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can I use a Briggs engine to build one of these?

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>rainbow parasail

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A two seater? If you're talking about the common lawnmower engines and stuff, I wouldn't think that they would have enough power.

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It might fly but it will be overweight, underpowered and ultimately quite dangerous even for a skilled pilot.

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I mean, do you wanna be at altitude and have an engine which won't restart on ya?

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Sure, will it fly? Maybe. There is a reason aero engines are so expensive.

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Not a worthwhile one, which you'd have known by studying the subject vs. requesting spoonfeeding.

Popular problems are solved problems. There is nothing new to invent in many respects including cheap powered flight.

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It was super normal in the 90s and 00's and was not associated with homosexuals (who ruined everything btw)

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>I mean

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... fair.
I was trying to do a parody. Even included "my man" at the end, but deleted it thinking it was too over-the-top.

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>gust of wind catches the sail wrong
>it crumples like a piece of tissue paper and you fall 500 feet in your stupid go-kart and are turned into mince meat
What is the appeal of these things?

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They are naturally stable and do not collapse....

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It's not my particular area of interest but the name sounds familiar. I know that there is the Rotax 503 and half VW conversions, but I'm sure they've got some kind of belt drive for the smaller ultralights.
it's quite a lot safer than not being at altitude and trying to restart an engine
which doesn't matter anyway. With this type of flying ideally many of the risks are mitigated even if the engine doesn't exist.
>This year at Airventure they introduced their latest design the Backyard Flyer powered by a four cycle 990 cc V twin engine producing 38 to 40 HP at 3600 rpm.
>hurr durr plz rape my face
>What is the appeal of these things?
Allows people to get further away from the God damned morons. Can't get any thinking done otherwise.

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>>>/n//gag/ might be good to ask

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Ultralight aircraft are deathtraps. Also I doubt it. You'd most likely be better served with an engine that others have used before to make one of these. No reason to make things harder on yourself.

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Ignore the nay sayers do it op. Fuck the FAA

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took ultralight lessons and threw in the towel when I learned you are statistically more likely to die flying an ultralight than being killed on a motorcycle. Also instructor's ultralight plane engine went kapult, fortunately we were close to the landing strip and he could land it, so there's that. If you want to learn to fly just get a normal pilot's license it's safer.

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>ruin the word gay
>ruin rainbows
>ruin marriage
what more will they destroy before they're satisfied?

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The month of June is synonymous with fags

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Nigger you get to altitude then cut the engine to cruise or go down

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>6th month
>pridemonth contains the word demon
>6 colored "rainbow
What's with all the weird symbolism?

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if it’s cheap enough yeah

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At least use a Chonda, ffs.

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