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R8 my homemade generator anti-theft device.
How would you defeat this?

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Design 8/10
Welding 10/10

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Please brush your welds

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cut the bike lock

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I don’t care if it looks good.
I’m going to put a beefier lock on it.

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cut through the thin tubular handle of the generator

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>steals your truck

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cordless sawzall through the handle 30 seconds.

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Crowbar with the right leverage could probably do it. If that didn't work I'd just smash the front panel for shits.

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bolt cutters through the loop in the truck bed, 10 seconds.

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bet if I just pick up the generator and twist, something will pop

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Is generator theft a thing these days?
Simplest way I could see to deal with it would be to take a grinder to either the lock or to the anchor point which looks like a steel loop? Could also chop off the tab at the bottom and slide it off the anchor if the clearance is enough.

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none of those welds look like they have penetration, I could knock the top "stiffener" you booger welded in place and bend the metal off that lame tab you made.

but really bolt cutter would cut through the loop in the bed in seconds.

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Those welds...

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The bane of anyone trying to secure anything anywhere. It's ridiculous how hard it is to come with something that will stand up to even a regular cutoff wheel. God help you if the guy is smart enough to carry a diamond wheel just in case.

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Beefier lock wont help

Cut the lock, or the little tang. Good for casual niggers tho

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The tangs on the end look to be the weak point. You may be able to flex the whole thing open with a pry bar or just bend the tangs.

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As a locksmith that does shit like this all the time, I would pick it but >>2622274 and cutting through handle as people have said are the fast grab option.

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>I don’t care if it looks good.
Nor do you care if they're good at all. Your amps were low and you were too far away, they have no strength.
Learn to weld, fuckhole.

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>mild steel

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Unscrew the D ring. There is not much holding them in. If I wanted to be LPL, rack the lock, it'll pop up easily.
You would be much better off getting a bed canopy or some kind of cover, even a soft one. If they can't see it, they are much less likely to steal it.

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So even though >>2622318 is a known pedophile with the entire spectrum of Sti’s they have a point. Your welds are not good and >>2622279 is correct and also has normal sexual relations although possibly a mild case of crabs because who doesn’t from time to time.

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kekola fren

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>cutting through handle
Going for the footman loop gives one time to deal with removing the detritus later, while leaving the stolen article in prime resaleable condition.

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Lockpicking lawyer opens that lock in 10 seconds.

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so... what the fuck makes this better than a big beefy chain and a big thick lock? you can cut thru that crappy device you made easier than a thick chain, not to mention the shitty hook you put in the truck bed to secure it. also as others said cut the handle to the generator it looks like a piece of plastic pipe or aluminum pipe. waste of time OP

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With those shitty welds you could probably disassemble the entire thing with a hammer in a minute or two.

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Ignoring the welds that would probably come apart from a good whack, you have many blatant weak points.

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It looks like shit and anyone with a mind to steal it could get it loose in 30 seconds, BUT the fact that they can't simply scoop it and toss it in a truck bed is, in many cases, enough of a deterrent

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Remember that the weakest part of a setup is the target. That little ring at the base holding it all there could be removed with a hacksaw in a minute it looks like. Then they figure out how to get the rest off at a safer place.

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wew lad this is meme tier diy. At least what you have stops opportunists from doing a grab and go. What you have is good enough to keep honest people honest and deter some dishonest people. At the end of the day if someone really wants your stuff they will find a way to take it. Good enough op, call it a day

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Park it in coontown for a night

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This. Could probably break it off with a rock laying around.

If it lives in the truck bed I'd just bolt it down. If not a steel cable and padlock will do just as much to deter theft as any other lock (not much)

The real trick is to stop living and working around niggers

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Put a dog travel kennel over it to hide it smear with Nutella

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Easy, rotate the genset on it's face for leverage to the bottom tab pops out. The hoop looks weak too. A chain would have worked equally well.

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Take me about 30 seconds to pick the lock.

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Should have used a masterlock

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Nothing personnel, bucko

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NTA, those are easy to pick too. I only been picking locks for about a year now, majority of them are a joke, I don't do much raking, I prefer to hit individual pins.

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For me it's stealing the catalytic converter.

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