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stupid shit that make you laugh
/diy/ edition

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this isn't redit moron

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nice job outing yourself as a tourist

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this board basically is... but anonymous

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>this isn't redit moron
what's "redit"?

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OP is the guy in the second post and is trolling because he has the personality of a vapid tiktok whore

Stop giving stupid niggers attention

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I WAS ON THIS THREAD! I was the guy that pretended to be op at the end OMG I'm probably/diy/ famous now

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YLYL is peak pre-2016 4chan dumb tourist

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The overlap of zoomers and old people here make shitposting infinitely easier. But I don't watch tiktok man, come on

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>But I don't watch tiktok man, come on
Yet you still need random anonymous retards on the internet to reply to you to get your hourly dopamine hit, just like an insta-thot.
Your life is so shit that someone responding to you online, calling you a fucking retard, is the highlight of your day.

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A slight hint of projection exudes off >>2670078