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Hello /diy/ anons. I'm posting to this board because I'm certain that the majority of you fags that aren't retard children are tradesmen or technical. I've got a job interview coming up for an industrial maintenance technician role at a pretty big company, and I'm wondering what questions I should ask to make them interested. It's a distribution plant so there's tons of conveyors. What should I ask anons? What should my response be if they ask some shit I don't know? There's a mechanical aptitude test I need to take afterwards but from what their manager was saying it's one of those run of the mill "If gear a turns clockwise which direction will gear c turn?" kind of deals. Let me know, thanks.

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Look em right in the eye, give em a firm handshake, tell them you want to talk to the CEO and you are a real go getter ready to start out in the mail room tomorrow morning.

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Thanks anon, people like you remind we I like this board so much

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give them an example of something you successfully troubleshooted. tell a story about how you approached it, diagnosed it and fixed it. tell them why it was important like "i saved X company $2000 in possible lost time"

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Thank you anon. As a service tech for low voltage electronics I've got a few things I can think of. Appreciate the input.

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I have nothing useful but wanted to wish you best of luck on your interview.

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skip to 1:30 for the answer to ur Q

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here is some extra

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>they should know you speak English and go to work 5 days a week maybe Saturday sometimes
try not to sound like a blowhard cocksmoker
>hello potential employer listen to how great I am
I assume you will be with some manager from the maintenance department not some HR bitch that needs her beef curtains trimmed
this is probably going to be some 40-50 year old guy that doesn't give 2 fucks what you say its more about if you have the energy of a whiny bitch that turns them off
>he thinks "I don't want to listen to this guy all day"

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I was an aircraft mechanic for 7 years every job I had, I showed up, they saw I had an A&P license and hired me. no interview.

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>I've got a job interview coming up
I have some suggestions;
Supervisor - "tells us about yourself"

you - "We I'm not a fag if that is what you asking. Also, I don't work later, don't come in early, no weekend, and I will get it done when I get it done."

Supervisor - "Uh, ok, anything else you would like to add anon?"

you - "How much vacation do I get? If you try to push me I just complain to the union then quiet quit on you jew ass. Get it! Also I self identify as a black trans queer animalsexual."

Supervisor - "Well thank you anon, we'll get back you."

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