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Any use for these?

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Chuck em' at cars

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Stick em on your tongue

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3 parallel sets of 13 in series, power your house for a few seconds.

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line them up in series

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You can plug two of them together and make a hand warmer

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Why does anyone even buy single use standard sized batteries anymore when rechargeable ones only cost ~2x as much and have thousands of recharge cycles in them before losing capacity now? You can get white-labeled Panasonic Eneloops from IKEA for crying out loud.

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Because they cost 2x as much
I only need one every few years to put in the fire alarms

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You can lick them.

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Honeytone mini guitar amps use 9V batteries. Attach it to your belt with the clip on the back and it's fun way to play music in the park

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All my cheap multimeters take 9V

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The use is you put it back where it was Tyrone

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>tfw you die because you forgot to recharge your fire alarm

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They beep constantly when the battery is low, dumbass.

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I did this and then did this


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>his fire alarms aren't hardwired and interconnected
Batteries are only for power failures.

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give em back, tyrone

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Those 2 bits on top connect together, thank me later.

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I feel like I've seen this before.
Oh yeah, here it is.

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The poors and rentoids on this board get assmad when you point out their poverty mindset

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Wrap some 28 gauge wire around the leads, drive down a dry stretch of California forest, and start chucking them into the underbrush.

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I'm putting in a smoke detector, can I get one?

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Battery powered things are fun but am I the only one that is kinda starting to hate USB rechargeable stuff? There's just so much... soul in swapping out regular old NiCad batteries. Plugging in your device to a wall just doesn't feel the same...

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The meta needs to change to independent rechargeable cells

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Because all I need disposables for is this guy, it takes batteries every 4-6 months. Initially I tried rechargeables but it literally wouldn't turn on with rechargeables; must be some dumb tech built for the exact voltage of alkalines.

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I love modding random stuff to use 18650s. Got a harbor freight freebie headlamp that I upgraded from a coin cell battery to parallel 3500mah cells. 7ah pushing a 0.5w chip lol

The downside of nimh rechargeables is that they suffer an early voltage drop, so some devices only last for a small % of the normal time, or not at all. Other devices like clocks/keyboards/flashlights seems to love them it's really just a situational thing, but I love my eneloops for most stuff.

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Where do I start with modding in 18650s? I have one spare 18650, and a harbor freight LED headlamp that takes 3 AAAs seemingly every 6 hours. I'm running thru AAAs too damn fast. Do I need a charge controller? Resistors to drop the voltage to 4.5V? Can I just harvest parts out of another cheap rechargeable harbor freight light? I have a benchtop adjustable power supply but I'd rather not use that to charge every time.
Having a headlamp that lasts for days would be amazing.
If it's too much headache and cost, I'll probably just do rechargeable AAAs.
HF headlamp:

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9V rechargeables are basically a cruel joke because of that. The bad ones are 6 cells, so 7.2V. The "good" ones are 7 cells or 8.4V and I could genuinely only find one manufacturer of 8 cell/9.6V batteries which is basically a necessity if you want it to actually work reliably.

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Your multimeter and LAN tester need those.

You do work with electricity, right anon?

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hook them all up in series and make a dc death tazer stick
im surprised they even let us have access to that kind of power

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I've got a stack of old 9v portable fencer batteries, any idea what I can do with the things?

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No, they only beep when they are in a Mexican household, learn your shit.

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there are now some lithium 9V that have a micro/C port on the side of the battery itself, a small lithium cell, and an integrated boost to keep the output at 9V. Some can regulate better than others.
This means they don't really have all that good watt hours, but at least they fucking work.

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Sealed lead acid i assume? Take them to the scrap yard, or use them as a core battery for lawn and garden batteries and then take the heavier batteries to the scrap yard (after they die of course)

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alkaline a lot are made by "Hotline"

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What if I don't live in Philadelphia?

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Fun fact…

I don’t know if Duracells are like this, but back in the day I ripped apart some 9V batteries and they’re basically 6x AAAs. Anyway if you take those AAAs and whack them on the side with a hammer, the + (anode? cathode?) is like a little nail or pin down the center of the battery and the batteries would pop and send that little pin flying out the end.

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I did something like this with a couple different shitty HF 3x AAA lights. I bought the micro USB charging board on Amazon and it was like $5 or less for 5 boards, I’m sure they’re even cheaper if you buy more or from another site. Worked pretty well but 18650 is stronger than 3x shitty chinese AAAs so the cheap LED boards would probably last longer if I did the math on a proper resistor.

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We've reached a point in our society where you can go to a thrift store and find a desklamp that someone made out of a Harbor Freight free flashlight and that makes me so fuckin' happy.

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They have much better capacity than what I ended up with (230mAh @ 9.6V, MHRV9P) but safety was a critical concern so NiMH was really the best option.

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You can always go to Philadelphia and do it.
What did you get? Also, how will you get around to charging them or will you do it manually with a dv/dt charger?

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I got 2x MHRV9P from Powerex/Maha Energy and a MH-C490F dv/dt charger to go with them. As expensive as it was it was still only the price of 5-10 single use 9Vs.

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You could power a bunch of guitar pedals.

They're actually AAAAs, a little smaller than AAAs.

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I hate how the AAAA kind of 9V battery is like 1mm longer than the classic kind. There are so many things where the space for a 9V is so tight that they won't fit.
Once I found a cable tester kind of thing that had a shrink-wrapped 9V battery packed in, presumably from the factory. It wouldn't fit through the opening in the device. Not the cubbyhole where the battery was supposed to go, but insufficient clearance in the molded case to get it there. I had to take it apart it to install the battery.

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I've got a little Apple bluetooth keyboard that I put NiMH AAs in, possibly even Eneloops. It's at a computer that I rarely use. The computer has been complaining for months that the battery charge is low.

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send me one. I need it for my garage opener.

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