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>(A) call a repairman for the extensive damage I've done to my apartment
>(B) leave it for the landlord and take the repair bill in the ass when I move out

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

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>extensive damage I've done to my apartment
(C) Don't do this in the first place. The fuck is wrong with you?

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>(A)(i) Call repairman to fix issue, landlord says it wasn't good enough and you take the hit anyway

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(D) you inform the landlord and let them decide
It's not "your" apartment, you're just renting it

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>(C) look up youtube videos for each category (e.g., drywall repair) and fix it yourself
Post pics of some of the damage

t. maintenancefag

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>The fuck is wrong with you?
Extreme mental illness
I've straightened many of the once ragged drywall edges after trying to fix the holes myself but making a hack job of most of them. In short I'll say that entire sections of wall up to 6 feet wide and 6-8 feet high in multiple rooms will have to go.

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smashed a few holes in the walls (gamer rage)
Water spilled on the wood floors in the living room and I never cleaned it up so the wood is all wobbly.
Tried replacing the bulb in the ceiling fan in the bedroom and slipped and grabbed the fan and broke off some blades so I just left it and never turned it on.
2 doors broken off hinges and the knobs are all fucked up (gamer rage)
left some old meat in the fridge and it spoiled, took lazy to clean up (stopped using fridge, smell is less bad now but I havn't opened it in 7 months)
trash bag broke open near the door, left it there for a few months and there's some weird stain on the carpet now
blinds mostly destroyed due to cat
cat pissed on a pile of laundry in my room, never cleaned it up and now there's a noticeable stain in that spot.

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This is why I never want to be a landlord, imagine dealing with this

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This >>2622243 isn't OP but is relatable.

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Don't tell the landlord shit. If they already know you jacked the place up then ignorer this advice and buy some lube for your ass.

Get at least three quotes from different people/companies for the repairs. Make sure you are talking to the person who will be doing the repairs. Not the boss, not the sales person, the one who does the work. The other fuckers, through incomitance or malice, will probably quote you wrong and its a hassle to sort out. Ignore highball offers. They either think you are stupid or don't want to actually do the work and are giving you a 'fuck off' quote. If someone gives you a really low offer don't discard it out of hand. Someone people really are just inexpensive and a good deal but make sure you have it in writing and that the contact states that they are responsible for overages. Also though, don't go with the cheapest just because they are cheap. For work under a certain cost you don't need a contractors license but it is almost always better to go with someone who has one, even if they generally charge a bit more. They have more to lose if you complain, are held slightly more accountable, and generally have to be bonded. They are less likely to snort your money and leave things half finished.

Don't tell the landlord. Pay for it yourself. Make sure the repairs are good enough that they won't even notice. If they call you on it act like it was never damaged. Don't cop to shit. Be prepared for small claims court regardless.

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I don't understand how someone is mature enough to hold a job where you can afford rent, but be immature enough to have "gamer rage" and generally be an irresponsible slob. also, can we see pics of your sty

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Just leave it for the landlord and pay the man. You're not competent to do the repair or cleanup yourself

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It's called mental illness

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Post pics op

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Since you are going to be homeless why care about fixing anything?

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Fuck em. If you pay your rent on time and take care of the property they repay that by paying the lowest bidder meth head to come into your home and “repair” shit then play dumb when you explain how it wasn’t actually repaired. It’s easier to just repair yourself then to call the landlord. They’re all lying scum.

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So basically you're a lazy shit and just blame it on some made up, undiagnosable mental retardation.

I'd sue you if I was the landlord, and probably bash your stupid head in too for good measure. Enjoy being homeless.

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get a quote, if its more than your deposit then dont do anything

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Cat odor never goes away. Maybe MAYBE if you can run the item through your washing machine. Otherwise you're soaking with vinegar then rug doctoring.

Interior prehung doors cost $150 each. The slab (the part that moves) idk maybe 70. Put a bunch of wood glue and toothpicks or golf tees in the tore out old screw locations. Then drill the hinges back in. Any damaged painted wood can be repaired with bondo, sanding, and fresh paint.

Clean your fridge.

Go to habitat for humanity and just replace the ceiling fan entirely. Don't say anything. They can't give fans away so 30 bills can get you a good unit.

Change your lifestyle you fucking slob. Force yourself to be productive for 15 minutes for every 2 hour block of World of Warcraft or whatever useless shit you're actually doing.

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Wait till you're about to move out then fix it. Since you're dumb enough to punch walls you'll inevitably trash the place again before long.

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Holy fucking shit, you are dysfunctional as fuck
If i were your landlord id charge you double for all the repairs and disinfection of the flat

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I hope you get black listed and can never rent again

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