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Found it in a corner of my basement I just cleared up, circular, metal, about a foot in diameter. Was covered with more foam, I took some off. Is it a sealed off drain pipe? What should I do with it?

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It is your toilet filter, you have been shitting in it for years. Open it and post wins.

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Could be an old closed chimney pipe?

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it's at the end of a long crawlspace, I don't think anyone set up a stove there

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can you get better pictures? is that electrical hooked up to it? is it making any noise? any air movement around it?

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radon mitigation pump?

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You may have hobos living in your crawl space.

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how is it that, in [CURRENT YEAR]+8, people are still uploading sideways pictures? How retarded can retarded really be?

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Phone posters have their metadata stripped
It will forever be a problem

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you can force phone pics to post in the correct orientation by cropping 1 pixel off them, phoneposter

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Old fan they decided to spray foam up

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yeah, probably an old exhaust fan that stopped working so they filled it with foam to stop the cold air from coming in

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