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I bought a shitty portable AC for my room. I have Jalousie windows, to install I removed two glass panes and bolted the plastic panel that comes with the AC to the window's frame. I blocked the empty space between the panel and the next glass pane with plastic sponges that came from some packaging (which I joined together using krazy glue).

I don't want to get rid of the jalousie or remove its functionality to get fresh air. I'm worried about waterproofing and I need to finish sealing the thing. There are spaces between the rails of the panes I removed, and the sponge may collect water in heavy rain. How do I seal it? I was thinking of using electrical tape on the jalousie rails, I don't know what else would work better, and the sponge issue is unsolved.

Maybe I'll end up covering the thing under a plastic mat and close the windows until I think of something better, what should I do?

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nevermind lads, figured it out

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