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Nothing but fucking useless replies outside /diy/ so I'm going to try here. I'm building a 4x2x2 reptile enclosure out of HDPE (Starboard specifically and I want to know if 1/4" thickness will be sturdy enough. Basic design, it's a box with 1 open side and a bottom/top horizontal brace on the open side. I just don't want it to bow in the middle. The shop selling it to me says it'll do, he talked me down from 3/4" so I assume he's being helpful to me since he could have just said "sure" and take more of my money. Has anyone worked with HDPE and will 1/4" thickness hold up on a 4x2x2 enclosure?

and for the last fucking time yes I checked fucking dubia and no they won't anything to me

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I have NFI what kind of load you are looking at supporting, but here is the deflection data..
Why not use acrylic?

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Depending on your substrate it probably wont matter anyway. 1/4 HDPE will flex over time if its not held in place. I have some on top my of 200 gallon tank and it bent to shit but wasnt supported.

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It'll flex over time, same as other guy, I've had 1/4 hdpe lid for a 4x2x2 fish tank, store guy is a retard.

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>reptile enclosure
Will have a head lamp
Will warp
Use acrylic. It's not terribly expensive in 1/4".
Although splurge for 3/8"
They also have joiners

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What a nice ass

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It isn't going to "warp" as there won't be a load on the top panel aside from 1 heat lamp and 1 uvb lamp which are light. The concern I have is whether it will "bow" as in the material isn't thick enough to have rigidity at that length. Although it sounds like you all are confirming my fear that 1/4" is in fact not going to be enough so I'll probably go for 1/2". Also acrylic is a terrible insulator so that's out.
Yeah it will have a front brace but I'm still not convinced at 1/4"

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Put another brace that screws into the front, back, and top.

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It's going to warp because it's HDPE being heated by a lamp *while* under that modest load. That's the damn point.
What the fuck are you talking about? It's routinely used instead of glass in commercial windows. And in every non-pet store aquarium.
But okay, you know best. Why even ask the board?

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Because it sounds like you don't know anything about HDPE as you're making claims that it does the opposite of what it's known to do. Notice how I wasn't asking for HDPE alternatives, you're being "that guy". HDPE can withstand 240F, the hottest my heat lamp is going to put out is 90F. It's not a matter of I think I know better than anyone, it's a matter of you don't know what you're talking about.

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Man, what a body.

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>But okay, you know best. Why even ask the board?

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I would sell my left thumb to fuck prime kari.

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would be hot if she turned out to be trans

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>Nothing but fucking useless replies outside /diy/
Skill issue. Maybe you should try utilizing resources like your public library to actually learn the task your attempting. People have been wood and metal working for centuries, and have written extensive books on the matters.

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>HDPE can withstand 240F
KARI is way hotter than that

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