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I was planning on using kitchen countertop for the table, as I’ve seen other people use it before. Probably going to stain it black or near black.

I need the table to be
>sturdy, so it can hold a large slab of wood + all of my shit and not wobble
>electrically actuated with memory settings, so I don’t have to find the right height every time
>long for a desk
>ideally not too expensive

Has anyone built a standing desk before?

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>electrically actuated with memory settings
>ideally not too expensive
yeah... that's not very likely. For that to work you'll need stepper motors or linear actuators and they will need to positional feedback like a servo (or use separate sensors and use the sensors to tell the motors when to start and stop. Controlling it is easy, just plug it all into an arduino/pi and program it. But the motors/servos are going to cost you because they need to be fairly robust to move the load of the table and everything on it, and they need to be of fairly decent quality if you want it to work for more than a couple of months.

If I were doing this I would probably just buy a pre-built base like this and put my own top on it. It's just so much easier.

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>I would probably just buy a pre-built base like this and put my own top on it.
That’s the idea, yes. Sorry if I was unclear.
I just need a base that will support a fuckhuge monitor (picrel) and all my other crap. I also need recommendations ok doing the tabletop. I’d like it to either be white, or black. Not sure which yet.

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This is /diy/ not /buy/. Do your own shopping.

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>don’t diy just buy
Do you need me to link every single thread on this board that’s just random “discussion” about a product, or every tradie meme shill thread? This falls well within the purview of /diy/, even if you only focus on the build-your-own-desktop portion of the thread.

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Anyone modified these mechanically or wired the control boxes together for a corner desk before? The actual 3 leg corner leg units are more expensive than just buying 2 of the 2 leg ones.

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I imagine you could do that… but why not just press both buttons?

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I put cardboard boxes on my normal desk

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I want to make a curved inner corner and make the whole corner desk move up/down at once.
I'm unsure if simply synchronizing the motors is enough or if it wouldn't be level.
The dedicated corner frames appear to have one driving motor and a shaft.

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>pre-built base like this and put my own top on it.
>That’s the idea, yes
What are the weight limitations of the pre built table frame you have in mind? Butcher block countertops get quite heavy.

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300lbs for the one I was looking at. Lowe’s seems to have a 6’ x 25” unfinished butcher block for not too much. I’m still undecided on the finish but I think something simple would be best. I can always come back later and sand/stain it if I want.

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Rather than legs, why not have it suspended from a pulley system?

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op keep me posted on what you end up getting. i’ve been looking at the dual motor frames on amazon

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I install these almost daily. Easily built hundreds. Did 6 2 days ago.

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There is a different black box that has 3 inputs for the cables that run to each leg. Are you in Australia?

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You need 2 and half frames to build a corner desk or a desk with a return.

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