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and if i turn the flywheel manually and hold onto the exposed wire that normally goes to the spark plug hood and spark plug, i get a slight jolt.... it doesnt seem very regular though. not sure how much of a jolt i should get.

but when i hook up the new spark plug i cant get it to fire. even tried connecting the exposed wire directly to the spark plug. and what is this little hat i can screw on or off on the spark plug? maybe i can hook up the multimeter...

anyone has any ideas?

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also, if my injection coil is semi-bad; ie it can produce power but not enough, can i get away with buying a copper spark plug as i believe these fire easier than platinum or iridium, or am i smoking something now?

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Oh you're definitely smoking something.

What the fuck are you even saying? Take pics and post them. Maybe we can decipher this fucking nonsense.

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Just use a regular copper sparkplug unless you need your mower to go 100,000 miles between tune ups, kid.

Attach the spark plug boot to the appropriate end of the spark plug (the top end in your picture). Now use a pair of pliers to hold the spark plug by the rubber boot (so you don't shock yourself) and place the grounding electrode (the very bottom piece in your pic) in firm contact with the engines metal case.
Have someone turn the key or pull the starter cord and check if there is a sparking in the tip of the spark plug.

If not, proceed with checking the gap/spacing between the ignition coil and the flywheel. Also check that there isn't some type of killswitch grounding out your ignition coil (from a miswired ignition key or seat switch etc). If there isn't a wiring problem and your coil is gapped correctly, but there is still no spark, then either the coil itself or the spark plug wire is fucked. They're often replaced as a single unit.

Read more or watch more youtube videos if none of this is making sense to you.

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ok bottom is flywheel, top is ignition coil. the ignition coil is cleaned up now with a wire brush however. if i hold the exposed wire that (normally) goes to the spark plug i get jolted. when i hook up the spark plug i dont get a spark. the spark plug is new.

i removed the spark plug hood and connected the wire directly to the spark plug to test if it was the hood that was bad but no go.

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bro, you have to hold the spark plug against the metal case of the engine while turning the flywheel in order to see a spark. It has to be grounded in order for a spark to be seen.

You can't just attach the spark plug to the wire/boot and hold it in the air and see a spark

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i do ground it. anyway i have some ideas now. i suppose the hood isnt strictly neccesary for testing(i lost the metal inside the hood anyway inside the boards earlier today so now i have taped the exposed wire directly to the spark plug head)

i havent been using the cord as dudes on youtube just push the flywheel directly but perhaps not enough current is generated without using the rewinder so ill try that tomorrow.

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the reason i said stuff about iridium, platinum and copper is that afaik copper is a better electrical conductor than iridium... so it follows that it sparks easier than an iridium plug, which helps with a bad ignition coil perhaps. i could switch the ignition coil but id like to try everything first before i shell out 60$ and wait for a week or two for the part to arrive.

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Tell me about your carb faggot

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Mowers get copper plugs. Other plugs are not upgrades in a single cylinder engine that likely has < 8:1 compression.
If you're feeling a little jolt just manipulating the flywheel by hand, then the ignition is probably fine. It's not weird to not get a nice spark when just manipulating the flywheel.
Get your cord, get some ether / Start Ya Bastard, fire that thing up. If you can't get it to fire at all with ether, then maybe ignition.
More likely though, it'll cough and spit some smoke and delightful ether vapors and you'll know the ignition is good, at which point it'll be time to address the carb.
It's probably the carb.
It's usually the carb.
The chinks have made small-engine carbs a joke at this point, <$10USD for the vast majority of carburetors for lawnmowers.

For fuck's sake Weber 44IDF clones are <$100 now, pretty great honestly even with Mao's idea of quality.

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he's gonna supercharge it too lol

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In my case it's usually a clogged air filter.

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already cleaned the carb. oh well, we will see today...

edit: forgot to call everyone faggots. must abide by decorum.

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You need some speed for it to spark. You can just lazily rotate the thing.

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>already cleaned the carb
Well, how'd it look before cleaning?
Did you put everything back together correctly?

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