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So lately i have gotten an obsession with nordic gold which is an allou made with 89% copper, 5% aluminium, 5% zinc, and 1% tin. I have been wanting to make a blade with it, however since copper is so weak thats really a no go. Howevet however i have been reading up on copper alloys and i found about copper-beryllium which is supposedly very strong (beryllium being supposedly only 3% of said alloy) so i was curious, could i create a new alloy that is stronger by adding beryllium? Im well aware you cany just add stuff willy nilly, but could i add beryllium? What percentage could be used? Anyone knows, im not in a financial position to throw away metal willy nilly so i would appriciate some help

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Beryllium is very toxic. I'd just use bronze

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Can a breathing mask and hazard suite, solve said problem

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You'd have to worry about beryllium poisoning every time you sharpen your blade or use it on anything that could wear some of the metal off. Maybe try magnesium? It is chemically similar to Beryllium, but isn't exactly the same. It is used to harden a lot of aluminum alloys, and is apparently used in some copper cable alloys. Might be something to experiment with. Just remember that magnesium is flammable and will try to flashbang you when you add it to molten metal.

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Ah i should try magnisium? What percentage should i go with? Would tin make a better alloy aswell?

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>I have been wanting to make a blade with it, however since copper is so weak thats really a no go.
Ceremonial blades are still cool even if you can't actually cut with them. They were often made as status symbols for royalty and can be incredibly beautiful when skillfully made.

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maybe look into cupronickel and various related alloys that add other elemental metals
The "history" section of this goes into some of the various complex alloys...
note that a lot of these alloys came out of alchemical experiments and/or have been/are used to fake or adulterate precious metals; there's still that stigma attached and attempts made to disparage them as worthless, weak, etc. when they're perfectly good materials.

It may not compete well overall with ferrous alloys for mechanical properties you want in knives like edge holding, but cupronickel has been used for cutlery and in things like marine props and prop shafts, as well as coins- post-1966 US nickels are 75/25 cupronickel. I know it was a thing for sailors rigging knives at one time because of its corrosion resistance in saltwater, as was harder beryllium copper.
FWIW copper (nickel too) work hardens, it just doesn't temper like steel does so you have to plan the work to end at the optimum point before it becomes too brittle.

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I'd suggest diverting your obsession towards a base metal that's better for that application than copper is.

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Has hardness and tensile strength for a lot of the alloys. The hardest one I found by quickly skimming was 8% phosphor bronze, made with 91.75% copper, 8% tin, and 0.25% phosphorous. However it is apparently hard to work. Good luck and don't give yourself phosphorous poisoning.

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Thank you but the point really is to use a modified version of nordic gold since its so pretty, just using any alloy would mean i would never need to ask. I could try replacing some cooper wity phosphorous but i dont know the results

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Bump 2

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C'mon man, you know damn well you aren't going to do this dumb shit yourself.
If you really want to make a copper alloy blade either make a wall hanger or do a copper damascus.

>Thank you but the point really is to use a modified version of nordic gold since its so pretty
Then just make one out of nordic gold.

Fuck off ya cunt, you already got some answers.

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Just do the fucking recipy

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I think if you have the means, you should just experiment with small batches and create your own proprietary mix.

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You can buy all of these metals legally
There's no reason OP couldn't get them and then combine them in a crucible.

I see people melting down lead all the time on YouTube. I don't see why you couldn't do the same with beryllium. As long as you aren't smelting that shit in your livingroom every day and huffing the fumes then it's probably ok.

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