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Leather-work thread.

So whatcha makin, buddy?

Tool talk?

Tricks you've learned?

I guess I'll start.
If you use a single circle hole punch, grab your drill, put the punch in it, spin it on some med grit sandpaper (1000 grit) until the paint off and the tip is shiny. Do that up to 10k if you want to. The only real things that effect your punching is quality steel and how polished your tines are.

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I am disappointed in you all.

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I like making studded stuff. Belts, wristbands, chokers, gauntlets, belt chains, that sort of thing. I did a tool roll and a fuel bottle holster for my motorcycle too. I used to pay my rent selling these outside punk and metal shows. Got my gf into it and she makes things now too, we sell them together. I was going to make some 50's style saddlebags as a "big" project soon. Here's the most recent round of wristbands. Selling them tonight at a punk festival. Just Tandy tools and some gathered findings.

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last project was a gift that got destroyed immeadietly put so many hours in rip. Any ideas to get back in that shit was too depressing I usually make canteens

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What was it anon? How did it get wrecked immediately? Thin leather or lambskin I can see that happening, maybe. I work with 7-9oz leather so the odds of someone blunding my thing in half is rare.

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It was a rigid leather bottle and they sat on it lol heavier stuff had the leather too long to give you the oz sorry

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But why though

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That's hardly leatherwork though. You just cut strips and hammer a few bits of hardware.

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I want to make a few leather items, starting with a buttstock bullet holder/cheek rest for my rifle and then maybe some pouches, bags and other things for work and camping, but I have no prior leatherwork experience.

What tools will I need, and is there any particular youtube channel I should have a look at that shows the absolute beginner basics?

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There's more than one way to skin a cat.
I'd recommend looking up videos about the specific items you want to make. After you've seen a variety of examples on how X or Y can be done, and you settle on how you want to make your stuff, then you can find videos on the specific techniques.
You'll figure out what tools you need as part of this process.

There are far too many good channels to list each one.
When I started, this guy's content was immensely helpful to me.

When it comes to buying tools, you can accomplish quite a bit with the cheap chinesium shit from amazon, but it's important, regardless of what you buy, to get really good at sharpening / honing everything.

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>Studded belt
>Studded wristband
>Studded necklace
Come on, anon, you can do better than that. Give me a studded saddle with a cumbike setup underneath.

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Made a card holder a couple of weeks ago

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For a buttstock? Not much at all. I always recommend just buying one of those $30-$50 amazon beginner kits. The tools are far from perfect, but you don't know that, nor would you know exactly why an expensive tool is better. Once you want something more out of this or that, then you upgrade. You will also want to buy a cutting tool. Some use xacto knives, some use box cutters. Choose something and also buy a rotary cutter if you can. It makes long straight cuts a breeze.

There are tons of vids on buttstocks. To do it right, all you need to learn is the baseball stitch. There's a fancy name for it. It's the way you make a wrap for anything.

For bags and stuff, Chuck Dorsett with weaver leather is great. He covers so much.

I hope you love it, anon. Leatherwork is a great hobby. You will always give the best gifts

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Your stitching is nice and clean.

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