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I finally found a low-flow showerhead that isn't a horrible piece of shit.
My water pressure is wildly variable, sometimes going up to a nice good 60-70psi, sometimes dipping down to 20-30psi.
I've been living with "okay" showerheads for a few years now, but I finally found one that's low flow and not shit.
High Sierra Showerhead.
I got the 2.0GPM model, and fuck its nice.

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Wow, I've been worried about you.

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>low flow
I always pop that shit out first thing

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Issue is the supply side. Taking the commie ring out doesnt solve it

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If your water pressure is up and down, you should probably change your pressure tank or pressure switch :)

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Nice shill thread. What kind of commission are you pulling in?

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I modify my shower heads to remove the flow restrictors fuck the government

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muni water :(

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Ha ha nice

These anons are correct.

Municipal water pressures don't vary that much. You either have a bad pressure reducing valve on your incoming line or a failed expansion tank (if you even have one, which you should but many houses don't). I'd guess PRV since it's bouncing up and down. Usually a bad tank just causes the pressure to stay high.

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Probably need to get it fixed, but fuck thats not gonna be a fun repair.

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Nah, it's not that bad. Shut off the main, drain the cold line at the lowest sink, and swap it out. Most PRVs have unions on them so it should come apart easy.

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Even if you're on muni water there isn't really anything stopping you from installing a pressure tank on your home system

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