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>Are actually 1.5"x3.5" in size
>Contain wood which can kill if you eaten
>Beavers can and will chew right through it
>Reduces your testosterone levels and makes you into a wood c(h)uck

Seriously bros I hope you didn't fall for the 2x4 meme

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What fucking hell hole do you live in where beavers and people roam about to eat your 2x4s?

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Sounds like Canada to me

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I buy my shit from the Amish and it's the full 2x4 and not warped to shit.

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stop using wood, full stop. there are better materials available for studwork. all of my rooms are constructed entirely from pic related

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am wood eating canadian. Also OP is a faggot

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Some idiot is making one of these houses from a few shipping containers in the middle of suburbia here, he's got them layed out but seems like the entire project has been abandoned as nothing been done in months now

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north ontario

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>seems like the entire project has been abandoned as nothing been done in months now
Love seeing these
My neighbor on the corner lot across the street from me clear-cut his land, put a black wood fence around it, and then 6 months ago put down a gravel driveway
It was once a beautiful natural area with plenty of hardwoods and a shed, now it's an empty lot with a fence and a big gravel line through it

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>>Contain wood which can kill if you eaten
why does this board not have a mod
these troll threads are so low effort that this place is turning into a shit hole

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don't fall for the pressure treated diet meme anon

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very based, would love to stick some junk cars on it

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>wood c(h)uck

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Hey guis I’m in the Congo rn, niggers and beavers fucking everywhere

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wood is premium building material now and as such such it's not for us plebs

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Oh look its the pex guy again

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2x4 are 1.5x3.5 typically because when they cut it at the mill they will then dry it, which causes it to contract. That’s where the half inch goes. It’s not any kind of deception and you do not gain anything from using a “true” 2x4. If you are using mostly 2x4s for your loadbearing elements, you already fucked up. 2x6s for loadbearing and exterior walls are standard. 2x4s mostly used for non-loadbearing walls, with some exception (ie garage walls, party walls).

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>That’s where the half inch goes.

No. It. Is. Not.

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It's the same with air filters. A 16x25x1 air filter actually measures 15.5"x24.5"x.75". They round up because it's sounds better.

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>. 2x6s for loadbearing and exterior walls are standard.

More. Bullshit.

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Yeah I have to fight off beaver attack waves every day with my type 81, they're fucking relentless
pls send help

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I used to live in a Victorian house with plaster walls. The studs were actually 2" by 4" and made of oak. I believe th reduction to 1.5 x 3.5 was intentional to save wood and not a result of shrinking.

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