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I assume this thread will get big quickly.
"There was a gap between the wall and the tile too big for my caulk to work...so the water's poolin up there and the caulk's obviously not workin'...so we're gonna put this trim up around the whole bathroom"

The fucking methhead was peeling the caulk off instead of scraping, pulled the plaster out, doesn't know how to fix the plaster, so now he's covering his fucking projected formication sores so he can cope-caulk without learning how to be a real finish carpenter.

What dumb shit has your family/social circle wasted money on because they wanted to cheap the fuck out and ended up overspending on methhead labor?

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Why are you not doing it yourself? You don't want to get rid of the old tile but you have a gap and you don't know what to do, but you blame another idiot that can at least do half of what you cannot do at all. Flatten your wall.

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you're right that OP should just take out the tile because it screams 1960s... I wouldn't be surprised if OP still has carpet in the bathroom too

however >>2583110 is right that the handyman fucked up and nailing trim to the wall is about the most retarded solution imaginable

anyway OP I once hired a felon with no teeth to do some work on my house, I liked him because his labor was cheap and while he worked he'd tell me stories about stealing copper wire and trading it for meth. Anyway he spilled a bunch of paint and to this day I have an exterior brick wall covered in green paint splatter. He spilled paint all over my front lawn too, and even after hosing it down for half an hour the paint was still noticeable for months.

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The original subject of the thread, which was too long, ended with "because they couldn't take two fucking minutes to call you and ask what to do instead."

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What's the solution now that doesn't involve shitty downgrades? I'm half sure there's no real wall behind that shit.

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One of my favorites, a neighbor getting electrical work done, putting in big hookups for his RV outside. Our state, cannot do that yourself, gotta hire someone licensed to do the whole plan, get permits, all that shit.
However, it's really easy to get that cert, and it's cheap enough that it's worth doing if you're not a retard.
So neighbor does bare minimum to get cert, but rather than following a fucking Youtube video and doing the job himself (which would've probably been fine), he pays an crackhead to do it for him under his cert.
I don't know what he did wrong, but it led to the garage and RV going up in smoke a few weeks later.
So the retard tells his homeowners insurance that he didn't do the work. He tells them outright that he hired an uncertified crackhead without a mailing address under the table.
Didn't get a dime for the detached garage or the RV, don't know if he "got in trouble" or anything, but he definitely ate shit on that one.
What ~35 y/o single white man buys a Class C RV for themselves, the fuck was wrong with him?

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>What ~35 y/o single white man buys a Class C RV for themselves, the fuck was wrong with him?
kek, thanks for the story anon

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Dat top corner piece tho…

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Why people hire criminals to come into their home is fucking beyond me

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I don't understand this story.

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dumb boomer, some of us have had our records expunged.

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Imagine you want some electrical work done, need a 50A hookup installed outside your detached garage where you park your RV.
So you get a quote from some professionals, $1k.
Instead of hiring them, your beak twitches and your bald spot drips with sweat, you hatch a plan that'd make a yid blush.
You go out and get certified to do electrical work yourself, which only costs you $500.
At this point, it would be perfectly legal for you to go buy the materials and do the work yourself, but no, you're clever.
Instead, you hire Toby who you met in the parking lot of Home Depot. Toby isn't allowed inside the Home Depot anymore.
Toby isn't certified, it's totally illegal for him to do this work, but he'll do it for $500! So you hire the nigga, you fuckin' retard.
Toby does the work, but you do the paperwork that says you did everything, and you sign your own inspection sticker saying "it's all good, legal, and safe!"
Turns out Toby didn't know what he was doing, maybe his price was so low because all the wire he used was stolen from an '88 New Yorker, who's to say?
An electrical fire occurs, and burns your detached garage and your precious recreational vehicle to the ground along with everything in them.
So, like any self-respecting white homeowner, you call your homeowners insurance company so they can handle this distinct inconvenience.
They say, "you did the work, and you did the inspection? That complicates things a bit."
You say, "no no, I did all the paperwork put the sticker on it, but it was Toby that did all the work, and he said it all looked good when he was done!"
You've now told your insurance company that you have committed fraud, and had electrical work done by an uncertified shitskin.
They call you a retard, and hang up.

You saved $3k, and now you're out your RV, your garage, a huge number of your possessions, your property value, and could see jailtime if you say the wrong thing to the insurer you just unknowingly tried to defraud.

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I'm a little drunk and the dollar values don't make any sense, but good enough for /diy/.

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>dad hires a methhead to come paint
>methhead doesn't have any rollers or tools to paint
>dad buys all the tools
>come six months later
>needs more painting done
>methhead has "misplaced" all the shit we bought and it's surprisingly not with us anymore
>pays same methhead to buy same shit
>i wonder where this will go.jpg

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