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So I just noticed water damage in my living room ceiling. Drywall soft and rotted, but there's no active drip.
I cut out the soft part, and it's right below the toilet.
All the toilet connections seem solid and are dry to the touch, but I noticed some water staining around the base.
The toilet wobbles a bit. Could this have compromised the wax seal?
A few more pics to follow.

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wipe around that abs joint with a paper towel and see if it is wet only at that point. use a 2nd paper towel and wipe higher up by the flange and see if it's wet there too. report back.

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I had someone flush it and a trickle came down. I can't reach the flange but I can see water glistening up there. Sort of visible in the photo.

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It seems like a bad Rubber SealI recommend replacing the Wax Seal with a reusable Rubber Gasket and replacing the flange with a plastic Flange (if it's metal or broken)

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If it wobbles replace the wax ring at a minimum.
You can fix the wobble by caulking on both sides or front/back depending how the wobble is.
A popular theory is that it shouldn’t be caulked or sealed, and if you do, don’t seal it completely.
Rubber seals (instead of wax) can tolerate some wobble, but they might harden, crack and leak later on due to age if there is a continuous wobble.

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Thanks, this is what I'll do.

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One new seal later, all is working properly.

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Nice, the new reusable Rubber seals are a lifesaver man