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i ran oit of coverage from my parents for dental and i have cracks, holes, exposed merves and gum resession. how xan i fix this for cheap? i am dosabled and have like 50$. also redpills are welcome.

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pull them all out and wear dentures

DIY dentures

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Brige Temporary Tooth Repair kit https://a.co/d/0NuRAk1
It looks dumb but it works. I can't vouch for the tiny fake teeth but the stuff you heat and mold works good for missing bits.
I had a dentist cut off half my eye teeth to add basically the pro version of this stuff because he said my eye teeth were too long. He charged me several thousand dollars and said it would last about 5-7 years.
6 years later -- last month -- one of the bits cracked and fell off. I used this Amazon stuff until I find another dentist to rip me off.
Note: if the mold is too white for your teeth, put it in and drink a bunch of coffee until it matches..

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Wow what a fucking monster. Kill all dentists.

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>last about 5-7 years
>6 years later
so, accurate prediction which you failed to anticipate

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imagine the priorities. indulge me a second - are you an expert in your field or specialist of some sort?

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good toothpaste/powder
oil for pulling
remineralization stuff

if you are seriously poor use baking soda for alkalizing
costco has giant tubs of hexane free coconut oil for pulling

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My #1 priority is paying off my BMW m6, so yes you definitely need this procedure

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retarded and malicious? you spoil us, that's usually an either/or.

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>are you an expert in your field
yes, actually
albeit one with zero relation to anything remotely medicine

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He didn't imply they would crack right the fuck off while eating a fig. He made it sound like they'd need a little routine care and adjusting in 5-7 years.
Regardless, that's not why I say he ripped me off. It's because I can use this 15 dollar stuff.

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I'm amazed more retards aren't experimenting with tideglusib. Longterm effects are unknown and potentially dangerous, but it sure as hell regrows teeth.
"Biodegradable, clinically-approved collagen sponges are used to deliver low doses of small molecule glycogen synthase kinase (GSK-3) antagonists that promote the natural processes of reparative dentine formation to completely restore dentine. Since the carrier sponge is degraded over time, dentine replaces the degraded sponge leading to a complete, effective natural repair. This simple, rapid natural tooth repair process could thus potentially provide a new approach to clinical tooth restoration."

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because you think like one. or rather your post(s) seemed to indicate as much. got me curious is all, thanks for responding.

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Op how much money you make this year? There are dental benefits you can get from Medicaid and stuff if you are poverty level

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Your clientele and the barrier of entry to understand that study are well separated.

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>oil for pulling

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>exposed nerve
Just to go an ER, they have to treat you by law. And when you get the bill in the mail call them and say you can’t pay it. They have all kinds of write off programs for poor people, they’ll probably just be happy you paid anything at all

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>why I say he ripped me off
He delivered exactly what he described.
>routine care and adjusting in 5-7 years
That's exactly the situation you find yourself in now.
>I can use this 15 dollar stuff.
This will not last six weeks, let alone six years.
If you are really in a bind and can't afford dental help, http://ramusa.org/
And when you can in the future, throw them some dollars. This is one of the few charities that I give to, as they put all the money into mission and have been routinely safe from the whims of politics.

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Mouth washing with oil. It takes several minutes and improves the microflora and plaque. It's good for gum health. You can use any regular cooking oil, evoo coconut and sunflour are good options.

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Gum recession means you need a gum transplant. These come from the roof of your mouth, and take about two months to heal. If you go to a free dental clinic they may either do it for free or know someone who will, all because you're disabled.

I don't know about exposed nerves and cracks.

What I recommend you do is start flossing, and chew sugar free gum (buy a bunch for cheap on walmart dot com or amazon) after each meal. If you hate flossing, then buy flossers. Also buy sensitive tooth and remineralizing toothpaste, like Sensodyne.

Do not get any teeth pulled if you can avoid it, you'll lose jaw bone underneath the pulled tooth if you do.

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Also stop using tobacco while your gums are healing, and for a few months after. Use nicotine patches if you have to, and take aspirin afterwards.

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You can regrow receding gums. Bryan Johnson does it.

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