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I have a padlock stuck on a latch like this

Just ordered a pair of bolt cutters. If they cant cut through the padlock can I just cut through the latch where I've marked in red ? ...(And replace the whole latch)

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Post skin color

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Serious question guys lmao

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Just read that i was right all along and this is actually the recommended way to do it

Thanks for the help shit heads lmao

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Another satisfied customer

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Just beat it with a hammer if you don’t have bolt cutters, or drill out the lock. A set up like this is so weak you shouldn’t need to buy anything extra

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thanks for stopping by
make sure to swing by the gift shop on your way back out to /lgbt/

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You should invest in a sawzall and an angle grinder. You can improve profits by stealing their cats on the way out.

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I don't want to chip the wood on the door
I don't have a drill


I'm trying to save money by buying the cheapest tools I can to get the job done

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>I don't have a drill
You might not like it but this is peak DIY looks like.

Summer shitposting season has arrived.

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I don't

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>I'm trying to save money by buying the cheapest tools I can to get the job done
This is the absolute worst way to do it.

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Why would I need an angle grinder for such a small job

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Because there's much more you can do with it besides steal bikes, and if you hunt around you can get a decent battery powered one for like $100 sometimes.

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But I don't need large expensive tools or having to waste time "finding a bargain" you pretentious moron

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I did say noob here I don't do DIY I have a screwdriver and a hammer and tape

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Let me youtube that for you

No the problem is reduced to filtering out the pajeet fiverr spam videos from the good advice.

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The padlock is seized you moron

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>on a /diy/ board
>doesn't even own tools
>doesn't know how to do anything
>asks the most low iq question imaginable
>is functionally retarded
>calls everyone else morons

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Yet no one can answer a simple question whether you can cut the latch

Instead you try to be funny meme tryhard time waster

Reddit boy

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we can't? or we won't?

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Either way you're cringe tryhards

>Muh heckin tool collection

So? Literally said I'm a clueless noob who doesnt do DIY at all. But you're getting excited and high and mighty because I "don't own tools" and asked an innocent question LOL

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Give me lever long enough, and a fulcrum on which to place it and I will unseize any padlock.

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I bet you can't even lift your fupa to see your dick again neckbeard

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>calls someone else a moron
>has to come on here and legitimately ask other people if he can cut through the tab on the hasp to open it
Seems you're the moron, you asked a question that even the tiniest modicum of common sense should have answered for you.

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this is /diy/. it's filled with methead boomers and reddit troons who crave conflict

if you own a pipe wrench you can try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g70k-7rKFhY

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Thanks, I do have a wrench but I fear if I do this it'll rip the latch off the wooden fence door and splinter it