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Well it looks like this one bastard wont explode just by pressing. Some minor surgery is clearly needed. I'm not going to the hospital just for this shit. So this is now a /diy/ job in spirit and in terms of available instruments.

Already tried with a needle, but it is a bit too deep. I only scratched the surface.

How would you proceed?

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Train a dog to bite on it

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We need to see what we're working with, anon.

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That would be very unhygienic.

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I will not post gore. Your imagination will have to do the rest.

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Buy a surgical scalpel you pussy

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Just try the old "hot glass bottle" trick

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if you already pierced it with a needle but nothing came out then it's not a pimple and you should stop fucking up your skin for no reason

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11 blade

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Post a photo.
Buddy, you're trying to do minor surgery on yourself. If you want proper information, "just imagine it" won't cut it. Otherwise, you'll keep receiving advice similar to what the other anon said about gettinf a dog to gnaw on your zit.

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>I'm not going to the hospital just for this shit
You shouldn't, just go to a spa or medispa and have come cute girl work on you.

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Sounds like a cyst, not a pimple - they won't pop until it comes to a head. Put hot compresses on it, to force that, then use a needle. Or ice it up and stick a sterilized needle in harder.

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It is almost there though. I've drained small cysts before. Maybe piercing it downwards will yield better results. So far I have tried only from the side.Technique makes a world of difference.

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Could also be the earlier stage of a boil.

Same advice about bringing it to a head applies, but lancing one requires knowing wtf you are doing to avoid complications, and ongoing care.

Besides warmth, OP should do some research on "drawing poultices" that can accelerate the process of getting the thing within treatment range and can sometimes prevent the need for lancing altogether.

Some recipes may work better than others and some are pretty silly, but they really can't hurt and some like epsom salts are pretty mainstream and well proven.


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Stop putting chemicals on your skin and stop eating goylsop. it will go away on it's own. degenerate retard

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>that can accelerate the process of getting the thing within treatment range
I've successfully used alcohol in the past.
The inside is greasy and if you degrease the skin it somehow wants to surface.

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>stick a sterilized needle
I've stabbed it with some small scissors bathed in alcohol.
The area was prepped with some iodine.
I took a lot of solid white stuff out with some pressing.
Then applied some peroxide, which seems to penetrate in the hoke, unlike iodine.
It is now almost empty, but I think it could fill again.

I need to get myself some scalpel. Do drug stores sell these?

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Yep. I had one, smelled like vinegar when i managed to pop it but since it wasn't a pimple it had to be surgically removed.

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Not OP but is that those cupping/suction things I hear about?
Captcha: GAYGP

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Still need a puncture to work.
And some cysts are made of actually solid stuff that doesn't flow.

t. pioneered the use of syringes to suction black dots.

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might not be a pimple retard see a dematologist

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anon please stop; hydrogen peroxide kills everything it touches. Many hospitals don't even use it anymore. Digging a hole in your skin with scissors and then pouring hydrogen peroxide in the hole is gonna fuck your skin up permanently

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tie a tiny string around it then pull really really hard

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Polysporin is the cure all end all.

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That is a good thing.

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>clearly needed
Just why? And where in your body is this located?

Just the other day I got a too graphical description from a retired GP how he draiend a major boil. It involved anaesthetics and a prolonged process to make sure the cavity got properly closed up without causing re-infections.

I also had a boil lanced near my rectum (no pictures!) and can attest it was painful and awkward.

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Make a paste out of epsom salts, press it against it using a plaster. It'll draw out the pus.

Have a long hot bath then try.

Squeeze from underneath the pimple, it could actually be a blackhead with a buildup behind it.

Just leave it, try too hard and you'll end up with a big scar

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needle, find the weak spot in the middle, push it in, all the way...
i had needles go several cm in and they always reached the source and i had this nice volcano spray when pulled out.

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Further to this, don't always assume the "peak" if the part you should prick. It'll be the part that's the whitest (may have to poke it to find which parts turn white) , you want where the pus is closest to the middle.

