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Can you guys help me make a homemade bomb

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Just take a long look at yourself instead.

touch grass

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Can you guys help me touch grass

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bumping for jannies in minecraft

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>coca cola
>pop rocks
>into your tummy


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Why? You can just watch Velma.

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Can you help me abolish the FBI?

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I'm about to make a "bomb" in the toilet at work
I drank a monster, a quart of milk, and ate some sushi. I'm holding back one monster dump.

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>collect piss in 1 gallon jug
>collect shit in 5gal bucket
>leave gallon of milk in the sun, no refrigeration for one week
>wrap chicken breast in plastic and leave in hot sun for 3 days.
>add all items to shit bucket
>stir with a wooden spoon
>add vomit
>continue to stir
>pour into small bottles and seal with a rubber stopper
This will make very powerful stink bombs good luck and God speed anon

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>help me make a homemade bomb
>bomb az burrito

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