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hey people beaming voices on the air conditioner. I hope you had your fun.(not really) I have a little something that's going to be arriving on the mail soon.

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Did you start a new thread?
What was wrong with this one?

I've thought about getting one of these radios after watching this video:

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Oh I thought that thread died. Man this board is kind of slow.

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>people beaming voices on the air conditioner
the fuk does OP mean with this?
OP having a schizoid episode again and hearing voices in the wind noise

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yes, its by far the slowest board i visit.

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in heaven everything is fine

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is the big man home?

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the voices are talking to me too. hey just said OP needs to quit doing meth

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sorry for your suffering anon. I had a similar thought, maybe they're shining a laser on my vent pipe, so the sound travels through the ducts. But I think my outlet pipe is just the same height as theirs and our houses are close together.
Or maybe they are tapped into my power and are injecting signal that causes fans to vacillate in a way to produce speech

but probably my neighbors are just close and loud