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i had to unload some shit out of a truck myself the other day and i really didn't have the proper shit to do it. i had a cabinet, maybe 30"x30", maybe 5 feet tall. probably 120 pounds.
i figured it would be fine, i can deadlift more than 120 pounds. i ended up putting a little folding table behind the bed of the truck, pushing it onto that, and then just lifting the fucker off the table onto the ground.
i had one of those feelings where in another universe i'd have broken my back or smashed the cabinet or something but it worked out "fine".
i don't understand how the fuck you're meant to move heavy shit if you don't have someone to help you.
turn it sideways and slide it out of the bed? it's going to fuck up the wood. what if it's something heavier? how do you get something out that you can't lift?

i was thinking maybe using ratchet straps or something to crank it out of the bed, but like a reverse ratchet strap, so i could gradually lower it out.

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Dirt pile at bed height, go Egyptian
ramps dude

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Tommy Gate

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make a ramp out of wood, make a little a frame to lift it, etc

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The proper way is a fork lift and a real truck.

I've lifted things up with a winch and driven under them a few times.

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really depends on the load
there's a dozen ways to unload everything

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you can move literally anything reasonable, things like appliances or cabinetry, with moving blankets and a flat dolly, can slide, tip, and generally get gravity to do the work for you. bigger stuff can sometimes be easier even since dead lifting isn't a possibility and you get more leverage, have more control etc... i'm a lazy cunt and total weakling but have no probs with this stuff, you just have to plan ahead and have a basic grasp of physics.

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worth every penny, my old work truck had one and it made moving anything a breeze

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i didn't realize i could get a set of ramps for like, a hundred bucks, or worst case make em out of some 2x4s or whatever. i think that's probably the trick.
plus, i can't believe i didn't think of it but pulleys. fuck me dude i could have just rigged something out of a rope and a couple carabiners and lowered the cunt out of the truck bed. i lifted an engine as a child at a science museum with a block and tackle.
definitely not evaluating all my options correctly.

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this boomer can unload shit by himself


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you need to get a liftgate custom installed like Scrap and Pallet man did. shits off the hook yo!

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>turn it sideways and slide it out of the bed? it's going to fuck up the wood

put down a towel first. Also helps it slide out.

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i'll never understand truck fags - i moved a lathe that was probably around 1000lbs myself with my shitbox and a trailer. the only use for a truck is hauling a fucking bear out of the woods.

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>pull 1000 lbs with car
>pull 2000 lbs with car
lol, lmao even

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Wrap and strap the appliance in a literal "moving blanket" if you're worried about scratches and then use a portable hydraulic scissor lift.

This guy uses a motorized one for fine adjustments during installation. Not sure how he got it off the truck though if it needs to be plugged in. Maybe he ran an extension cord or raised it inside the house first.

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>He measures his loads in lbs.
lol, lmao even.

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Engine hoist does 99% of what i need out of my truck, otherwise I've got a chainfall bolted to a 2x6 tucked up in the rafters of my garage for anything that's too tall for the hoist

Only works if you bolt it to the frame, robbing you of precious box space or requiring significant modification

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There's lots of videos of "how to unload a refrigerator from a pickup"
That's the easy part.

This dude puts a piano into a pickup:


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4x4, mostly. I have a clapped out 1998 F-150 that I only use on my property because it has true 4x4.
My Honda Odyssey hauls literally everything I ever pick up. It's far more useful than my friend's pickups, since you can fit full sheets of plywood/drywall, and you don't have to worry about stuff flying away.

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I put one on one of my F150s years ago and love it. They sell mounting brackets and used Tommy Gates are fairly easy to find and extremely easy to work on.

https://www.shipperssupplies.com/5-feet-long-vertical-e-track is ideal for bed rail mounting which I did on my Silverado.

Appliance hand trucks are cheap used. Mine was free because a wheel was stuck (rust) which took minutes to fix.

Custom? Looks standard to me. Tip, weld lifting eyes to the top of the uprights and you can pick and place with your engine hoist (or bed mounted jib if you have one).

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>Only works if you bolt it to the frame, robbing you of precious box space or requiring significant modification

They can easily be mounted to a custom bumper or made quick-attach via the hitch. These were home-fabbed many years before they got popular.


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just ask your neighbour, you're not an antisocial autist, are you?

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lmao, fucking 20 minute video

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Oh wow 1000lbs? Jesus man! Might as well tell all the freight companies to just give up cause Mr. Big riggin over there will handle it all!

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Please transport 2 yards of compost in your shitbox and take pictures

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Got an engine hoist?

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>Imagine being so weak you can't lift a cabinet onto and off of a truck.
An engine I would understand or a welding machine. But come on a cabinet.
Kek you should have just hired some movers.

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this - blankets, tip and slide, everytime. Work smarter.
ramps like >>2683235 are fuck expensive, no way you are scoring those for $100, not even out of chinesium cheese. And 'cheap' hoists and hydraulic tables, may as well just drop the POS on your own head. Grand if you want to spend a few $k tho, spare you paying a Mexican $20 for the afternoon

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That is genuinely one of the coolest things ive seen in a hot minute.

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Look out for real U-haul ramps. It takes a while but they turn up and they're glorious. Quick way would be via a truck salvage. Mine was only $150 and I'd buy them all day at that price.

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Anybody else use the dolly/two-wheeler technique?

You slide your big heavy thing until it's partially hanging over the tailgate, you then set up behind your truck with a two-wheeler and continue to slide your heavy thing until it teeters off of the tailgate where youre waiting to control the fall onto your dolly.

One semi-strong guy can offload ac units, washing machines etc. themselves.

Can also do it in reverse to load things if your obect is wide enough/tailgate low enough

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a set of ramps and a hand truck dolly
ive done alot of moving by myself over the years which is one of the reason why i always own a pick up truck.

ive done some amazing moves all by myself with the use of a ramp and a hand truck

that and just being smart about thing and using basic understanding and the elements of your surroundings to your advantage

one place i lived at i could back my truck right up to the front porch, so i could basically drop the tailgate down and boom, one seamless smooth step from back of the truck to the front door

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this. i got ramps like this but they're the kind that can be locked together to make one wide ramp if you want

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obviously someones not gonna carry an engine hoist in their truck taking up room.

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I do when the task requires it. Mine get wheels or large casters and hoists are easy to load.

There is room in most pickup beds for an engine, transmission and the hoist that put them there. It's often useful to leave the tailgate down and cargo strap the hoist behind the load.

For example I may roll the loaded hoist to position it before placing engine etc in the bed, then put my boot on the back and pull the upright to get the legs on the tailgate, then push and lift the hoist into the bed.

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Bro, you need to find someone else to help you. A girl or a wife is going to get fucking murdered doing that shit you need to hire another man for that kind of shit. Women will complain until they're physically crippled trying to do shit, try to avoid hiring them. A dude might want half a cut and still try to betray you. Honestly man if your that desperate make a craigslist add for a glory hole and tell them you'll take them there after. Then offer them a job regardless. Consider that off hours or a business expense I don't know how you write that off on taxes but I don't you make enough to do that and your girl is going to file you as a depedent.

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>This dude puts a piano into a pickup:
That dude is 6'4" at least and built like an ox