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Prices for construction material isn't going down any time soon, is it?

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Why would it?
People are paying it arent they?

Thats the free market baby, fuck you and your regulation.

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please stop buying stuff. I want to build something without spending an entire months paycheck on it

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Please wake up.

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I put off rebuilding my broken fence when covid started because of pricing thinking it'd get better
3 years later and I'm just going to bite the bullet next summer
Even tripling material cost not even close to the quotes I got from contractors last summer

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Same but with my backyard deck. I'm not biting the bullet though

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Yea fuck that, even just for maybe 16 feet of double boarded fence it's probably about $1500 in materials, can't imagine what you'd pay for a deck

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Nothing is going down. It's called inflation. You will never be able to buy shit for 2015 prices again just like you will never be able to buy shit at 1965 prices.

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didn't it go down after ww2? It only got fucked again in the 70's when the feds took over

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why would it? we're importing millions of people every year now, so all our available construction materials are needed to build homes for them. also they need government assistance to pay for these homes so you're paying for them anyway, you just don't get to use them. isn't socialism great?

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That's not what happening at all lmfao

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Insider here. No they wont, big companies still get a lot of shit from china and they still have slow as fuck production because "muh 15th covid wave".

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yes it is haha

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Good thing we sold out our industry to China to save money

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Take your /pol/ shit back to your containment board

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if you want to know why the cost of construction materials are going up then you have to talk about mass immigration. if that hurts your feelings then may i suggest heading on back over to r*ddit so you and your buddies can downvote posts like mine and ignore the real problems in favor of the ones that will get you more likes, shares, subscribes, and updoots.

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Less than one million immigrants in 2022. Let's be charitable and assume they don't count illegals. Say two or even five million. There are sixteen million vacant residential units in the US lmfao

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so you think the government is or should be confiscating the private property of US citizens and redistributing it to immigrants.

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>Thats the free market baby
is the view from the top of the JP Morgan building nice?

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This, also other random things you don't even think of can effect the price of stuff for years. For instance there are two chemical plants that manufacture the constituent components and foaming agents for polyisocyanurate insulation board. One is in Germany, the other is in Louisiana. The one in Germany burned down a couple years ago. The hurricane in Louisiana knocked the other offline for months. Now, polyiso is hard as fuck to come by at a reasonable price.
>t. PM for a commerical roofing contractor

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>*tips champagne*

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Look its a yankee who thinks the world is the USA.

Europe is getting millions of migrants a year, focused on the north, and there is a serious housing shortage in large part due to migration.

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I thought we were talking about first world nations

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Nope. Corona fucked up supply when there was a housing demand.
Then Ukraine happened and energy, transport and manufacturing prices went up.
Now money is getting expensive with rising interest rates, housing demand will fall, but material prices will try to remain high.

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all man made problems that affect the goyim but not the elites

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Then why is every undeveloped plot of land near me turning into section 8 town home complexes?

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Home grown boogers. Illegals don't qualify for section 8

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same as it ever was

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wrong on multiple levels. first of all you don't need to be 'home grown' to quality for section 8, you can also be a legal immigrant or someone going through the immigration process.

>Eligibility for a housing voucher ... is limited to US citizens and specified categories of non-citizens who have eligible immigration status.

second of all, you can be an illegal immigrant and qualify for public housing if you had a kid while living here.

>Illegal immigrants can also live in public housing if they have U.S.-born children and their U.S.-born children can also be enrolled in Medicaid.

that second link actually has a whole bunch of facts you might find interesting.
>In 2012, 51 percent of households headed by an immigrant (legal or illegal) reported that they used at least one welfare program during the year, compared to 30 percent of native households. Welfare in this study includes Medicaid and cash, food, and housing programs.

>Welfare use is high for both new arrivals and well-established immigrants. Of households headed by immigrants who have been in the country for more than two decades, 48 percent access welfare.

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larry fink dick sucking self interest lacking reality ignoring upper class larping banker defending protestant work ethic abusing lily livered ninny

what do ya think of that

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he's not wrong though larry fink dick sucker, the same type of capitalists I just insulted are doing this too for the purpose of ESG scores and easily exploited workers with low standards, verbatim they'll say this, you just ignore it because they're avowed leftists while being megawealthy exploiters and also jewish so you can't say shit as a leftist

imma hit you with the scotsman too if you even try replying to this, it's absolute fact and I'll cite it, you know it is too

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I work with black steel pipe and fittings and quotes are valid for 24 hours, they used to be valid for three weeks. Prices aren’t coming down, partially because of inflation but also the NAFTA reforms that stopped China from dumping steel into Canada as a work-around.

The shitty thing is when a institutional client calls you up about a proposal from 2019 and wants you release you to work, and you have to make a decision to do the job and eat the lost profit or deal with the bullshit over submitting a change order for increase in price of material (that you probably won’t get paid for 2+ years)

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>> eat the lost profit or deal with the bullshit over submitting a change order for increase in price of material (that you probably won’t get paid for 2+ years)

This will kill the small shops guaranteed.

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