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How do you get the motivation to push away all distractions and complete your projects?

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noise canceling earphones.

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Usually is the pain and the hunger that do the trick

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Don't count on motivation, build discipline using habituation.

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never set goals or projects
just use pure impulsiveness to your advantage

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for some people, telling someone you're gonna do a project means you're less likely to actually do it
for me it's the opposite, i'm more likely to finish a project if i tell someone about it
so figure out which person you are and act accordingly

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Yeah i dont eat until im done or about to fall over

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Start by ridding yourself of useless drama and bullshit. Quit hanging around people that just want attention. Get off social media and stay off. No one gives a shit about your life but you.
Pick projects you can handle and will enjoy and set aside time each day to work on them. It's ok to take a day or two off here and there but keep on it steady until you finish.

Oh, and lots of adderall.

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