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These bafang kits are like $400 for the motor and parts and $400-$500 for the battery. Has anyone put one together? I think it would be fun mount one to a mountain bike.

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I bet you can't even ride a bike doughboy

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Not OP but I was never taught how to ride a bike as a child. How would I go about doing this (in a /diy/ manner of course)?

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I learned with training wheels but using balance bikes is the new method

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Buy a bike and get a feel for it via practice:ie keep your hands on the bar and feet off the pedals and push off the ground with your feet. Keep doing this for longer and longer distances until you are comfortable enough to put your feet on pedals for a few seconds. Your brain figures out the rest. It's why you "never forget how to ride a bike"... your brain teaches itself.
Interestingly, people are not 100% certain why when riding a bike it stays upright

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>balance bike
lol that is exactly how I taught myself as a kid and just now described except I used a real bike with pedals but didn't use them until I learned how to balance.

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Counterstreer to make a turn, so push left to go left. It's counter (har har) intuitive, but it works. It's the same to stay upright, but your brain will automate all of this in no time at all.

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Its probably significantly easier to install a hub motor instead.

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>How to spend 1k on a 10kg ballast

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I spent roughly 400$ total on mine. Around 250 for the battery(same kind as your pic) & 150 for the motor.

The motors that come inside the bike wheel hub actually have some power to them. Its been a while but 25mph was around the top speed.

Unless your commuting 10+ miles one way for work you do not need a 4-500$ battery.

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Don't use training wheels they make you improperly learn how turning on a bike works

Buy a bike in your size (look up the height/inseem to top tube cm chart)

Remove the pedals on the bike, make sure you do it properly so you don't strip the threads, one of the pedals are reverse threaded

Push around on the bike with the seat low taking longer and longer glides and eventually turns, this will make you used to how they behave

Raise the seat on the bike the bike higher to a bit lower then it'll be once you put the pedals on to get used to the height you'll be at once you have the pedals, continue to push the bike at that height until you're comfortable

Put the pedals back on and learn to pedal, at this point you'll already be used to balancing the bike.

You'll be able to learn within a week and be comfortable enough to where you can ride on flat trails.

After biking sitting down on flats becomes second nature and just as comfortable as pushing a shopping cart then start to experiment with things like switching gears, using your front brake properly, biking while standing up to go up hills easier, and biking with only 1 arm on the bars.

Once you can do all the above then you'll be good enough that you can bike in traffic

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>balance bike

I feel like using one to learn to ride is an actual scam. Literally just take the pedals off or just ignore them and use a regular bike as a balance bike. Getting to the point that you can balance and pedal on your own doesn't take long at all (Tom Scott managed it in like, what, an hour?). Why TF would you spend $200 on a meme bike that you're never going to use after that?

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Balance bikes are specially made because they have no sharp edges or corners to get cuts on and that's the whole draw to them and why they're so expensive and marketed more to babies and toddlers. But I do agree for adults that can just watch out for the sharp bits on a bike removing the pedals is the best option

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Get a bike and try to ride it until you do. Then enjoy riding a bike.

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I've got a cyclone and have helped a mate install a BBS02. Few points;
-The kit you're looking at is definitely a sweet spot of good design and cost effectiveness.
-Installation aint that hard and it basically works as advertised, as long as your bike has the right crank thingy (68-73mm square I think).
-Don't get the rear rack battery. The rack is a piece of shit. I had to 3d print a mount and modify the case to move it into the frame.
-You have only one front gear and the middle 3-4 rear ones. I'm yet to see a good solution to this. The limited gearing range is plenty for the motor to go from steep hills to a top speed limited by power, but your human legs might struggle.
-Cars like to tailgate you and use their horn as if you're a regular cyclist, then overtake only to go 3mph faster.

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forgot to add
-if you know what you're doing. You want to fuck all the pedal assist, cadence sensing, brake sensing, and so on. Just get it to go off the throttle.

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Are you married to electric? You could buy a kit like the one below and go the 2 stroke route. I built one about 6 weeks back. Pretty quick. I can probably hit about 35 mph.

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dang anon i've been thinking about doing this. wanna post your build?

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louis rossman (some youtube nerd) installed one of these and overclocked it to be something like 4 times as powerful as it was rated for.

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