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how do I get these little fucks to eat the borax ?? they seem interested in the chicken but they don't eat it they just walk over it

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Mix it with sugar

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dissolve in sugar water

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tell them it cures cancer

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they don't seem to like sugar, sometimes they form swarms around bits of crackers, chicken, or meat. I tried to dip the chicken in a mixture of borax and water but then they don't really eat it, like they walk on top of it like in the pic but I don't see them carrying bits of it back to their hole.

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mix it with the relish

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fuck borax. get dinotefuran. i do alpine wsg but it's all the same. shit is fuckin wild. kills everything. doesn't kill people.
they spray it on vegetables. it's in the flea killer you put on your dogs and cats. doesn't stink, no residue, cleans up with water. kills the fuck out of bugs.

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Could try a chicken pate cat food and mix some in. Don't add too much anon, you don't want them dying before they get back to their base with the food.

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Tell them it'll own the chuds.

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Mixed it with some peanut butter and that worked once for the little fuckers I had that didn't like sugar.

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This. 90% of ants are femcels. Tell them a non chad is trying to breed with the queen.

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Soak it in chicken fat. Don't leave them huge piles of chicken to choose from. It's poisoned chicken fat or nothing

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Those little brown guys are grease eating ants. Big black ones are sugar eating ants. You need to mix the borax with something like peanut butter. The ants are smarter than you think though, once they figure out the food source is bad which doesn't take long, they will cover it up with dirt to stop other ants from eating it.

Get permethrin spray and spray it on them directly and around entry points to your house.

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Tell them if they eat it they don't have to wear a mask and then a week tell them they still have to eat and and wear the mask too.

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Borax is the raw ingredient to Boric acid. They extract the Boric to make it stronger. Its more refined stronger and a finer powder. Borax probably still works but its a substitute to the real deal boric acid. Mixing too much into the bait or not thoroughly mixing it will give poor results. One thing that helps mixing is a fine powder.

This bait is all fucked and immediately recognized as bait. Drop some straight jelly THEN tell me the ants dont like sugar.

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Is that a biden/bush/Limbaugh fade?

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mix it with water and spray it on them.

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Dust this over the floor and any place you think they're getting in. Not piles of it since they're more likely to walk around those and avoid them, just leave a thin layer.