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Just moved into my first place, even if it took a couple more months than I'd like to admit.
Fags, you got any good ideas? It's essentially just a 4 meter box with less than the bare minimum, for now....

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Why did you call me a fag?
I have an idea
Tie a rope from a tree and hang yourself.

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Where do you think we are? Kys, redditor

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Shelving, lights, and maybe a plant or two will make it more homey feeling.

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smaller bed, toss the dumb chair. shelves and plants, and a desk

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Oh, and a rug or two. Go to goodwill for some art on the walls

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Anime wall scrolls

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>4m box
>my first place
Stop being a stupid consoomer and save money for your own place where you can DIY whatever you want without losing deposit over 1 (one) nail hole.

Just make it comfortable and keep it clean.

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funny im moving out of my 13m2 StudentPod™ tomorrow. For me what really made it feel like my place was putting stuff on the walls, like my own drawing, printed out pics of the good times, cool images from old newspaper, poster of my fav movie... Doesnt cost much, no damage to the walls and adds a lot of atmosphere to a smaller place like that.
wish me luck for the inspection btw, i was very thorough with the cleaning but I'm still scared he'll keep the deposit over smth I didn't notice or normal wear.

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/diy/ shitface


ikea's got some nice full length mirrors for cheap. I accidentally bought two and just kept them both because they're good for $50

check out fb marketplace too, I got a brand new couch for basically nothing, actually almost all my furnishings are from fb marketplace or craigslist.

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Check out free sections of apps, Craigslist, fb marketplace, etc.. for stuff.
If the city has bulk pickup trash day, check for good furniture. Middle class areas usually have the best stuff they upgrade furniture all the time.

Buy only when necessary, Check dollarstore first before paying more, and trade out for better quality when you find it.

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Add color. Accent paint a wall if you're going to be here for a grip. Leaning ladder shelf. Get a tv that defaults to "art mode," it will be a painting 1/2 the time and your computer monitor the other half. Trundle or lift your bed for storage. Get some plants.

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no no no.
continue to live in the grimness of your barely furnished off white cube.
do nothing to better your surroundings.
do not develop any sort of aesthetic sense.
let your mass produced off white furnishings accumulate.
do not put anything in or on your mass produced off white furnishings.
eat only off of off white paper plates.
do not clean your off white cube.
continue to order mass produced off white products from amazon.
do not remove any cardboard from within your off white cube.
begin to block all doors and windows.
debase yourself upon the altar of off white maximalism.