anyway I have a polish MC-1, the original filters didn't have asbestos but I still bought new ones just because it's easier to breathe and they're smaller, lighter

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>spending decades

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> aged 68
I joke by saying that if you die in your 50s, your 20s are middle age. 60s, your 30s.
I have a sinking feeling I'm already in middle age. Feels bad man.

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>asbestos is only dangerous if you are in continuous contact over a long amount of time

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FFS don't tell anyone until after the dump has buried the proof

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You're most likely going to be OK unless you were huffing the stuff for weeks or months.

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maaan, i have it on my roof

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people can have a little asbestos, as a treat

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Virtually all of those are non-friable so it’s a non-issue.
Inhaling ONE single fibre of asbestos is enough to cause cancer. It’s a microscopic shard that continually destroys tissue and each cell it encounters. It LITERALLY rearranges the DNA.
Op goofed big time

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Faggot reddit meme posting nigger

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>Inhaling ONE single fibre of asbestos is enough to cause cancer.
I hope to god youre trolling

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This is what happens when you spend decades fear mongering about something. You get retards like this.

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I got banned from redd*t subs for shitbull hate dumb newfag faggot homo retard shitbull whiteknight sympathizer.
When your trashound eats your baby remember that you DESERVE it.

Sadly no.
Your life in the hands of random chance now. One improperly spliced DNA could sequence incorrectly and the slow death begins. That’s why it takes so long to die from asbestos, the shard continually tears cells to shreds for decades until replication gets out of hand, like jabbing a wound with a needle while it’s trying to heal.
It’s a cellular lottery now :)

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If only our bodies had since sort of mechanism for combating incorrectly sequenced DNA, such that one single cell wouldn't be an issue... Oh! That's right! It does! Maybe that's why people that get cancer from asbestos have had more exposure than one fiber?

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Stop being a scaremongering faggot.

Read this: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://dpmc.govt.nz/sites/default/files/2021-10/pmcsa-Asbestos-exposure-in-New-Zealand_9April15.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjJiqKuqqD8AhWD3nMBHVn0AIsQFnoECAgQAQ&usg=AOvVaw2TJQsAY-QHfqhc3SsHxdP9

"The amount of asbestos released during work such as removal of sprayed-on asbestos coatings or during sanding of asbestos backing after lifting tile or vinyl flooring can be significant if proper procedures are not followed, but does not typically exceed workplace regulatory levels. Exposure levels associated with most home renovation activities are generally orders of magnitude lower than historical occupational exposures that are known to increase the risk of asbestos-related diseases"

Basically everything causes cancer. It's the dose that kills.


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Exposure to many fibres simply compounds the problem. Elaborating on my analogy, more fibres increase the number of tickets to the lottery.
>Gahhhh science is hard

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Kek another retard
Retard, many people who worked with asbestos in the past died within a a few years
Their families would also die just from the particle exposure due to dad coming home wearing his work clothes.
Op is DEAD

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A single asbestos fiber is not a death sentence. OP wasn't rolling around in asbestos snow like in the Wizard of Oz.

He will be fine if he continues to be careful and minimize his exposure. It's much more likely he'll die from a heart attack or stroke.

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t. Has ticking timebomb in lungs, just like op

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you can almost smell the denial
anon probably lives on a DDT crop farm while munching asbestos bricks for breakfast

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a lot of those things are very much friable indeed

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No, it's a bad luck kind of situation. You can have one random fibre get into your lungs from a single exposure event and you end up fucked. On the other hand, you can be around it for a long time and get lucky and not suffer any problems.
Cumulitive exposure increases your risk, but that is not the same as low exposure carrying no risk.
Dunno why some people have such a hard time understanding this.

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Kek, europeans shunning nuclear power makes a lot more sense now. Youre all a bunch of neurotic pussies.

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She was a teacher not a construction worker. Pinning stuff to a pin board in a school shouldn't be considered a health hazard worthy of wearing breathing apparatus. There were kids in that room as well. Are you retarded or American?

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>Work in commieformia
>If you get exposed to asbestos it's similar to getting hit by a car
>Shops can lose their license with the state if they cut into it without the proper licenses and precautions

>Change states to Idaho
>most professional shop's state approved way of dealing with it is to just wash it off if any gets on you
>No one cares

Both states also used asbestos concrete water lines, so if you don't have cancer yet it's not happening.

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>come i to contact with asbestos on a daily basis
youre a retard...

Oh, and kids dont spend decades in the same class, nice try though.

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I'm a mtf btw

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>prezo pushed my shit in :/


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>long contact, like installing it, handling it or tearing it down
>not just standing next to it for twenty yearsyears
Remember, Asbestos is like mini fish hooks floating in the air. It is worse than fiberglass.

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We all are Prez/o/ (also I suck cocks).

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asbestosbros we continue to win

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its thanks to englands and americas melt downs mostly
name fag all your missing is your trip code
asbestos and radiation poisoning are more horrifying in tthe mind than in reality as youll just eventually kill yourself which is a better way out. i used to fuck around in asbestos ridden black mould abandoned houses from like 1800. one time me and my friend made a video where he punched through a wall for a video. he punched a bunch of holes in the walls and would put his face up againt the hole and say soem retarded shit like my name jeff (zoomers humour) anyway we done this a couple times and thought mothing of the dust only had a shitty skull mask like the nazi larp one to hide our faces not to protect our lungs. we didnt even have them up at the time cuz we already snuck in but lo and behold we got nosebleeds which my uncle said was asbestos and prob mould shredding our mucous lining. we left after he broke his fist punching a hole and hit a stud lek

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>its thanks to englands and americas melt downs mostly
Ofcourse it is, its never their fault. Its always someone elses fault that theyre fucking retards.

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>baby’s first post

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im all for nukes but 3 mile island basically killed nuclear hype train

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i toungue niggers anus

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Thanks for proving my point. Europeans are hypersocial rats who refuse to objectively assess their reality, and choose to follow fucking "hype trains"

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stupid nigger im all for it im fucking 20 its the boomers spear heading it https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/arid-40878437.html

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you are still a nigger and youre grand kids will be brown tho rather be a rat than a mutt

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Make your time, anon.

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my condolences OP desu

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I find it unlikely anyone bothered to insulate a fucking shed, anon. Not saying its impossible but what kind of spiritual boomer bothers to flame proof a shed?

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Enjoy your cancer retard

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You are fine. People who got mesothelioma were navy ship builders who sprayed it on walls for installation. I work around it all the time and get exposed to it when my fellow coworkers are idiots.
Trip fag is an idiot. Some Japs were unlucky to be in both cities when they got nuked and still had normal kids afterwards that did not have high cancer rates. DNA is pretty good at fixing itself.

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How old are you? How long have you been working near asbestos?

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Picrel is an asbestos shard piercing a white blood cell. If it damages the DNA of the cell in just the right way, cancer may result.

I leave it to you to determine the probabilities of that happening.

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>How old are you?
>How long have you been working near asbestos?
6 years

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>your life in the hands of random chance now
was it ever not?
Based. Down a street drain was also cool too.