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Is there a way to diy? Local hospital wants $9k for the procedure. I've seen endoscope cameras on Amazon for $50, but I would need some sort of balloon mechanism to pump air into and out of but needs to be something small enough to fit and I would also need to avoid causing a gag reflex.

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>OP buys some tools from Princess Auto
>Performs an operation on himself
>Ends up on some retarded youtube channel on weird ways people died

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god damn your dumb.

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there is no need to, it's obvious why.

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>anon shoving stuff down his throat that he bought on Alibaba
>anon suddenly gags and struggles to breathe
>anon reflexively yanks tubes out of throat, tearing esophagus tissue
>vomit shoots up from anon's stomach and gets into the esophageal wounds
>anon still hasn't fixed the stricture and now he needs to go to the emergency room

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>Local hospital wants $9k

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I got something you can use to dilate your esophagus

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Yeah, like you'd have anything going more than 2in past the lips if you stick it in

Your post is like pic related, burning heap of thrash

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You will never be a real esophagus.

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>This man dilated his esophagus with a party balloon. Here's what happened to his stomach.

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Join the circus and get paid!

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Yeah I would just go to a hospital in Mexico.

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just swallow some big icecubes

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Presumably you have already had a barium swallow to diagnose the condition.
Honestly, just sort out the 9k to finance this, when the balloon is inserted it is inflated and deflated a number of times to make sure the constriction doesn't reoccur, how you do this DIY I couldn't imagine in my worst nightmares.

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This is the solution, OP. Apply 4-5 times every day until you get better. What's the matter, you don't want to save thousands?

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Children, this is bait

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You're gonna explode your esophagus

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Kek. I literally watched my dad slowly die from "esophagus cancer related symptoms", and all the time before that, he was suffering from that esophageal stricture, not able to freely eat, and suffering in starvation for literally months. He felt weak and unmotivated all the time because he just couldn't get the nutrients he needed into his system

Eventually, he died because the hospital decided to cash out his life instead of prolonging it, Because we bought him in for heart problems, which should have just gotten priority treatment as an immediately life threatening condition. But the hospital literally refused to perform the immediate life saving procedures of draining the fluid on his heart, and instead demanded a shit ton of expensive and unnecessary lab work, just to discover that he has cancer, and MAYBE JUST MAYBE THE FLUID ON HIS HEART IS RELATED TO THE CANCER, AND WE NEED TO KNOW THAT FOR SURE, BEFORE RENDING IMMEDIATELY LIFE SAVING HELP

Like, I'm not even joking, the U.S. hospital system literally just decided my dad needed to die so that they could run up all the bills on his insurance

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Most hospitals in this country are literally satanic
I'm not a bible thumper, religious, or whatever else
Check the snakes on their logo
Is it the rod of Hermes or the staff of Asclepius?
One means it's a place of healing, the other means it's a house of liars, swindlers, and theives
Satanists absolve themselves by calling you stupid, what they are is in the logo, it's not their fault you saw the logo and chose to stick around

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I believe you

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The caduceus (rod of hermes) two snakes thing was used by US military related medical groups. Retards will copy and use it as "that medical symbol". E.g. that first aid kit you bought from China. The real symbol is the staff of Aesclepius (one snake; really its probably origin is the parasite dracunculus medinensis - ancient treatment involved wrapping it around a stick and pulling it slowly from the skin over a course of days). It's just like how you will see 10x as many fucked up "EKG" graphics on medical-adjacent things for every plausable one. It's stupidity. US hospitals (and all hospitals) have issues, but it's not some grand conspiracy you'll solve just by checking the number of snakes in the hospital's graphics. That's too simplistic even for a schizo like yourself.
Hanlon's razor.

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Medical malpractice kills 350k per year.

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keked and based

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Please don't get that procedure.
I'm taking you have dysphagia or achalasia.
I've had achalasia since I was 13 and the first couple times I got the balloon treatment, however this only helps for a little while and your esophagus recovers at some point, every time you do it you get new scar tissue and at some point it'll be so bad that food will stay there for so long that it'll start to rot and crate a bad infection.

I eventually got a different procedure where they cut the muscles in my esophagus so that they won't contract anymore. This really helped and now I only need to drink a bit of water during a meal. I know it's expensive but it'll be better and cheaper in the long run.

If you want to talk with me about this further I can give you my socials I don't often meat people with this problem (especially not of a younger age since achalasia is a older women's disease)

Another question, do you also get the throat cramps every once in a while?

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Sing with me: Oh say can you see

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Take a drive up to Canada and get it done for like $100.

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Or better yet, go down to mexico and come up as an illegal.
>me no speako good english-o, mr border patrol man. Can I have this expensive medical procedure I so direly need...-o?

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get as plastered as you can (maybe even consider taking central nervous systems supressants) and ask a friend to shove some random hollowed out stick with a balloon covered in teflon tape (important to sanitize everything first use rubbing alcohol or whatever you can) it will be a fun memory for sure

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Ben T?

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What do you mean?

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Your name, are your initials BT, mine are CS. I have a friend with the initials BT who has the same condition.

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Oh no, Mt are my letters. I'm also from the Netherlands which is why I luckily didn't have any of the healthcare problems.

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Ah, nvm then. Luckily my friend got diagnosed when he was still on his parents insurance.

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This isn't something you can DIY, you need imaging after to make sure you haven't torn your esophagus which is a real, significant risk with this. It's blown up under multiple atmospheres by doctors trained and practices at it, trust me, endoscope footage is hard to decypher if you're not used to it.

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meanwhile someone removed their own appendix

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And someone also failed. Now the number of failures outway the success for pretty good reason.

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A trained surgeon, and the fact he was able to is insane, and not something he would have considered if there were options available to him.

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I went to a rehab for monitored professionals (lawyer)

Doctors are fucking retards dude idk how half of those chucklefucks are practicing

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Then one tip I can give to give slight temporary relief is to check a lot of break swallow it and push it down with a lot of water. Another more painful method is swallow a cherry tomatoo whole, this will hurt but swallowing will be easier for a bit

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>how are they practicing???

Because they're not alcoholic failures like you kek

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Threads like this make me remember that tripnigga on /fit/ that did DYI gyno surgery after we memed him into that he has it
literal stuff of nightmares, I get queesy just remembering the updates he posted

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maybe they can do it in thailand for less idk, but you shouldn't do this yourself

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Keep sucking bigger and bigger dicks.

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Why don't you go to Turkey for the surgery it'll cost you half, trip and stay included

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You appear to be laboring under some misapprehension, this would be vastly divergent to the actual hospital procedure. The main difference remains, they charge $9k more for it.

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That "someone" was a surgeon.

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>"a low functioning autistic anon on /diy/ stuck a balloon into his esophagus, this is what happened to his testicles."

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*Sticks up finger*
To the emergency room

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>le reddit doctor!

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Pic related?

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Somebody on /sci/ neutered themselves and posted images.

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You have to go back.

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Your meds, you need to take them.

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[citation needed]

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