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I hardwired a dashcam in my vehicle. Everything works fine until I slip on the road and traction control kicks on. Then my dashcam shuts off and I have to pull the fuse and put it back in for it to turn on again. Does anybody know why this happens and how to fix this?

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Where exactly did you hardwire it to?
Pick something like the rear windshield wiper fuse or something.

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Dashcam ACC is tapped into a 15A powering Heated steering, rear view mirror, and rear heated seats and the Dashcam Battery is tapped into a 20A Not used.

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Voltage dropping due to power draw by the ABS pump. You might want to find a more direct 12V source.

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Did you use an add a fuse setup or just cut some wires? If it's an add a fuse, just move which one you're on. In my truck I just used an open slot and haven't had any issues. I did have a supply issue when I tried to use old dashcam power supply to supply my new one where it wouldn't save files correctly. After replacing that power supply with one that supplies more amperage that problem disappeared.

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>Adjustable voltage low voltage protection function, it will cut power to your dash camera when detect the vehicle battery voltage is below the set number. It has four voltage options 11.8V, 12V, 12,2V, 12.4V.
I have the VIOFO Hardwire Kit and it comes with this adjustable voltage setting. Mine is set to the highest 12.4V. Would setting this to a lower voltage resolve this?

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I would set it to 11.8, seeing how you are running an external battery.
The battery voltage shutoff is to preserve your cars battery.
All dashcam batteries are deepcycle batteries which can handle the drop in voltage, wont hurt it a bit

Not sure it will fix your problem, but it will definitely allow your parking mode to last longer before shutting off.

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I don't run parking mode. I switched the voltage to 11.8V and it fixed it. Thanks!

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Wait, do you have an external battery pack like a cell link NEO for instance?

It sounded like you were running an external battery pack, but now I think I misinterpreted you.
There is no reason to have an external battery if you arent running parking mode.

I would only keep it at 11.8 if you have the external battery pack.
If you are just using your cars battery, set it as high as you can get away with. You dont want to drain your cars real battery very much.

Was absolutely right though, if its wired to the car battery, the voltage drop was going below your 12.4v setting.

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No external battery. Yeah, I originally set it to 12.4V because I was worried about my battery draining. But since I don't run parking mode then I guess it doesn't matter because it will power off when I turn my truck off. I'll play around with the voltage setting to see the minimum I can get away with. I'm a retard and never would've thought the ABS was drawing that much power that it would affect the dashcam. I wonder what it drops to when traction control kicks in.

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>I slip on the road and traction control kicks on
>how to fix this
You could learn how to drive. Problem solved.

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