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I have a neighbour that has sex every night and we share a wall which is paper thin. So far I have thought of duct-taping the wall or ruberized paint. But i dont have much money. What can I do? Inb4 earplugs

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Moan loudly along with them.

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If they pause to listen holler not to stop because you're getting close.

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The first step is to stop being retarded. You need to buy a roll of Mass Loaded Vinyl and nail sheets of it to your wall. The heavier the vinyl, the more it will insulate sound. DO NOT buy those dumb fucking foam squares from Amazon meant for sound booths. Those only prevent echoing.

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Playback the inveresed sound wave to cancel it out. The technique is called ACTIVE NOISE CANCELATION.

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Play porn at max volume on your computer

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Nothing really works. Leave the city. I did.

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Have you considered farting until you faint?

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Just bang on the wall like everyone else, virgin.

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you're going to have to get your landlord to renovate both apartments with soundproofing in the walls. good luck.

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Do this OP and report back with the results. I need a green text of this.

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This is the way

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>Mass Loaded Vinyl
Great, so Ill just take down my drywall.

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Go to a salvation army dumpster and get the rejected clothes from it, Then shred them with scissors. Make a false wall and stuff it with the clothes shreds. It might block some sound.

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Lead sheet, radiation protection is a bonus.

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Only if you want to do it right and live in a room that it looks like a human inhabits it. But since you apparently live in a crack house and were seriously considering duct tape, you're probably fine with installing it over the drywall.

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Very doubtful that OP owns his apartment lol
He can't just start tearing walls down.
Not to mention, cuckbox dwellers normally have rules and regulations on what they're allowed to do with their walls.

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The correct answer is to inform your landlord that your apartment is unusable and seek remedy with them.

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Basically, mass has to be added in the path of the sound. Soundproofing one wall usually doesn't do much unless the rest of the house is concrete.
The cheapest, yet somewhat effective thing is to glue additional dry wall sheets on the wall. Thick sheets, hanging entirely in silicone. Google "green goo" for the technique, but you can use silicone instead.

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Moving blankets on the wall.

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You can't, unless you are willing to build an entire room inside your room. Look it up. Sorry. Go confront them and complain about it to your landlord, and tell your neighbors you are doing so. You're gonna fuck up their personal life, but they'll probably quiet down too.

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As you can see OP, the second necessary ingredient is literal air inbetween the vinyl and the other layer of vinyl. You need that in order for the sound waves to not vibrate through the surface. Also, good fucking luck with low frequency.

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HAHAHA hell yeah, go install a microphone in their room to accomplish this

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Do some diy asmr with your neighbours banging in the background. I think you will start a new trend.

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Also, command strips with acoustic foam will dampen some of the noise.

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have you tried not being poor

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>I don't have much money
woven old tires > mass loaded vinyl

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>How to soundproof apartment wall?
you dont. you cant.
not to any satisfactory level
you need to move someplace else

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that looks like a massive trip hazard
what kind of demented mind would even consider this?

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I agree, that person needs to get a grip

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>must've taken a good year to make that
I bet they were tired when they were finished.

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>trip hazard
I agree. People walking on this should tread carefully

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>Get a bottle of Liquid Ass or even better a bottle of TexAss
> Get a small tube that will fit the nozzle on the bottle and a drill bit of the same size
>Get some spackle, a small paint brush, and some paint that matches the color of your wall.
>Drill a tiny hole near the corner where the wall meets the ceiling
>Pass the tube through the hole.
>Wait until until your neighbor starts having sex
>Attach tube to bottle and apply liberally to neighbors apartment.
>Withdraw tube
>Use spackle and paint to plug and cover over the hole

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kek based

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>neighbour that has sex every night
God i wish that was me

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I have a neighbour that has sex every night and we share a wall which is rock solid. What can I do to hear it better?

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>Inb4 earplugs

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1. Make a complaint to the apartment manager.
2. Use a large box fan to drown out the noise.
3. Sleep in a different room of your apartment such as the living room.

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