It should also go without saying that you need to sterilise the needle, boiling water or holding it over a lighter for a second or two.

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brush the dogs teeth first

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Sounds like a cyst. You shouldn't pop or lance those.

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A cyst is a boil.

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Go to the dermo you idiot. I know this is /diy/ but don't go fucking up your body forever because the title of this board was too succinct to include a disclaimer.

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This. Cysts have a capsule filled with cheese-like white stuff, not pus. The whole thing needs to get removed otherwise it'll just refill and probably get infected too. I had a couple taken out, the only "pain" was the local injection and it was taken out and stitched up in minutes.

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/diy/: just fuck my shit up (yourself!)>>2584546

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>A cyst is a boil.

Wrong on multiple counts.

"A cyst is a closed sac, having a distinct envelope and division compared with the nearby tissue...
the distinguishing aspect of a cyst is that the cells forming the "shell" of such a sac are distinctly abnormal (in both appearance and behaviour) when compared with all surrounding cells for that given location.
***A cyst may contain air, fluids, or semi-solid material.***

A collection of pus is called an abscess, not a cyst."

"Furuncles (boils) are skin ***abscesses*** caused by staphylococcal infection, which involve a hair follicle and surrounding tissue."

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pro tip: buy empty insulin syringes at literally any pharmacy

they're sterile, much thinner gauge than a sewing needle, and dirt cheap

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I just poke it with the tip of a sharp pocket knife or one of those plastic tooth picks

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It sounds like you drained the boil. You really should post photos and get some better advice. I have a whole folder of “late night /b/ surgery” focusing on zits, cysts and the like.

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Yeah you have to pack it with cord. Have a skin condition and have had many boils lanced. T8yyj

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80% of it drained now.
The remaining looks like white cheese as
>>2584546 said.

So it might be a cyst. But I don't care, I'd still have popped it anyway. It is a small cure that can be done at home.

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Maybe tape a pineapple onto it or some meat tenderizer.

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Could try Witch Hazel. Place it on there every 3-4 hours and sit back for a couple of days. I had on on my jaw that hurt like a mofo, but 3 days after which hazel I got it out. Still hurt like a bitch, but it makes it appear.

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This. It could also be a fucking lymph node or something else, not to be fucking poked.

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I'm anon from >>2584546
They can be cut out at any walk-in clinic, you don't go to an ER or need a dermatologist.
Mine was on my back, where I couldn't even reach it. Please, next time, just have a pro do it.

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Solid white stuff and not milky drainage means its an epidermal inclusion cyst if youre describing it correctly

The capsule needs to be removed. Typically we try not get into the capsule or it has a high chance of recurrence. Can be done in a surgical clinic or in an operating room. I wouldnt trust anyone but a surgeon to do it. Dont let an ED doc try to do anything or anyone else.

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Well it certainly was not deep. Otherwise I wouldn't have touched it. Fucking around deep inside the flesh is a no-no.
The "capsule" has been open and left to drain, it took applying dissinfectant multiple times per day.
It was just 4 mm wide, unlike some past cysts that were 1 cm. These do recur from time to time.
The white cheese is almost gone.

You know it worked when it stops hurting.

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The issue is that capsule will continue to produce that material regardless of infection so once skin heals it will fill up again. Its possible you can scar (ie sclerose) the cyst capsule with peroxide but i wouldnt count on it. Standard of practice is to excise cyst and capsule in its entirety. Hope it works out.
-surg resident

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This reminds me of the other horror story: "The Wormed One". Anyone heard anything from him lately?

Very long story short: he planned to augment (!) his blood with blood from worms in order to increase oxygen uptake and delivery. Of course the plan was to /diy/ the entire project. So it is not entirely unexpected he not busy posting these days.

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Use hot compresses regularly to keep it clean they sell scalpel handles and blades in suture kits from Amazon but they will fuck you up if you don't cut and stitch right, can easily nick artery or major vessel and die

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Unless a pimple is really bad or you’re going out soon you should leave pimples. It’ll leave soon enough. If you pop them it’ll just create scarring and potentially more.

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