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is it possible these days to live without access to water?
I have the opportunity to live full time in the middle of nowhere in a small cabin which i will heat with wood and have solar to charge my phone with, but I hate the idea of hauling water and cannot imagine paying to drill a well.
my idea is to just buy the large bottles of water to drink and cook with, and go to the gym 5-7 days a week to shower.

am i overlooking something? it seems like even the most basic mud huts in african villages have easy access to a stream or spring box.
there is a water connection less than a mile away, i could install a tank and just trailer water over once a week to fill it, but i really dont want to.

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hi here in the desert of socal
yes you can
but it makes life harder
but not difficult

for instance here houses withought a well have tanks
there are services here that fill them up once a month

that would be ideal . tanks can easily have water for months

what your describing is possible if its just you.
maybe like 10..5 gallon jugs will probably last you the month
thats not that hard to haul

a water tank on a trailer would be amazing

yes you need water
1 hygene will suffer
2, food
3, shit like swamp cooler or water a few plants

the best would be giant tank on car and home

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solar showers with tanks are not expensive like 150 200 dollars
also you can get way better solar systems for like 1k

if you can hand dig a well
you can prob sell the whole property fro more money than you paid lol

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i can just go to a gym to shower though. no need to do that at home but in a rare case i would need one that works yes
i just feel the tank would get emptied and i would be too lazy to go fill it, or i would instead rarely use it and the watter would go bad idk.

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You know you're lazy and stupid so do whatever your feefees suggest. If it doesn't work out you'll learn something.

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>my idea is to just buy the large bottles of water to drink and cook with
you can have 5 gal jugs of water delivered on a schedule, or bring the jugs to refill at grocery stores/home depot

Lots of hispanics do that here, because they don't trust the tap water being safe because back home it's not.

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quite literally the dumbest question ever, but i'll bite

if you don't have access to a well, you need significant stores of water on hand along with constant delivery/acquisition. which is possible in the 21st century but still dumber than the antiquity-old method of living near potable water.

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What the fuck do you think Pepsi is for? Of course you can live without water, and assuming you can properly box breathe correctly you can even live underwater.

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google sand point well and see if you can do it in your area

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This isnt true
Im not the desert anon, im another one building my own hovel in the woods.

But i do it with 2 3-gallon jugs and a planet fitness membership. Local hippy co op has fancy ro water for free for members, and I buy coffee there in bulk so I just look like a coffee snob, theres many customers using the water more than me.
I use rainwater for handwashing and washing dishes. Between coffee and drinking 6 gallons lasts about 3 days.

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i would drill a well. some guy(s) on youtube does it themselves without fancy equipment.

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Codyslab had a video of this on his channel but I can't find it
his ranch in Utah doesn't have water plumbed to it and he had to drive a pickup with a tank in the back to a public water pump weekly
He made another video about creating a rainwater collection system where he dug a v shape into the ground, covered it in tarp, put a drain in the bottom with aggregate filter, he had a giant freshwater tank in the ground and put some tablets in to stop legionella and stuff from reproducing

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Just drill a well you fucking faggot. Free water for the rest of your wonderful life.

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>I'm going to live "off grid" in "the middle of nowhere."
>I'm actually going to go to the gym and get all of my water needs and shower.
Is "off grid" code word for your car and "middle of nowhere" a freeway overpass? Because you might as well be homeless if that's your plan.

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seen it
i have free roam cows that will shit in it and not a lot of rain waters

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who are you quoting? I did not ever claim to be off grid?
are you obsessed?

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>in a small cabin which i will heat with wood and have solar to charge my phone with, but I hate the idea of hauling water and cannot imagine paying to drill a well.
What do you think that means, dipshit?

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obsessed as fuck

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>is it possible these days to live without access to water?

no, still suits have not been invented.

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would I really trust a shallow well water to clean my body with and wash dishes in?
it seems gross
sure it would work the toilet fine and wash hands and stuff with but idk.
i guess its ok to shower with after i filter it and stuff
but it will dry out for 2-4 months of the year

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>Starts off with dowsing rods
Boy, I REALLY care about what he hast to say now.

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>no, still suits have not been invented.

Pipe catheter from bladder to stomach and have free drinking water forever.

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>it seems gross

Why would you not learn facts instead of trusting ur informed ignorant feefees?

>but it will dry out for 2-4 months of the year

Based on what specific knowledge of the local aquifer? Post link to citation.

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> How to tell us you have no experience and send your messages from your mother's basement, and are a smoothbrain who is schooled into a dead, lifeless universe.
Depends on the lay of the land, chemical use, etc. You can test the water first if not sure. Those standard pitcher pumps that suck the water from below, are limited to 25-30 ft. They are $25. That's the type of well he's drilling, and it's likely into an underground stream.

A deep water manual pump is $500-1000. Otherwise, there are several chinese brushed motor pumps, that can run directly off solar. They run around $70, and require periodic brush replacement. RPS makes brushless DC solutions, but now you're looking at $1000+ for their motor and custom controller.

Anon, you breathe air everyday directly into your mouth with no filter. A good source of underground water is common, too. Testing isn't too expensive.

People brainwashed into using detergent 'soap' on their skin and detergent 'shampoo' in their hair, strip all their oils off their skin, including protective ones. Making it easier for chemicals, artificially added to the water, to absorb through the skin: halides and heavy metal contaminants. That's aside from the recirculated stuff that makes it in by design; e.g. birth control pill residue. They are fluoridated zombies, who's opinions are meaningless and their soul is dead.

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>Wants to listen to a moron that starts of telling people how to use dowsing rods.
Speaking of smoothbrain...

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Utter fucking retard.

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Rain gutter water is just fine for washing yourself and your stuff.
You can "drill " for water on your own just run a pipe down until you hit water google it.
Bringing water is a pain
Btw I live in the woods

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Imitation is flattery. You had nothing original in you, so you just copied what I wrote. I'm flattered.
Still bitter? Tells me you lack the self-management skills, to not let your petty resentment live rent-free, in your ego-driven externally-manipulated thoughts.

> whose opinions are meaningless as their soul is dead
You were saying?

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you can create a solar still inground, it will suck the moisture out of the earth idk how much space it'd need for you

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Notice how you have not defended the use of dowsing once. Are you perhaps aware that its stupid?

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What you need is an auger and some dynamite. Dig four feet, then blast... dig four feet, then blast. Rinse & repeat. Pretty soon you'll have a swimming pool too!

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>morons like his water company
Wait till I tell you about antenna's and what they can do.

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I live in a cabin without water. To get water I get a cart, load it up with jerry cans, and fill them at some public restroom, then I carry it back. It’s really not that heavy. Yea sure it’s effort but it feels satisfying to do

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Most people would categorize less than 10 people per square mile middle of nowhere even though we have ton of highways

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sounds comfy

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>am i over looking anything?

yeah, you're fucked as soon as you cant get that water delievery. Maybe theres a supply shortage, maybe the company goes under, maybe you are just too sick or injuried because shit happens and now what do you do? You die, thats what.

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Maybe order so that the next order comes when you only have two-months worth left?

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lol okay at least tell someone where you are so they drag your body back faggot