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people at my job had been disposing of hot oil from a popcorn machine by dumping it down the stainless steel sink. I do not know how many times this has happened, the sink looked this way when I started. More than a few times from what I understand. The damage is totally smooth to the touch.

I have tried:
stainless steel cleaner
club soda
CLR for stainless steel
barkeeper's friend
goo gone (idk just trying shit)

No difference at all.
Is there any way to get this out?

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Simply scrub hard with a scouring pad. Scotch-Brite.

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if it's actually from hot oil and not just some sort of mineral deposit, it's going to be effectively like the seasoning on a cast iron pan. it's basically polyethylene. you'd have to abrade it off with steel wool or similar. it's pretty inert.

if that's what it is.

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>get this out
May I ask: "why?"

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My first thought. It's a work sink. Not only does the appearance not matter, but it's not yours to give a damn about anyway. If the management cares, they can deal with it. I'm convinced this is a "oil down the drain not my problem" bait thread in disguise.

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Thanks /diy/. I just needed to really scrub at it with green scotchbrite. It's not perfect but good enough.

"Why tho" This is a sink visible to patrons at a rich people country club/wedding venue (self service snack bar area)
and they are picky as fuck.

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> not my problem
That's why

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Scrub a dub wagie, if I see a speck of dirt it gets reported to OSHA and corporate.

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Hook it up to electricity

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Barkeepers friend if you really want to impress the boss man, I use it fairly often on kitchen pots when they get dull, as most of my shit came out of restaurants so it's just straight metal.

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Bon Ami > Barkeepers Friend

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Wipe it down with hydrochloric acid, that's what it's for. If you're a pussy use a scotch brite wheel on a drill or whatever you got that spins

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Replace it. A landlord special stainless steel sink is about $100, and as a registered company, taxes are written off.

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I see these comments, and remember that there are people like you, who are so miserable on the inside that they have to make themselves laugh by posting this needless smut.

I make >200k and would help this dude clean a sink if he needed it. He's not calling a fucking plumber, and just wants to take pride in his work.

You're despicable.

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dremel or drill + felt bob + silvo or some toothpaste

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In the old days we would just blast is with piss.

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Steel wool