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What's the cheapest way to protect an external HDD from things like solar flares and EMP pulses? I periodically save all my data on an external HDD, so I may as well make it a proper digital doomsday vault. I have shittons of tinfoil, if that's any good. The HDD won't need to be opened more than maybe once a year, so it doesn't have to be as sleek as the expensive commercial bags.

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I built a shed out of car batteries. The door was difficult, but works, and the roof required a large number of I-beam support columns spaced at 24". One awesome aspect is that it's way more soundproof than anything I've tried before, so I pretty much live in there now.

Initially it was only one row of batteries, but I found that I needed 3 walls to stagger them correctly so that it could block the EMP from a nearby thermonuclear blast.

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I can't answer your question, BUT...

Don't save data on a (single) HDD. Drives are mechanical devices and will eventually fail.
Get a small two-drive USB RAID enclosure and throw two HDDs in it
Then if one fails you have redundancy

I use a four HDD RAID NAS as my primary file server, then a two HDD USB (pic related) backup for important things in case the NAS fails.
Of course, if my house burns down, I'm screwed ... that's why a cloud backup is also a good idea.

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a microwave unironically

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how cool is that? as close as i ever came to that was building a car battery out of sheds. similar, but not really an apples to apples comparison, though.

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let me guess thats a 10 cent mylar bag sold for 25 freedom bux.

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>a shed out of car batteries
How did you acquire them? Pulling them out of the ocean? Offer $10 a head or something?

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Ammo can. As long as it's metal and grounded and the contents aren't electrically connected to it (should be putting foam in their anyway -- and NOT antistatic foam, because that IS conductive,) you're good to go.

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Faraday cages need to be grounded?

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Better to burn any critical data to disc; like a DVD or Blu-Ray. I have around 12TB of data on my hard-drives but really only a fraction of it is irreplaceable. A single BDXL M-Disc can store 100GB, would be impervious to solar-flares and electro-magnetic pulses, and is supposedly "lifetime archival".

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>Faraday cages need to be grounded?
No. But you're looking for EMP protection. It will be more effective if grounded.

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Ur welcome

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