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Does anyone know why generic aircon remotes sometimes forget which code works for my aircon? I've got a Panasonic R410A and I've had to buy a few different aircon remotes, I bought this black one that only worked for a few weeks then would forget the code so I had to look it up and put in a new code which was a hassle, I bought this grey one that only works for a few months then the same thing happens, I have to search for a new code that'll work, the list is 2000 and it can take ages at times. I'm sick of it.

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If you don't mind the Chinese government knowing your aircon usage, you can buy Wifi or Zigbee IR Gateways that learn whatever code you want and reproduce it. Then the gateway is either controlled from your phone, or you can hook it up to smart buttons or temperature sensors or whatever.

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I don't really care if they know my aircon usage, I must know more, I don't understand how to set up one of these things, so I should buy one of these?
Tuya ZigBee 3.0 Bluetooth Multi-Mode Gateway WiFi IR Wireless Remote Controller Smart Home Bridge Works With Alexa Google Home

I don't have an Alexa Google Home.

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