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>be me
>buy house
>basic diy skills
>practice a bit
>make this spice rack from a vision

It's not perfect, but I want to be the zyzz of diy. What did you build today?

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how do you close the door?

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he probably does it by pushing on the door until the latch catches. like any other door.

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the rack prevents the door from closing because it will hit on the shelves inside

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I used a tape to measure and it closes fine as the shelves are recessed

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>but I want to be the zyzz of diy
The only thing I know about zyzz is that he died
You planning on dying anon? Fatal table saw accident?

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Looks like a pain in the ass to pull some of those jars out.

You can use a (sacrificial) backing board to prevent exit side chip out. Like where you drilled the dowel holes.

It looks like there's no finish on it, so the wood is going to get stained/discolored from skin oil, and probably cooking oil, specks of spices, etc.
If you think "this won't happen", look at the shelves inside your refrigerator... those get dirty, even though you "keep your hands, and jars clean". The difference is the fridge shelf has a durable finish that you can wipe clean, so the stuff isn't going to soak in.

But also--this is OC.
You could have posted another "PEX: why yes, I want my son to be a daughter" or "team yellow chads rise up", etc etc bullshit thread. But you didn't, so high marks there.

Overall you get a C+. But you can raise that to a B+ if you apply a finish.
Just my 0.03 CAD.

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dying like a sick cunt

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>What did you build today?
My paycheck, because its a tuesday morning.

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Nice space saver
I dont really build stuff but I like to maintain or fix things, thinking of cleaning out my HVAC AC coils for next project since I bet they're fucking disgusting.
Also need to fix the falling apart drawers in my kitchen but not sure what to do

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We all die some day, anon.

The sizing is perfect, they come out with ease. I didn't apply a finish as we'll be painting the house, and painting it the same colour. Good call on the dowel holes, I planned on using some filler, but prevention is better than a cure.

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that’s weird they’re so recessed, but cool you used it to your advantage. I’ll keep this design in mind, kinda cool that it adds to much visible and accessible surface area.

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>zyzz of diy
>we're all gonna build it bro
>thinks hes too good for ryobi
>passes out face first into a tablesaw

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Good job Opie.

I’m on the fence about building a shoe rack instead of ordering one off Amazon for $25. I got that damn router table because the deal was too good to pass up and it was like a week after I really could’ve used it on some shelves I built.

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how do you know that? moron.

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this thread is a perfect example of why I no longer post diy projects on diy.

this moron thinks the door won't shut based on nothing.

this idiot has to criticize its function and appearance which is not his business. the shelves don't need a finish.

some non sequitur

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>this thread is a perfect example of why I no longer post diy projects on diy.
Why exactly?
I havent seen anything even negative in the thread

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Damn nigga, you didn't have to downvote my post!
That's one step away from *criticism*.

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Looks good, keep making things and you'll keep getting better. Don't try to make 6 spice racks until it's perfect, just keep doing better on every new project.

>what did you build today
A little calf board for stretching

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Pretty good for someone with little experience building shit, but it's incomplete. You need to sand off the pencil marks, fill the screw holes, and put some varnish or paint on it.

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Here at my /diy/ we like to grind our spices ourselves. No pre-ground stuff found here.

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Heathens paint wood. All you need is a stain on it, and some poly. Take pride in your work, and the wood you use.
Next, learn joinery. Butt joints are babby's first joint.

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