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What kind of crap can I make to sell on marketplace for a nice profit? Do people really go for fire pits this simple? What is that like, 2 sheets of 3/16 or so corten steel and a few hours work? Then I just ask for double or triple material costs?

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I would maybe buy this for $200 in a store if the design was proven and it looked legit but pay $50, maybe $75 max on marketplace. If you’re going to weld 2 hours for $50 then sure

But you could probably make more money welding car stuff, people pay $100 to have a leaking exhaust fixed

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Turn on incognito mode. Go to your marketplace and find the first thing you see you.think.you can make.

All the shit on the top is the meme shit that's selling. There's your market research

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>Turn on incognito mode.
I'm curious what this step is for

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FB marketplace will show you stuff that it thinks you are interested in, things you've searched for recently, etc.
Using incognito mode makes you appear as a "blank slate" (to an extent), so it defaults to showing whatever is the most popular.