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I've been watching a ton of YouTube videos lately from Easy Composites, and I want to try a small carbon fibre project.

What are some ideas for something I could make? Preferably it would be something I can give to friends or even sell online.
I was thinking I could start with some keycaps - going with forged carbon for the Esc key (like picrel) and woven carbon for the spacebar. I'm not really into custom keyboards, but it could be a nice little gift.

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Try making a bike frame, a door panel for your car, or maybe even a monocoque for your car.

Replace the plastic housing on your TV remote, mouse, other plastic thing with a CF copy.

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make a light weight cf butt plug desu

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small is NOT beginner carbon fiber
small is advanced carbon fiber
beginners need to be able to lay up nice big sheets

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It's spelled fiber, you twat.

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He's a bong, you burger

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you misspelled burgre

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cheeky bastard

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a wok

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a spaceship
just enough for one person with enough room as a studio apartment, say 200 sq ft

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hey anon, i started working with carbon fibre a few months ago so i'm in the same boat as you but with a little more experience (started at the end of last year)

this anon is 100% right

if you're attempting to find ideas to give to friends or to sell online as a beginner, it's probably best to start with common household things which everybody is familiar with like key racks on walls, bookshelf spacers or coasters

if you want to get into more technical things like what i'm trying to do (car door panels with repositioned window/switch locations, gauge pods), you really need experience so just start small and simple and most importantly - take your time because every tiny blemish or imperfection will appear on the next step of the process


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